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When directed to the relationship between media and society. The issues of violence and criminals are arising more and more in today’s society causing the information and content from used media, such as newspapers, television, cinema, etc. Unfortunately, the acceptance that the crimes are increasingly published in the news daily. Although some cases are brutal and awful, some other cases might occur because of accidental unintentional, any cases are unlikely to happen. When the world entered the digital world, social media played a role as a mediator to send information quicker and more widely to individuals second by second. Therefore, social media is also the main reason for the increase in media crime, resulting in various new content. Because social media is too widespread, causing a lack of people to scan information going viral causes violent behavior from any content on media. Affecting people’s behavior and actions according to the media platform. There are many factors of media violence causing people to have negative behavior. 


Social media disruption:

According to the first theory, Social media disruption affects us in both positive and negative ways. It has enabled us to connect and communicate with others on a global scale, giving us access to information and empowering marginalized groups. However, it has also been linked to the spread of misinformation, cyberbullying, social isolation, and privacy concerns. Overall, the effects of social media disruption depend on how it is used and the actions taken to address its negative effects. Additionally, Social media disruption can potentially cause violence, as it has been linked to the amplification of extremist views and the spread of hate speech and misinformation. However, it is important to note that social media can also be used to promote peace, social justice, and positive social change. The impact of social media on violence depends on how it is used and the actions taken to address its negative effects. Due to the media now spreading rapidly, the more accessibility we have to the online world or the internet, the more screening should be increased.

Aspects of mass media:

Next, the second theory suggests that the aspects of the mass media can lead to violence, which can have both positive and negative consequences. The negative effects include all kinds of communication that have a wide audience, such as radio, newspapers, television, and theInternet. However, the positive effects include the provision of information, education, and entertainment. The examples that mass media can contribute to violence, promoting violent content, whether it be on the movies, television shows, video games, or music. Weak-minded individuals can be exposed to violence through the media, which may increase aggression and lead them to believe that violent behavior is normal, acceptable, and reasonable. Moreover, nervousness, anxiety, or pressure can be another way that mass media can lead to violent behavior. Because news organizations frequently tend to focus on negative and sensational news, such as crime, terrorism, natural disasters, etc. This can cause people to feel unsafe and afraid, which may lead them to defend themselves by acting violently. 

Furthermore, spreading misinformation and glorifying violent behavior can also contribute to violence. By propagating misinformation, biased media may present false information about certain groups of people, which demonizes them and also can lead them to violence, including hate crimes, and other forms of violence. Besides, due to the case of school shootings, glorifying violence via the media includes portraying violent individuals as heroes and inflaming their actions, causing people to imitate the actions, and normalizing violence as a strategy for attracting attention or achieving goals. 

Case study

An 8-year-old girl imitates the hit drama “Rang Ngao” that spreads the hanging scene

Starting with the first case, an 8-year-old girl watched the hit drama “Rang Ngao”, and also one of the popular television programs “Khon Uad Phi”, publishing the hanging scene. The girl imitated the scene that was published, but in the end, she was hanged on a tree for more than 10 minutes. Her father took her to Rama Hospital, and the doctor discovered that her brain was oxygen-depleted. 

        From the inquiry of the child’s father, it turned out that the girl had gone to hang out with her friends, bringing a piece of fabric and some rope, then tied up the rope with a tree. She climbed to the mouth of a big earthen jar, which is roughly 60 centimeters high, along with hanging her head on a hoop to hang her neck above the ground around 120 centimeters high. Before her both legs slipped off the jar and fell into the big water jar without touching the ground, causing the child to be hanged for more than 10 minutes. At first, the child’s friends did not seem to know that the girl was not playing until she lost consciousness, they ran after the child’s father to assist in getting her to the hospital.  

A 19-year-old student at school turned violent by committing murder by stabbing with a knife to taxi driver

Secondly, a 19-year-old student committed heinous murder by murdering a taxi driver with a knife and then robbing him. According to the police investigation, the child’s addicted to the online game “grand theft auto” (GTA), which involves chasing and killing. Therefore, the robbery and murder of the taxi driver were because of earning money for the game. He remembered the sight he saw in the game and would like to see if he can imitate it because murdering people in the game is easy and simple to do. When he saw the victim, he threatened the driver with a knife, which he did not intend to murder at first. However, the taxi driver defended himself, and a fight ensued until he stabbed the driver to death.

        Furthermore, another factor that may influence the child’s behavior. form the police interrogation, family issues are unpredictable and delicate, and the boy stated that his family did not have enough money for him because their income was not enough. Moreover, he was under pressure and anxiety that his parents always quarreled and fought. And this is the heartbreaking story of a Grade 6 student who becomes addicted to computer games and imitates them because it seems to be easy and normal for him. Lastly, a man stabbed his girlfriend to death.

A man stabbed his girlfriend to death

Lastly, here is the final instance we would like to discuss, the criminal had been planning to murder his 30 year old lover for 3 months because of jealousy. He committed murder by stabbing his girlfriend, then spent one night sleeping next to the body before beginning to cut the body part in the bathroom and cleaning up the blood stains. Moreover, the offenders used a chainsaw to separate seven parts of the deceased, then put all of the pieces in a bin bag, and dumped the apparatus that he used in a ditch. After that, he walked with the bin bag to a dark place, out of sight, and threw away all the split pieces. 

  Additionally, as the perpetrators remove the body parts from the condo in the bin bag, CCTV of his condo can record images of his actions doing so. Afterwards he drove away to dispose of the body pieces under the expressway, wherein the offender admitted that he was copying the murder from the crime film. According to the police’s conclusions in this case, the accused planned this murder three months in advance by excavating the grave one month earlier and getting ready to purchase the murderous tools. It was further confirmed that the accused revealed that he was in normal mental condition and had no problems with mental illness.


There are various ways in which aspects of mass media can assist in the prevention of violence caused by the consumption of media. Here are some strategies for problem-solving:

Responsible media production:

Firstly, responsible media production, it is the responsibility of media producers to ensure that the content that is created does not glorify or promote violent behavior, however they can accomplish by including positive messaging, encouraging empathy, and ensuring that the content is acceptable and appropriate for the target audience at large.

Ratings and Warnings:

Next, ratings and warnings can be used in media content to keep audiences aware of content that may be violent or inappropriate for its content. This allows viewers to make more informed decisions concerning what they should receive while also protecting sensitive audiences, especially children. Moreover, viewers can provide feedback about some of the inappropriate content in each target audience group.

Media Literacy:

In addition, media literacy, and educating people in media awareness can assist people comprehend the effect that violent media may have on their actions and views. This can assist everyone to develop their critical thinking abilities and make thoughtful decisions about what media they consume.

Positive Role Models:

Further, with positive role models, the media can promote positive role models and nonviolent individuals, which can help to mitigate the detrimental impacts of violent media and give viewers alternate conflict resolution options.

Public Awareness Campaigns:

Finally, public violence awareness campaigns can be employed to educate people about the potential risks of media violence while also representing alternate conflict resolution approaches. These campaigns can be targeted at different age groups, nationalities, and genders to receive the best response, which is beneficial to all audiences.


In conclusion, the negative aspects of mass media can contribute to violence in several ways, such as promoting violent content, sensitive news affecting audience fear and anxiety, propagating misinformation, and also glorifying violent behavior. It is important to recognize and address these negative effects to prevent violence in society.

Moreover, as a consequence, the media frequently publishes child violence incidents, which has a significant impact due to the internet and social media. However, the issue is not under the serious supervision of the government yet. Even though especially in dramas with merely fighting and slapping against each other, and also the drama is simply just a performance, as you can see there is still an incidence in which children imitate the aggressive behavior that is often seen in the media.

  Lastly, despite the fact that there is a lot of violence news published in our society, there are still numerous ways in which aspects of mass media can assist in the prevention of violence caused by media consumption, whether it is creating public violence awareness campaigns to educating people in media awareness, promoting positive role models and behavior via media, responsible media production by including positive message, and also ensuring that what is presented is acceptable and appropriate for the target audience as a whole, etc.

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