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Does T-Pops rose up from the dead?

In the past 2-to 3 years, the T-Pop industry has grown exponentially. After this industry has disappeared from the media industry since the Kamikaze era in the late 90s and early 2000s. T-Pop has made a comeback again, and many people in this industry have done a great outcome so far. Leading up to have a stage for them which is Workpoint’s T-Pop Stage and the announcement of the annual awards in this industry “TOTY Music Awards 2021” which the audience can be voted for their favorite artist and singer via T-Pop Stage Show Application. Last year, there are many new artists and singers, and old people in this industry that we have to keep our eyes on showed up a lot. Let’s get to know various artists and singers who can raise the level of T-Pop to a higher standard. In the next few years, the T-Pop industry may take the world stage as K-Pop did. Don’t waste any more time, come and see the list of the T-Pops who have made a name for themselves and created their identity until they have a huge fan base both in-country and abroad.

BNK48 and CGM48

When it comes to the girl group that has the most members, BNK48 and CGM48 will be on the list surely. We are more familiar with BNK48 than CGM48 because they are the very first girl group that sore elegantly in the Thai music industry. BNK48 was influenced by AKB48 in Japan, we can say that BNK48 is like an AKB48 of Thailand. Their debuted song is “Koisuru Fortune Cookie.” I believe that no Thai people do not know this song because it is so famous, and people sang it like a baby’s crying. If we count the member of this girl group, there were almost a hundred lives, including those who have graduated from BNK48 and CGM48. The famous person in BNK48 would probably be captain Cherprang Areekul and there are also many famous people such as Moblie- Pimrapat, Noey- Kanteera, Orn- Patchanan, etc.

CGM48 is a newly formed group. The management of the band is similar to BNK48, but they are based in Chaing Mai. CGM48 debuted with the song “Chiang Mai 106.” The song has brought the Chaing Mai’s travel sign to convey. Moreover, they have an original song “Mali” which is an encouraging song, easy to listen to, fun, and the perfect mix between international and traditional country melody. The Captain of CGM48 is Izurina who came from AKB48 of Japan. This can ensure that even though CGM48 is a new group, they will have an outstanding performance.

Follow the news, music, and activities of them:


7 girls who won from 4EVE Girl Group Star. 4EVE comes from XOXO Entertainment under Workpoint Entertainment. They debuted with the song “Oohlala!” in December 2020 and the group has a girl crush style. Each member has a different character, making the image of the band come in many forms and characteristics. They do not have a specific position because they are all-round who can perform every position in the group such as vocals, raps, and performance. Before they debuted, each of them has a lot of work in the entertainment industry. For example, Aheye- Korranid, the youngest, who participated in singing contests in The Voice Kid and We Kids Thailand, and also Thai dramas, Mind- Atitaya, the oldest, plays musicals such as Four Reigns the Musical, and Bulluang Mek the Musicals. Moreover, there are other members that are full of skills.

In the past year, it was a goldens’ year for them. They raise up the T-Pop standard. All of their singles have been ranking from radio stations across the country such as Test Me!, Like a bling, Trick or Treat. In March 2021, their first have been launching. “4EVE The First Album” hits hard sales and in October of the same year, they have made seasonal album, Helloween album, “Trick or Treat.” 4EVE albums was a collaboration with many talented Thai artists such as LUSS, Urboy TJ, BOTCASH. 4EVE is a super-lit girl group at this time and has a name on the

Watch and follow the variety and music of 4EVE:


If we mention about TikTok viral song, one of those songs must be every song of Bamm!. Bamm debuted under LIT Entertainment managed by Dome- Jaruwat, the champion of The Stars 8, and Mook- Nita. Their first song is “2Cool2Care,” the song that encourages broken people, even if you are breaking up with someone, always remember that you’re still cool. Which is very famous because it became a trend on TikTok which is people take this song to dance on that platform a lot. A few months later, they released “WOOF” and their newest single “Curse” is now going viral on Tiktok. Therefore, we should call them “Ace of TikTok.”

The band has 3 people, consisting of 2 males and 1 female. They have a clear position, Mang- Piyatida is the main vocalist, Arty- Sarut is the main dancer, and Pao- Teerapat is the main rapper. Although there are only 3 members, their group is an all-rounder. The trio can sing, rap, and dance amazingly. Their voice is very attractive and draws attention from the listener.

Listen Bamm! Songs and get more information:


PiXXiE is the first girl group from LIT Entertainment, the same company as Bamm!. The debuted song “DED” with the ear worming phrases like “No flowers, coz I’ll petal picking, DED DED DED.” They come with a cool girl look that is ready to make all men fall in love with them. Another viral song and be the top rank in many radio stations. “MUTELU” is the song that will enchant all the listeners to fall in love as soon as they have heard the first melody with the catchy phrase “Mutelu oh wah ah ah ah.”

All 3 girls have a clear position, but they are able to perform various functions in the group instead of each other effective. The members have Mabelz- Suchada, her position is the lead vocalist and visual, Pimma- Pimmada is the main dancer and the main rapper of the group, the last one is Ingkho- Inpalee who is the main vocalist of the group. PiXXiE is another ace of TikTok because all of their songs become the trend in TikTok. We can say that “Last year, LIT Entertainment has done a very good job, it created a fan base for PiXXiE and Bamm.”

Follow PiXXiE’s song and activities:


LGBTQIA+ Band under KS Gang company, they debuted with the song “Y U Comeback” and the newest single “Roller Coaster” which was released as a Thai and Spanish version. 4MIX is the band that supports the LGBTQIA+ community in Thai society because they are the first LGBTQIA+ band in Thailand. They have taken the T-Pop industry to Latin American markets like Mexico, contributing Thai soft power to the international site. They have been conveyed that being an artist or singer should not be limited by the fact that artists should only be male or female but make us realize that the LGBTQIA+ community can be an artist and go to the global stage as well.

They have a clear music genre which is pop/rock/EDM that can make the audience want to dance when their music is played. Their dancing skills are on fire, they can dance to every type of music. You can follow them on their TikTok. 4MIX have a clear gender aspect and support all gender such as they perform by wearing unisex cloth. Due to 4 Mix are a very unique group, comprehensive ability, and a clear standpoint. It can be said that 4 Mix is a very successful band at the country and international level. Their path on the world stage will expand never stop.

Listening to 4 MIX’s music and follow them:

Here are just a few examples of T-Pop’s outstanding performance in 2021. There are also other brands including outstanding soloists such as Ink Waruntorn, MILLI, Tilly Birds, Three man down, and Jeanius. New bands will not be able to succeed without a strong foundation from the previous generation of the music industry and their fan bases. We have to admit that last year was a golden year of the T-Pop industry. Domestics people and international level are keeping their eyes on this industry, how it will grow and how it will succeed. Not only do singers get the attention, but backstage artists like a songwriter, producers, the content creator also got attention. Moreover, it is more provoking the new generation that wants to work in this industry to have more passion to continue the outcomes.

In any case, T-Pop will grow even more on the global stage if the government supports this industry because the potential of T-Pop is empirical to people all around the world in the past few years. AUTTA, the artist who got Best Record of the Year at the TOTY Music Awards 2021, has a speech that

“We do this ourselves, the outcomes are still this much, what if the government supports our industry, how far will we go?”

AUTTA, TOTY Music Awards 2021

Just like the K-Pop industry that has got support from their government and pushing their soft power to expand around the world.

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