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Ten years ago, Sabina was a very strong teen underwear brand, even though Sabina made and sold underwear for women of all ages and lifestyles. And in the past 5 years, Sabina has become more fashionable and loved by petite women with just two special words: ‘Doomm Doomm’ and revolutionized the lingerie industry through its inventive products and marketing plans to see. 

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Friendly earth collection initiative

SABINA continues to launch a sustainable product, selling the “Friendly Earth” collection that focuses on raw materials made from recycled yarn, reducing the use of newly created raw materials. While the production process uses a light- -on-water dyeing method, reducing water shortages and reducing the amount of wastewater generated in the dyeing process. Choosing eco-printing color in the printing process reduces the chance of chemical wastewater. Confidence to meet the needs of environmentally friendly fashion customers.

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Ms. Pitcha Thanalongkorn

Ms. Pitcha Thanalongkorn, Chief Marketing Officer SABINA, a manufacturer and distributor of lingerie brand Sabina, revealed that “Sabina”, a Thai lingerie brand, is committed to being a part of making people’s lives better. climb as well as pay attention to production that is environmentally friendly so that every wear reduces the impact on the world under the concept “We care for your EVERYWEAR”. From that commitment was first revealed in capsule form. Collection named “Friendly Earth”, which is a special collection that uses environmentally friendly production processes and maintains the quality, comfort, and design, which are the hallmarks of Sabina

Understanding of customer needs

Sabina is very strong about teen underwear. Therefore, Sabina must create awareness and expand the market, working adults, young adults, to adults with different behaviors and needs, as well as the problem of overall communication of the Sabina brand. As a brand of underwear that is constantly evolving with changing technology, for example, the Wireless Shape model or the seamless bra model, which is a product that Sabina has been selling in the market for a long time, but has recently become popular with people who think that wearing underwear without a frame looks like an elderly person. Instead, it feels innovative and modern, in part because Sabina’s identity is becoming more and more apparent, and know how to choose the right presenter for a female brand like Sabina, she is smart, fun, playful, and modern woman.

Friendly earth concept underwear

Product concept

One of the industries that cause environmental problems is the fashion industry. that, although it came quickly, but left a huge trace of impact and garbage on the world Sabina is looking for ways to mitigate the impact of production and is ready to raise sustainability as an important agenda in business. In the past, SABINA has continuously researched and developed. To obtain environmentally friendly underwear, which is not only a matter of material, only that is important Even the production process was not neglected from the selection of raw materials produced from recycled fibers by recycling yarn is a waste material in the textile industry to produce underwear to reduce the use of newly created raw materials. 

Friendly earth concept underwear

It also takes care of the production process because the brand realizes the waste of resources and energy from dyeing fabrics. due to the need for a large amount of water and also full of many chemicals, in the “Friendly Earth” collection, the brand has switched to a dyeing method called Light on Water, or a water-saving dyeing process to reduce the loss of clean water and reduce pollution from dyeing. While another step that the brand is equally important to is the use of “green printing paint” that ensures that there is no release of wastewater or any chemicals that pollute the environment. At every step, Sabina is committed to making the most of every resource in the production of fashion products to create sustainable production and to make the underwear collection “Friendly Earth” is environmentally responsible underwear that truly meets the needs of environmentally friendly fashion customers.

Sabina campaign to change old underwear to “Clean Energy”

The manufacturer and distributor of underwear under the brand “Sabina” have cooperated with Kerry Express (Thailand) Co., Ltd and INSEE ecocycle Co., Ltd. to advance the campaign “New Life BRA CYCLE lo laew pai nhai?” The objective is to deal with deteriorating underwear through sustainable environmentally friendly processes to work together to protect the environment including reducing the amount of waste from unused products. 

This time, it will help consumers to get rid of old underwear that has deteriorated properly because each year a large number of underwear are produced to meet each customer’s needs in terms of design and functionality that have different needs for each occasion. When the bra is no longer in use, it may be caused by a change in the physique, making it impossible to wear it again or old underwear is worn out and can no longer be used. But we find that we often keep that old and worn underwear because they do not know where or how to properly dispose of them, or if they are going to donate, there may be a lot to consider. due to the covid-19 situation, This makes hygiene a priority with all factors resulting in the “New Life BRA CYCLE lo laew pai nhai” will be the project that offers the best choice for consumers who want to deal with this underwear.

Chief Executive Officer of INSEE ecocycle Company Limited revealed this cooperation. As a specialist in sustainable waste management and industrial services. Recognizing the importance of cooperating with partners in all sectors to manage waste through an environmentally friendly process, old, worn-out underwear can also be disposed of beneficially and sustainably. The underwear is made of heat-sensitive materials used as alternative fuels Co-processing in a cement kiln is the use of heat energy recovery, which is an efficient management method zero waste to landfill.

At the beginning of this project

The origin of this project comes from the beginning of efforts to reduce global warming and to take responsibility for the waste we create in the ecosystem. This is a matter within SABINA’s organization that has always been focused on the environment. After a serious study under the concept of information on where underwear goes, when thrown away, the campaign “New Life BRA CYCLE, lo laew pai nhai?” was supported by partners Plc. Kerry Express (Thailand) Consumers can deliver unused old or worn underwear of all brands just by putting it in a Seal bag at the front of the store and delivering it for free at Kerry Express Parcel Shop and partnering with INSEE Ecocycle is limited to properly incinerating these old and worn underwear and switch to clean energy. In every 1 clearing, Sabina will donate 1 new underwear to the needy.

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  • Nattaya says:

    After reading this article, I agreed that Sabina have a really good in marketing. They use a concept that people pay attention, the affect on environment from the industry: using concept eco-friendly and bra recycling. Moreover, this brand also understand their target group, so they become popular underwear in Thailand.

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