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Build safety before have sex

What can teenager do to prevent sex from pregnant and decease

Although many people believe that Safe SEX is No SEX, we live in a more open society. A ban may no longer be the best solution. And, in the spirit of the month of love, I believe that many people will intend to give love, care, and seek opportunities to strengthen the relationship between two people. However, there are still many people who hold false values. concerning sex And this can lead to a variety of issues, ranging from sexual health issues to unplanned pregnancy.

So, how can you have sex safely? Today, let’s get the facts about safe sex straight before you start playing your love songs confidently the way you want.

The first is condom, as we all know, using a condom is the safest way to have sex. because in addition to preventing pregnancy that is not ready also reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases by up to 5 times, also in this day and age Condoms have also evolved to be even thinner. for the convenience of use as well. Condoms are a type of “barrier” contraception. They are made of extremely thin latex (rubber), polyurethane, or polyisoprene and are intended to prevent pregnancy by preventing sperm from contacting an egg, but the mistake that every people do not remind or get ab educate about condom lead to problem in unmistaken uses. Some of the most common errors are putting a condom on halfway through intercourse or taking it off before intercourse is complete, failing to leave space at the condom’s tip for semen, and failing to inspect for damage before use. According to the journal Sexual Health, these errors can contribute to breakage or leakage. Condom use errors and problems are common throughout the world, affecting a diverse range of populations. Although breakage and slippage were the most frequently investigated issues, the prevalence of other condom use errors and problems discovered in this review was significantly higher. We propose a new model, the Condom Use Experience model, as a framework for understanding the role of condom errors and problems in inadequate protection. This model can be used to generate testable hypotheses for further investigation. Addressing condom use errors and issues in research and interventions is critical to closing the gap between ideal and typical condom use. However, the moist common safety that people can find it easy is condom it sell in many mart and pharmacy, you can get a good advice from the pharmacist.

second, birth control pills It is another helper that many people are very popular with. because it can prevent pregnancy as well However, this drug has no effect on disease prevention. So don’t forget to use a condom every time. Even though taking the contraceptive pill. Birth control pills are a type of hormone medicine. Birth control pills are sold in packs of one pill per day. If you take your pill on time, it is safe, inexpensive, and effective. Aside from preventing pregnancy, the pill has numerous other health benefits. There are two types of birth control pill which are combination pills and progestin only pills, the combination is contain both estrogen and progestin. The most common type of birth control pill is a combination pill. You will be protected from pregnancy as long as you take one pill every day. You are not required to take your combination pill at the same time every day. Taking it at the same time, on the other hand, is a good idea because it helps you get into the habit of remembering your pill. You will be protected from pregnancy if you take one pill every day. You do not have to take your combination pill at the same time every day. However, taking it at the same time is a good idea because it helps you get into the habit of remembering your pill. You can also use an alarm, a calendar reminder, or our birth control app to help you remember. The majority of combination pills come in 28days or 21days packs.
If you have 28days packs, take 1 pill every day for 28days , then start a new pack on day 29. The last pills in 28days packs of combination pills do not contain hormones. These pills are referred to as reminders. If you have 21-day packs: Take 1 pill every day for 21 days in a row. Then don’t take any pills for seven days. You’ll get your period during the fourth week while you aren’t taking any pills. It’s important to take every pill in a 21-day pack because there are no reminder pills. The hormone pills will prevent pregnancy even if you have sex during the week when you don’t take any pills. Start your next pack after not taking your pills for 7 days you may want to use an alarm or reminder to help you stay on track.

other is Progestin-only To avoid pregnancy, you must take progestin-only pills at the same time every day. If you take your progestin-only pill at 12:00 p.m., taking it after 3:00 p.m. the following day puts you at risk for pregnancy. Alarms, reminders, and birth control apps can help you remember to take your pill. Only 28-day (4-week) packs of progestin-only pills are available. Hormones are present in all 28 pills. To avoid pregnancy, you must take every pill in a progestin-only pack — there is no hormone-free week. Your period may arrive during the fourth week. You could also have sporadic bleeding throughout the month (spotting) or have no period at all. There’s also Slynd, a new type of progestin-only pill that’s a little different from other POPs. Slynd packs contain 24 hormone-free “reminder” (placebo) pills and 24 hormone-active hormone pills. You don’t even have to take Slynd at the same time every day — as long as you take one pill every day, you’ll be safe from pregnancy. in the other way you can skipped/ stop your period by use a brand of pills that has 3 months of hormone pills in a row, so you only get your period 4 times a year and You can skip the hormone-free reminder pills in your pack and jump right to the next pack. You can do this every month, or just whenever you want to skip your period. what if you miss control pill? The pill works best when taken on a daily basis, but almost everyone on the pill forgets to take it on occasion. It is critical to understand what to do if you forget to take a birth control pill. If you’re on Slynd (a type of progestin-only pill) and miss one white hormone pill, take it as soon as possible and then take your next pill when you’re supposed to, this could mean taking two pills in one day. If you miss two or more white pills, take the most recent pill you missed as soon as possible and continue to take one pill per day until the pack is finished (1 or more of your older missed pills will be left in the pack). Use a backup method of birth control if you miss two or more white pills and have penis-in-vagina sex within the next seven days (like condoms). If you miss one or more green reminder pills, simply throw them away and continue taking one pill per day until the pack is finished.

When can you start using birth control?
You can begin using birth control pills as soon as you receive them, on any day of the week and at any time during your menstrual cycle. However, when you will be protected from pregnancy is dependent on when you begin and the type of pill you use. For the first 7 days, you may need to use a backup birth control method (such as condoms).

Finally, we found a consistent link between safe-sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practices. This agreement with previous research is useful for developing targeted approaches to promote safe-sex behavior in US colleges. Future research may take a longitudinal approach to investigate the temporal sequence of the investigated associations. However, there is a strong case to be made for the observed link between safe-sex self-efficacy and safe-sex practices. A one-item tool for assessing global self-esteem may be inadequate for determining more psychodynamically complex constructs such as narcissism. 16 Furthermore, while our study examined data from five campuses affiliated with our institution, a larger sample size would have provided a more representative picture, so our findings are limited in their applicability to other Southern colleges or other areas across the country. The examination of composite as well as isolated domains of safe-sex self-efficacy on safe-sex practice is one of our study’s strengths. The interaction between safe sex self-efficacy and other psychological (such as affective)26 and interpersonal dimensions27 that may influence sexual behavior may warrant further investigation. “safe sex is not no sex”

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