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I’m the kind of a person who can easily get depressed, so I start this blog to enlighten and keep you guys on a positive line. To give yourself a try, to love yourself, to want to live, to enjoy life, to stay positive, and to be happy. Even though I did not deal with that much depression and anxiety, my partners and close friends dealt with it and I have faced suicide from them before. I see lots of scars on those hands and become who they want to lean on, so I pretty much understand them much or less.

People do have hard times and always want to die, but that swing feels come only sometimes. Don’t let those temporary negative feelings distort your life’s perspective. Surely, we will live to see the day and all those problems will fade away.

There are 2 main factors which are external, associated with social communication, and internal factor, self-development.

External factors involve social communication and surroundings.


There are three major parts of a relationship we are involved which are family, including parents, siblings, grandparents, child, friends, and partner, and romantic relationship. If you balance these three parts well enough, most problems surely fade away.

The family mostly does not leave you behind because we share the same blood. If there is an age gap between you and your parents, talking to your siblings might be an option. There might be some reasons why you have an issue with them but you might try to understand them and there will be forever a person to lean on.

Workplace buddies and neighbors are somewhat factors as well; however, these are quite easier to deal with if you have a strong bond with all three relationships good enough.

Communicate, talk with buddies, partner

Talking to someone you trust about something upsetting you is definitely the best answer. This can sort through problems and see a different perspective of the problems more clearly. Besides, expressing something is the art of releasing the tension, just don’t keep your problem to yourself. I guarantee that this is the most effective way.

You might avoid staying alone or isolating yourself if you encounter a difficult situation.

One thing to warn is that you have to worry about if your right person might feel bothered by your problem or too many problems from yours. Some get stressed from others’ problems too.

Pet meditation
There is much treatment in many departments such as hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes for the elderly.

Even the prisoners can turn themselves back into good by pets. Adopting something innocent really brings kindness from the bottom of the heart. Even a criminal and thieves know the moral, they should not hurt such as kids and pets.
Interacting with animals has been shown to decrease stress levels, involve hormones, and lower blood pressure. What’s direct is animals reduce loneliness, boost your mood, and be your forever friend.

Pets are loyal companions; they always stay by your side. It’s not that we feed them but that is a specific way to show love. If they are stray but we show love, they mostly are loyal to you anyway.

If you are not ready for a pet, there is an option such as a pet cafe, or another’s pet waiting for you. This is also the progress for people to be ready to raise their future babies.

Food and drinks

Good food and drinks can really provide you good mood. Sometimes, life is just to appreciate the little moment in life; quality and beautiful food really bring the environment to be better. Research provides that those stimulate happy hormones. What you eat and drink is the reward for your work!

Living environment
Your home is quite essential for you. It means that you are not just live day to day but it refers that you live the best life. A good place leads you to rest after working hard. If your home is good enough, you tend to travel less, saving money because you are living best in your home and there is no need to rest. I suggest plants and gardens can actually help you. This indirectly sends some good hormones whenever you rest your eyes on it.

The idea is also applied to the workplace environment. At worst, if you have got a bad coworker, your good work might boost your confidence and create a comfort zone for you.

Good vibe, Good life

Internal factors involve self-control, self-value, lifestyle, and the inside mind.

Feeling Expression

I suggest writing about how you feel is really helpful. I bet most of you guys have never tried it. This can be a useful way to explore feelings. If you do not feel to write, you can draw or paint too, just press on something and express. Some people do it seriously through journals and diaries while others write down whatever comes to their head, whatever bothers them.

Research says that people have sensitive to different perceptions; for example, I easily get triggered by music and touching, so whenever I get stressed, I mostly draw something on my book while listening to music; Artwork can also be the answer for someone and that is why artworks are priced invaluable.

A journey is always an answer for people to change their mood, especially when you have to all along the week. It not only gives you a break, but it might also open your world more, like an adventure. I believe a quick break and rest is what life should stick with. Sometimes, silence from nature is pretty crucial to life because the workplace might be chaotic.

Daniel Caesar

This might be only an option, but for me, it is essential. There are many philosophies and life lessons in music. At that time, I am too disturbed by sorrow to read books which is my hobby; movies and series are also not the right answer because they cannot provide you with instant feelings and changes. In contrast, music can bring you a new feeling due to the lyrics and melody which instantly gives you a vibe. I have learned the idiom “death and taxes”, and learned that nothing in this world is certain through music too. It really does help me get through hard times. When you feel down and lonely, you might not want to talk to anyone even if they are your partners or family.

Sometimes, figuring out by yourself is the answer and music is the key.

Sleep well

Sleep is one of the mechanisms in the body in order to rest. If you lack these, your mood will instantly turn negative. Sleep quality is essential to overcome anxiety and it should be prioritized. If it is too difficult to sleep, exercise can help better sleep because you must be tired from your exercise. However, quality sleep is so much more important than quantity sleep, the number of sleep hours is not quite crucial compared to how well you sleep.

What I also learn from sleep is that it helps skip time. Whenever you deal with sorrow, you try as hard to sleep and it will be so well after you wake up.


Sometimes, you have to stick with yourself, your mind, and conscious. You have to realize what you are with and learn to live with them in a kind of happiness, this is like a Buddhism or Christian class, but it is really tangible and true if you apply it to your life.

Shutting off some social media seems unreal, but it actually worked. According to mine, social media brings me greedy whenever I see someone living their life better than me: success, rest, good food. This also makes me focus on myself more than ever. I wanted to know other’s business before; what they do and who they are with.

Donations and kindness
Although this topic seems too positive, research suggests that acts of giving and kindness can help your mental well-being. Once you start to enjoy your life enough, you will start spreading your love to others. Sharing things with your surrounding people not only strengthens the bond but there is also a good feeling when they give us back. It is so sweet.

Consulting psychologist

There was once an adult who told me: psychologists are like a coach, they could see us from angles that we did not see.

We cannot see our own back, people do have something that cannot do alone.

This is the way when you feel there is actually no one around you who can help you. Sometimes, talking with professionals help so much better compared to people around you.

Personally, I believe for normal people that this should be the last option because this admits that we lose to ourself process to fix the problem. However, if it is a serious case, it should be immediately.

Even though I provide you with many different ways to stay positive, I believe people do have other ways to deal with anxiety. I would be pleased if you guys share your ways and we will discuss!

I will stay tuned for all your comments

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