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Nowadays, we are living in social media era. In this era, there are many applications that have been created. and one application that is very popular is called Instagram. Instagram is a great application to store memories for users because it allows users to post photos or videos to their personal accounts. And other people can view that photo or video as well. Instagram can be broadcast live. Can talk to others via direct message and besides we use Instagram to share stories in our lives. We can also use Instagram to build a career and earn money !

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Before earning Must have followers first !

So how do you get followers on Instagram?

Posting photos/videos on Instagram to express yourself and posting photos/videos that reflect your interests can gain more followers. Followers on Instagram can come from relatives, friends, co-workers. An acquaintance or other person who likes you and has similar interests as you. In addition, there are now other ways to increase followers, such as using money to buy followers or buying an account from people who have a lot of followers. It’s a quick way to get a lot of followers in a short period of time.

When you have a lot of followers, you can become an influencer. 

What is an influencer?

An influencer is a group of influential people in social media. Influencers create and distribute content on online platforms. Nowadays, instagram has created many new influencers. And ordinary people, anyone can become an influencer if they have a certain number of followers. There are different levels of influencers. For example, the types of influencers are as follows: 

  • Nano Influencer (1000-10000 followers)
  • Micro Influencer (10,000-100,000 followers)
  • Macro Influencer (100,000-1,000,000 followers)
  • Mega Influencer (1,000,000+ Followers)

Once you have a certain number of followers you can become an influencer. There might be people who are interested in you. which may be representatives of various brands come to contact and hire you. Hiring from them will give you a career and income, for example by hiring you to review products or take pictures of their products. The price rate per post depends on the agreement with the brand. And nowadays, there are many students and collegians who are interested in getting a product review job on Instagram. It is to make money for them at a young age and gain work experience as well. 

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Including singers, actors, hosts, athletes, celebrities or famous people. These famous people tend to have a large following on Instagram. Therefore, they can earn huge amounts of money from taking photos with the products and posting them on their personal Instagram account. For example a famous person with the most expensive Instagram post wages, No. 1 is Cristiano Ronaldo (football player), earning 82.5 million baht/post, while number 2 is Lionel Messi. (football player) earning around 62 million baht/post.

Can Hiring Influencers Really Increase Sales?

Hiring influencers to review products helps boost sales because if it’s a famous brand and has a lot of budget. Will be able to hire very famous people to help promote the product. and because the hired person has a lot of followers Will make people see a lot of brand’s products, plus the personal preferences of followers will make the followers of that artist feel like buying products according to their favorite artists. 

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In the present, There are many brand stores that have turned to sell using the instagram platform to build their brand image. Whether it’s clothing brands, restaurants, dessert shop, cafe, jewelry brands. or a shop for pre-ordering products from abroad. The store will take photos of their products with captions explaining the products and prices or promotions to invite people to buy their goods. Or some stores may hire influencers to take photos with their products to promote the store. to make their products and brands more well-known.

Selling products on instagram is very popular and successful. Until there are many institutions that offer courses about instagram marketing. especially during the COVID situation causing shops to turn to use online channels to do more business Because it can reach people more easily and can be widely accessed, the product can reach people in every province. During the epidemic situation, online trading has become more popular. And 1 of the platforms that can be used to do business online is Instagram. Because Instagram has a variety of features that are very suitable for online trading such as Posting pictures, each shop has a different style of design and placement of pictures. It depends on the preferences and suitability of the store and products. Posting a story on ig to promote products on a daily basis And posting various promotions by ig stories will only last 24 hours when the day number matches the month number, such as 1.1 (January 1), 5.5 (May 5). ) 11.11 (November 11), each store often holds special promotions, product discounts, to attract customers to buy their products. The shop often likes to post discount codes in their IG stories to attract the attention of customers. or will it be live Having a broadcasting live feature on Instagram will allow each store to talk to customers in real time and customers will be able to see the product overview more clearly. And there are many customers who like to buy products through broadcasting live because they like to talk directly to the shop owner.

In addition, Instagram also has features that help to promote businesses such as Instagram ads that allow us to promote products and advertise products on instagram. And Instagram also has an Instagram Shopping feature to open a store. Let customers be able to buy things by themselves on instagram as well.

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Instagram is constantly adapting to the situation.

Instagram is a modern and up to date platform. Now Instagram has a new feature called ‘reels’ to compete with tiktok. Reels are a feature for posting videos. It will not exceed 60 seconds. Voice and text can be added to the video.

For online stores on Instagram, reels can be used to boost sales. making video reels about their products interesting It can attract the attention of online shoppers to come and see the products in the store. and that reels can be shared. thus making the product even more well-known.

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In addition to online businesses that benefit from Instagram There are many other careers that can benefit from instagram. For example, photographers, models or actors because these careers can use instagram as a tool to update their work and promote their work. And by using the Instagram platform, people from all over the world can view their work.

Instagram has shown that they never stop evolving and adapting to user behavior. Instagram has many features that we can try according to our tastes and abilities. This shows the many advantages of using Instagram to build a career. and can therefore be summarized as follows: 

Benefits of Using Instagram to Build a Career

  • Posting pictures will allow people to clearly see our image or brand.
  • Able to quickly update information that needs to be published.
  • Can communicate with each other easily.
  • Showing number of likes will allow us to know the total engagement.
  • There are a variety of features for us to use as appropriate, whether it is broadcasting live, reels  and post.
  • Reach a wide range of people
  • There are new functions developed and updated all the time.
  • Easy access to use just having internet
  • Multiple accounts can be created.

As for the disadvantages of using instagram to build a career as follows:

  • It may be easy to imitate the product. Especially products with a lot of engagement can often imitated
  • May be hacked to steal information
  • Work ideas can be stolen such as images, videos or text.
  • System Failure
  • If there is no internet signal, it cannot be accessed.
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What if one day Instagram disappears? What will be the consequences?

If Instagram disappeared, it would affect many lives. The income of one group will disappear. The damage to the business is enormous. If brands use Instagram as their primary sales channel, they could be in big trouble. The solution is to find a new application that can replace Instagram. And there should be other ways to make a career just in case.


Using Instagram to make a career in it is another interesting and popular option today. Because we are living in the social media era that is characterized by speed, widespread ubiquity and can reach from all over the world. Social media has become an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Social media can influence our lives. And Instagram is one of the most recognized and popular social media. Plus, Instagram is a free application. There is no charge for signing up for an account. But if you use Instagram in your career and can benefit yourself, the consequences will be worth a lot.

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