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Sony’s PlayStation 2 (PS2) is one of the well-known and best-selling gaming consoles of all time. At this moment, its sales have reached a 155 million record, and no other alternatives could introduce true competition in the industry(Byrd, 2021). This game console was introduced in 2000 and discontinued in 2013 because Sony began focusing on new ideas, technical specifications, and public interests. However, despite the existing competitors like the Xbox, Game Boy, or Nintendo DS, the PS2’s positions were strong for a long period, and several reasons can be given to explain its worth and uniqueness. This blog aims to explain the conditions under which the PS2 remained the best-selling gaming console, addressing the role of DVD players, the presence of exclusive games, and design aesthetics that provoke a long lifespan.

DVD Player

It is not a secret that people prefer paying attention to the technologies that combine multiple characteristics and perform several functions, and Sony used its DVD player as a serious competitive advantage in the market. At the beginning of the 2000s, DVD players were not cheap, and gamers had to decide on their preferences and personal needs (Byrd, 2021). Despite a variety of technological advancements and creative approaches, that decision to offer such a unique multimedia accessory was remarkable, explaining increased and long-lasting sales (Byrd, 2021). The inclusion of DVD playback as an essential feature of the PS2 was an outbreak for that period of time, and Sony simply offered the best option for its customers.

PS2 DVD Player

Exclusive Games

Another reason for such extensive attention and recognition of the PS2 in the game industry was related to the number of exclusive games. In addition to a high level of third-party support, the PS2’s developers impressed their users with interesting alternatives that were in demand. Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Final Fantasy, and Silent Hill were common choices, while God of War, Ico, or Shadow of the Colossus attracted people’s attention by their world design, direction, music, and characters (Byrd, 2021). When a gamer wanted to find a high-quality and innovative product, the PS2 consoles were chosen. The game libraries of the PS2 users were analyzed to prove the uniqueness of Sony’s success.

PS2 Games

Design Aesthetics and Lifespan

Finally, when a person wants to buy a product, its general look should be highly examined, and the PS2 was introduced with a more attractive design compared to its predecessors. The main color for a case-life device was black, but several variations were considered (white, silver, blue, gold, and red). It was convenient and did not take much space in the room. However, it was important not to add too many unnecessary elements that distracted the users’ attention from its major strength – a longer lifespan that was 13 years. If the console was effective for such a long period, its technical characteristics were strong, proving this choice as best-selling until this day.

PS2 Design

In conclusion, the PS2 has remained one of the best-selling gaming consoles for a long period. Professional analysts and researchers admit different qualities, but the decision to add a DVD player, introduce exclusive games, and promote a long lifespan due to its convenient design are the common explanations for Sony’s success. Even such game giants as Nintendo or Game Boy could not create fair competition for the PS2 because of the possibility of uniting the major technological elements and public interest in one product.

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