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No one who follows fashion and beauty trends doesn’t know ‘The Kardashian-Jenner family,’ a massive driving force in this industry. However, if you are the one who follows this industry, you may notice and wonder why many influencers put on the same styles of makeup, outfits, and lifestyle. You may be familiar with heavy contouring makeup, full nude lips, bodycon dresses, all denim outfit, latex clothing, and wet hair look. The answer is those trends glamorized by the Kardashian-Jenner members, who are one of the most dynamic influencers in the beauty and fashion industry. Once an item is spotted on their voluptuous bodies, it will sweep away from every store in America. 

Left to Right: Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kholè Kardashian, Kendall Jenner

After the 20 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and almost 14 years of their lives, the Kardashian-Jenners have become the most popular and eye-catching in the world over the decade. The documentary series about this family’s daily life gives the audience countless glittery moments, catchphrases, clap backs, and memes. The five sisters and their fabulous and beloved momager, Kris Jenner, have equally been favoured and hatred. The splendid quote for the Kardashian-Jenners is, “you can hate me, but you can’t stop talking about me!”. The total number of followers of the Kardashian-Jenners members has reached more than one billion followers on Instagram(and continuously rises). 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Since the family’s popularity constantly arises, what the Kardashian-Jenners always did influences everything, especially lifestyles in fashion and beauty. No matter how people appreciate or criticize them, the world admits that the Kardashian-Jenners have successfully established their multimedia empire with the cosmetics product lines, clothing companies and collaboration, applications, and never-ended tabloid interests of their every single movement, in particular about their personal relationships.

The Kardashian-Jenner empire

The Kardashian-Jenner members become the wanted presenters for many huge brands like Dolce&Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Puma, Balmain, and countless others. Kris Jenner, the momager, popped the strategy to gain the total profits for their family. Thus, She let her children build their own businesses. 

Thinking about the trend-leaders founding their brands. The consequence is so simple. When their styles are trending with an enormous number of followers, they launch the products, which become the must-have items. It is undeniable why the Kardashian-Jenners become the empire. 

Here’s looking at the 3 fashion and beauty trends that coins the influential family from the City of Angels—the Kardashian-Jenners.

Full Lips = Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

One of the famous beauty trends that have taken over in the past was a full pout. As you can see, all Kardashians have got full lips, including their natural lips with gloss and accentuated lips. But, of course, you won’t see the Kardashian without enhanced lips.

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner house, is the trendsetter who emphasized that full lips can make the complete look. In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie accepted the fact of her getting a lip augmentation. Her plumped-up pout from fillers created the speculation and gathered the publicity, particularly in the beauty industry.

In 2015, she turned her attractive pout into her makeup empire, Kylie Cosmetics. Her lip-kits originated from Kylie’s lip liner practice of drawing overlined lips. When 3 colours of Kylie lip kits were launched, all products were sold out in under a minute! She has exponentially expanded her Kylie Cosmetics makeup line from lip kits to full cosmetics. Kylie becomes the CEO and her own brand presenter at the same time. In addition, she posted mesmerizing videos of swatch-testing eyeshadows and new colour of lips kits on her social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Kylie’s cult followers purchase each product to sell out within minutes.

Forbes named 21-year-old Kylie as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire in 2019

As the achievement of Kylie Cosmetics, Forbes named 21-year-old Kylie as the world’s youngest self-made billionaire in 2019, estimated net worth of at least one billion dollars from her business and income. In 2020, Kylie’s name appeared on the Forbes list of highest-paid celebrities.

The Lists of Kylie Cosmetics Collaboration for the unique collection

  • Kris Jenner for 2017 Mother’s Day edition
  • Kim Kardashian West for 2018 Black Friday’s edition 
  • Khloé Kardashain for Koko Kollection in 2019
  • Being the makeup artistic director of Balmain’s Spring 2020 runway show at Paris Week for Capsule makeup collection
  • Kendall Jenner for The Siblings edition in 2020
Kylie Skin Products

Furthermore, Kylie established her own skincare brand in 2019 called Kylie Skin. The brand has launched the dermis products like cleansing, face gel washes, makeup removing wipes, moisturizers, and face and body scrubs. Nevertheless, Kylie Skin was criticized by many beauty influencers as the brand expected quality and the confused incredible pink packaging. However, Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin still improve the better versions of product lines.

Kylie and Stormi with Kylie Baby products

After Stormi, her first child turned one year old, Kylie launched Kylie Baby, the new product line for baby skin and hair. No one is surprised the images of Kylie Baby is Stormi, but her followers are attracted to the next shining star. Moreover, Kylie released her Valentine’s collection named Stormi collection for celebrating the second birthday of her firstborn.

In January 2022, Kylie Jenner became the first woman with over 300 million followers on Instagram, gaining the highest number of followers among her other family members.

Contouring makeup = KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian in KKW Beauty photoshoot

All the Kardashian-Jenner members became the experts and trendsetters in the contouring world as they always appear with effortless nude makeup looks in the publicity. The Kardashians’ flawless contouring styles have absolutely kicked off the worldwide beauty trends. More than thousands of tutorial videos were released on social media platforms, including by Kim and Kylie. This viral shows how people want to achieve the completed looks like the Kardashians.

The contouring frenzy encouraged many cosmetics brands to produce specific kits for contouring, and the Kardashian used cream pigments instead of a bronzer to create face dimension. Nevertheless, Kim Kardashian—the well-known influencer who popularised the contouring technique, which is the makeup technique of using dark and light powders to create more dimensions of cheekbones and overall face— popped the business idea of her own products. In 2017, Kim founded KKW Beauty after the excessive success of Kylie, her younger half-sister in the beauty field. The initial collection launched the four contour kits in neutral skin shades. The medium shade was sold out in minutes, bringing in millions for the reality star. 

KKW Beauty’s Contouring Kits

In 2020, Kim faced the issue of uncured psoriasis. But, on the other hand, she has found a way to conceal it by producing KKW Beauty Body Makeup as the new product line.

Kim used her own KKW Beauty Body Collection to cover red marks on patches from a psoriasis flare-up. She demonstrated how she applied the liquid cover-up on her legs in a video on Instagram. Also, the before-and-after candid has been posted to show how practical and impressive the skin product is.

the before-and-after candid of using KKW Beauty Body Makeup

Unfortunately, KKW Beauty has been closed for a while because of a personal issue. However, KKW Beauty announced that Kim planned to rebrand to be a more modern, evaluated, and sustainable cosmetics brand. 

In an interview with Business of Fashion, Sue Nabi, chief executive officer at Coty, said their company planned to launch a skincare brand with Kardashian between April and July 2022. Also, they want to create fantastic skincare in terms of quality and ingredients. However, neither Kim nor Coty confirmed Skkn by Kim is the product line’s name.

Biker Shorts = SKIMS

Kim Kardashian wearing bikers shorts

Kim Kardashian was the style-setter who started to showcase this functional piece of clothing on the runways. Kim was rapid hopping on the trend, raising the attention of Chanel, Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger, and more who chose to include this controversial-for-external-use clothing item in their collections. Bike shorts were popular back in the 80s and 90s, and Kim brought them back and took her love for them to a whole new level, making them appropriate for fashionable daily wearing.

In 2019, Kim successfully established SKIMS Solutionwear, the neutral shade of underwear and loungewear brand. According to Forbes magazine, the collection, which comes in various sizes (XXS to 4XL), is valued at over $500 million. 

In 2021, SKIMS had doubled in value to $3.2 billion in 9 months and was estimated to jump more than double constantly.

SKIMS the Solutionwear

The original name KIMONO sparked a backlash from netizens who criticized her use of the word “kimono,” a traditional and national Japanese costume. As a result, Kim faced accusations of cultural appropriation and the trend #KimOhNo. In addition, the Japanese International Ministry set the charge of $10 million. Therefore, she has to pay the cost and change her brand name to SKIMS.

KIMONO was the cultural appropriation for Japanese culture

Trends in the beauty and fashion are always changing thanks to the Kardashian-Jenners

The Kardashian-Jenner family

We have to admit that celebrities play an influential role in the world’s trends via social media platforms. When you see the style of our favourite celebrities, you definitely want to follow their looks. The Kardashian-Jenner house is such a huge drive in the beauty and fashion industry. However, this blog aims to encourage you, the follower, to have your own leader. You can follow the Kardashian-Jenner trends, but you shouldn’t forget to be yourself.

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