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Favorite color maybe reassuring but the right color will give you more aura and confidence. It also help you choose your dress and cosmetics to match your outfits each day more easily.

What is Personal Color?

It refers to a method of choosing colors that go well with a particular person. This approach is frequently connected to the cosmetics and fashion sectors and can typically be based on hair, eye, and skin colors. The results of a personal color analysis can be used by the recipients to make style decisions, plan their wardrobes, and make accessory and cosmetic purchases.

Personal color has always just considered external aspects, which frequently leads to arbitrary results. Inconsistent results are produced by the majority of personal color analysis systems, which lack a clearly understood foundation for allocating colors to people. In essence, these techniques are troublesome and debatable.

Why do personal colors matter?

  • Look like yourself

It sounds weird , but this is where we are getting into the truly life changing benefits of PCA. Some of you might think “but i already look like myself, why i have to change” well, Disharmonious colors can visually distort your face so that make you dont look like what you really look like. If you wear those color often, you may think that destroyed effect is what you actually look like, but it isn’t

Some colors can turn your face darker, yellower than you really are. Some can enhance the shadows under your eyes and the hollows of your face and make you look extremely tired. All of this can happen because you can not choose your perfect shade of makeup or clothes.

  • Shopping  and getting dressed is quicker and easier

The big benefit of why you need to know your personal colors or why it matters. Well , if you know what color matches you the most then you don’t have to try every cloth on and when you have to leave home early someday, you don’t have to waste your time to try on what you’re gonna wear today and if it’s gonna match or not.

  • Save money and time

Again, you don’t have to try on every dress so you don’t have to waste your time on it, you can have more time to do something else and it can save more money because when you know how to choose clothes you will actually wear, you wont need to buy so many items to luck into a few work.

  • Declutter your wardrobe

Do you buy clothes that you wear once or twice and then simply clutter up your wardrobe? Most people wear it only a few times. Do you ever pick up an item from your wardrobe then just feel uncomfortable about it, but you can not explain why? Well, it might be because you feel like the color does not fit you so you end up not wearing it. So buying a clothes that suit you the most by knowing your personal color can make your wardrobe have space and have more things to wear.

Type of personal color?

It depends on many factors including skin undertone, eye color and hair color. The science of this Personal Color divides skin into Warm Tone and Cool Tone, each tone is divided into 4 groups of season names according to the nature of the skin color. There will be different season names. 

  • Spring type : the skin color of this group of people will have a yellow tone, brown eyes. The overall look is bright and cheerful, suitable for warm colors, bright colors.

  • Autumn : people with yellow skin tone but the overall look is natural, mature, and suitable. This is for warm tones, dark tones and earth tones.

  • Summer : pink skin color, hazel or black eye color and the overall look will look gentle and cherish, suitable for cool colors, can be pastel style.

  • Winter : pinkish skin color, sleek personality, hidden coolness, suitable for cool colors that are intense and very fresh, this tone is really good on bright color.

How to check your personal color?

  Actually, personal color is a rather profound science and it requires experts with specific skills to analyze each other in detail individually, but we can easily check the initial identity color as well. Let’s start by finding the undertone of our skin tone with 3 methods.

  • Look at the color of the blood vessels on the wrist

If you have green veins – its mean you have warm skin tone

If you have purple veins – its mean you have cool skin tone

If you have both green and blue or purple veins – its mean you have medium skin tone

(compared to see which colors is more suitable for yourself)

  • Check the skin color after being exposed to the sun

If after exposed the sun then you got darker – its mean you have warm skin tone

If after exposed the sun then you got red – its mean you have cool skin tone

  • Color comparison of gold vs silver jewelry

Wear gold jewelry then you look bright – mean you have warm skin tone

Wear silver jewelry than you look bright – mean you have cool skin tone

Moreover, you can check your personal color by looking at your eyes and personality as well, but this is just some tips that can help you check it by yourself. If you want to know what exactly your skin tone is you can go check with a professional.

  • Eye color

Eye color with light brown tone – means you are Spring

A group with dark brown eyes – means you are Autumn

Group with reddish or dark eyes – means you are Summer

With dark eyes – means you are Winter

  • Personality 

Look Bright and cheerful – means Spring

Look Discreet and mature – means Autumn

Look Cute and cherished – means Summer

Look Self confident, cool or clam – means Winter

To conclusion, personal color isn’t really about transforming you, although it can feel like that. It’s about revealing what you actually look like and it’s a part that will make your life easy in the way of mixing and matching your clothes and cosmetics so you don’t have to waste your time on trying each day because you already know what color suits you the most, this can make you feel more confident as well. However, you can wear your favorite color. You don’t have to change the style just because your favorite color isn’t the same as your personal color test. Everyone is perfect just the way they are, don’t let anyone tell you how to style or dress.

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