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Over the past few years, the K-Wave trend has grown exponentially with audiences worldwide. K-Dramas achieves success with high-performance standards, uniqueness, and novelty in creativity and diversity that makes many people keep an eye on to see the trend going happen. 2022 is still the year that K-dramas are lined up to broadcast for fans to see continuously. So, I would like to gather 7 K-Dramas of this year selected from interesting, plot, and novelty through unique careers for everyone to know!

1. Forecasting Love and Weather – Meteorologist

Forecasting Love and Weather is a romantic comedy-drama about the people in the Korean Meteorological Department by telling the story of Shin Ha-Kyung (Park Min-Young). She is a genius who perfectly manages both her work and her personal life with a determination to never fall in love at work after she goes through a brutal breakup. However, it turns out that she’s accidentally in a relationship with Lee Si-Woo (Song Kang), a rookie team member who looks different but is very attractive in his own style. The only thing he was interested in was the weather. This series is one of the most anticipated romantic comedies of the first half of 2022.

From the Forecasting love and weather, the career of meteorologist has become more exciting and trending because it is the first series that tells a love story with the background of the Meteorological Administration. Many knowledge terms make the career of a forecaster or meteorologist more interesting. In the story, we will see the working process on

  • The weather forecast, fog, rain, storm, hail

  • Analyze different types of meteorological data

  • Document reports and meteorological statistics

  • Study, research, analyze, research meteorology

  • Check and compare the instruments used in meteorological affairs

  • Meeting to provide advice, answer questions, and clarify issues with other perimeter

units ready to send a report to the public

Forecasting Love and Weather airs on JTBC, where fans of the series in Thailand can watch it on Netflix every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m.


2. Business Proposal – Food Scientist

Business Proposal is an office romance drama based on the famous online novel and webtoon that has gained more than 320 million views. It tells the story of an office romance between CEO Kang Tae-Moo (Ahn Hyo-Seop), the perfect guy with both looks and brains, and Shin Ha-Ri (Kim Se-Jeong), a food scientist, who becomes his blind date. After meeting that blind date, the two begin to be awkward when going to the office as a CEO and employee, which sometimes causes sweet and exciting moments.

Business Proposal is the first series that has run the story through a character in the food scientist profession. The simple definition of the food scientist is a career responsible for managing food in everyday life to make it more convenient to eat, creating new dishes, studying and analyzing various ingredients used in cooking. They will look for mistakes in the food that they come up with and use them to make corrections and improve recipes. And also, consider the value and nutrition of food for health and fair prices, considering the impact on society, culture, and environment.

Business Proposal airs on SBS. Thai fans can watch it on Netflix every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m.


3. Juvenile Justice – Juvenile court justice

Juvenile Justice is about a female judge Sim Eun-Seok (Kim Hye-Soo), a front-row judge susceptible to juvenile criminals. She was recently appointed to one of the most juvenile offender districts. A loophole in the system required her to deal with juvenile delinquents and adhere to the utmost in the justice system to punish offenders. She is aware of the problems children face in society and finds out what effect society has on obstructing them from becoming better people. She also tried to send a message to people in the community when she found that they were also responsible for the youth’s unethical and illegal acts.

As we all know, a judge has to control the proceedings in the courts to be decent. They have the power to decide the case and be the recipient of prosecutions from the prosecutor or the plaintiff’s lawyer. The series exposes the duties of judges at the Juvenile Court, including the legal process in adjudicating criminal charges against a child or a juvenile. It is another series that provides legal knowledge to the audience.

The audiences who appreciate social issues and court battles can watch the Juvenile Court verdict on Netflix in 10 episodes.


4. Through the Darkness – Profiler

Let’s come together for Through the Darkness, another crime thriller series known as the most exciting series in early 2022. It brings true stories that happen in Korean society through The work of Kwon Il-Yong (Kim Nam-Gil), The first profiler or criminal psychologist of Korea, taking us deep into the elusive human mind through his work. The setting for the story took place in the 90s when Korean National Police first formed a criminal behavior analysis team. He analyzes the thinking and behavior of criminals that hunt down killers with statistics, psychoanalysis, and scientific evidence to stave off future losses.

A Profiler or Criminal Psychologist is a person who analyzes criminal cases to obtain psychological information about the behavior of criminals. Most are trained in psychology to determine how criminals think and respond to certain stimuli. As a result, the audience will understand the working process of the criminology team better, especially in the early days when the world began to use new technologies and knowledge in investigative work.

Fans of the crime series can find answers to the differences between the minds of ordinary people and serial killers in 12 episodes on Viu.


5. Twenty-Five, Twenty-One – Women’s fencing

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One presented the lives of teenagers who lost their dreams during the economic crisis of 1998. Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae-Ri) is a fencing enthusiast who joins the team fencing in school. Still, because of the financial crisis in the country, the team had to be disbanded by default, but she did not despair and continued to pursue her dreams with ambition and passion. Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), the eldest son of a family torn apart by the IMF crisis, turns his life around. He had to do various part-time jobs, from delivering newspapers to overseeing video rental shops until becoming a sports reporter for a radio station. The story of first love and a warm friendship makes their hearts skip a beat. The bright love and growth and adversity they go through remind us of the tiring but beautiful life of adolescence.

Twenty-Five, Twenty-One has highlighted the sport of fencing as a critical point that allows viewers to witness the development of Na Hee-Do training, rules, and regulations to national team competition. Even though fencing may not be that popular in Korea, it is a sport that has consistently outstanding results. Therefore, this series is considered an excellent opportunity to introduce this sport to the audience to know and become more familiar.

Broadcast on tvN, Thai series fans can wait to watch via Netflix every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m.


6. Military Prosecutor Doberman – Military Prosecutor

Military Prosecutor Doberman is a military legal drama series that tells the story behind both the power and exploitation of the military. The intense tale of teaming up to defeat evil in the army between Do Bae-Man (Ahn Bo-Hyun), a military prosecutor who seeks success and wealth. When working with Cha Woo-In (Jo Bo-Ah), a military prosecutor from a wealthy family, she came to work here for revenge. They both have turned to work together to overcome the badness in the military and begin to learn and understand how to be actual military prosecutors.

Although there are many shows and movies about the law, there haven’t been any series showing the courtroom stories of soldiers and prosecutors. Military prosecutors are government officials who have the power to prosecute offenders who belong to the “Military Court” powers, working with military courts to find out the truth of the case. This series is the first exciting and innovative series about a military court and exploration of the military legal system of the K-Dramas industry.

Let’s join to uncover the evil in the army and follow the heat of the Military Prosecutor Doberman series every Tuesday and Wednesday on Viu and iQIYI.


7. Soundtrack #1 – Songwriter

Soundtrack #1 is a romantic musical drama that tells the story of Han Sun-woo (Park Hyung-Sik), a photographer who is a quiet person, and Lee Eun-soo (Han So-hee), a cheerful, fun songwriter. They have been friends for over 20 years, making their relationship to be a “Friendzone” until there was a reason for them to stay in the house together for 2 weeks, their feelings gradually changed. They both begin to experience a delicate feeling between love and friendship. They try to understand each other’s emotions through the natural process of making music. As a result, the line between love and friendship is slowly fading.

The concept of this series being presented through ‘music’ is an essential part of the story. Also, the main character is a songwriter, someone who gives music meaning. Many people may think that anyone can compose a song. But in reality, each step of the songwriting process isn’t easy because creating the lyrics for a song has to be consistent with the melody and make the song the place to be remembering people. A songwriter is a career that requires a lot of skill and experience.

Even though the series has not been aired yet, it’s already felt a beautiful rhythm of love. So let’s watch the first episode of Soundtrack #1 together on Disney+ on March 23rd.


Korea has set new standards for series and movies to be seen and accepted

Apart from the realism of script, acting, and creating a character to have realistic careers, there are details about the occupations that are well-studied and accurate. Therefore, the audience will receive both entertainment and knowledge simultaneously. I believe that the K-Dramas industry will continue developing and creating new things for the fans.

Let’s look forward together!


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SaschaSaschaMarch 20, 2022


  • Nattaya says:

    Thank you for sharing information, I just know some new careers today. Korea is pay attention on entertainment system, musics and movies; they pay attention to every details of characters including characters careers which different with Thai drama that didn’t pay attention to careers and sometimes, the writer add wrong information.

  • This is interesting! I’m also one of K-drama fans and I really agree that the interesting point of k-dramas is the uniqueness of the career that represented in each drama and not only focus on the romantic relationship between the leading roles. Thank you for recommending new interesting k-dramas for me.

  • Piraya Punyataweroj says:

    I do truly appreciate how K-dramas portray a wide variety of occupations as I do believe that the majority of the audience would want to watch something new and exciting through new perspectives and lenses. Thus, that is why K-dramas are so popular.

  • Yathip Treetammarak says:

    Korea is a country that makes dramas well and reflects a lot of the things that happened in the country at the moment very well and also shows the diversity and insert knowledge of various professions very well.That people around the world interested and follow their series, and I am also one of K- dramas lover too

  • Natthanicha Pongarporn says:

    Thank you for sharing useful information and interesting K-dramas! First of all, I’ve never watch any of K-dramas in this blog before because it kind of new but my friends also suggest me to watch one of these K-dramas.That’s useful to me ! In my opinion , Korea really good at sharing information through K-dramas and that always go viral and useful for others.For this , K-dramas had shown career that people might not know to be more interesting in this era.The story isn’t boring at all, people can watch and get to know the career clearly.

  • Panita Peerapongpipath says:

    Thank you for this interesting data! This makes me know more about the unique careers existing in this world. I am also a fan of K-dramas because most of them present the interesting working processes in lots of careers, inspiring me to have several ideas to apply to my own future job.

  • Thanasilp Sawaengphan says:

    Thanks for the information! Even though I’m K-dramas fan but this gives me a unique point of view on it. This also helps me understand different career and their roles.

  • Panthapin Miteja says:

    Thanks you for sharing this article!! This is very interesting. Personally, I don’t usually watch K-drama but I’m interested in them because of the unique job they presented. It is new and inspiring, I really watch to start new K-drama because I want to know about all those jobs.

  • This article is very interesting! I’m a big fan of K-drama, and in my opinion, they run their Korean drama industry in advance, and when they are going to do one movie story they will always certainly give us a huge new experience, they always insert knowledge through the story. Moreover, what we can see, what all K-dramas are very intelligent is they can put soft power of their culture, food, beauty, etc in the dramas smoothly which makes a large impact on worldwide audiences such as “Squid game” which presented Dalgona candy, and after this series ended people go to buy this candy and this candy become popular overnight.

  • Kullaket says:

    I really like this article because I’m a big lover of Korean dramas, and I really appreciate it. I completely agree that k-drama has attracted a global following. It’s quite touching that they’ve depicted and given stories about a variety of jobs in South Korea in drama and made it very intriguing; this is incredibly innovative and unique. I’ve recently been watching the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather,” which has reminded me that we need a forecaster to survive because the weather is unpredictable. Overall, I adore your article so much; thank you for all of your hard work na ka.

  • Chonlekha says:

    I love this content! This content can convince more people who are interested in each career to watch the dramas which I have watched almost all of it but this article makes me add drama I haven’t watched on the watch later list.

  • Warisara Kaewduang says:

    Thank you for sharing information! Korea can attract people by utilizing their soft power, such as entertainment industry. I”m the one of K-drama big fan because their movies provide me a new experience and knowledge through the story. For instance, most of K-drama frequently appear their foods, such as Tokbokki and Ramyon, through the movies or series .

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