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Nowadays, it’s normal to see people condemning each other in the media. Many new media have emerged as a result of advancements in communication and technology. During the COVID-19 epidemic, transferring thoughts or information without needing to see faces happened all the time and more clearly than ever before, and while it’s a double-edged sword, ‘simple’ and ‘convenient’ doesn’t sound like a negative thing, does it? What? However, it develops a habit of causing people to harm each other through communication. as a result of the fact that different people have nothing to lose Only those who had been abused had died. As can be observed, this is a well-known individual. Or someone who is publicly humiliated, chastised, or chastised by society without knowing the full situation despite knowing only a tiny bit of knowledge, and their insults were so severe that the victim may become sad and even commit suicide.

So, why do people continue to be rude and ignorant? have a bad experience It’s been spotted practically every day for a while now. What exactly are you reading? Isn’t it perplexing? We scold other people even if we don’t appreciate being scolded. Having a desire to accept nice things while delivering harmful ones. I don’t want to be a giver, but I do want to be a recipient. It is clear from the foregoing that it is the polar opposite. I desire nice things yet offer them to others. I went through all of the messages and postings. It turns out that we don’t meet each other every day due to numerous social media platforms.Regardless of the facts, exchanging ideas with the other side in order for them to understand When I encounter entries with opposing perspectives, I’ll draw on my own experience. Whatever we type, we can’t deny that what we’re thinking is that those who perceive things differently than us are wrong and that we’re right. The human psyche appears to desire to be superior to others. Yes, it was that way, clearly in a jealous rage. Otherwise you may be resentful of someone close to you who strives for a better life. 

I was interested, so I typed in the phrase “studying human behavior” into Google. 

As a result, the conduct was classified into two categories. 

1. The behavior that a person expresses is known as overt behavior or outward behavior (Overt Behavior). Walking, laughing, conversing, and other actions that draw others’ attention. 

2. Covert behavior, also known as internal behavior, is the behavior that a person has already demonstrated. Others, though, are blind to it. Until the person tells or expresses something for others to see, such as thoughts, emotions, or perceptions, it is directly visible. 

Any action through the media is clearly veiled conduct or internal behavior, as may be seen. Furthermore, human activity can amass a variety of viewpoints. It’s possible to divide it into three categories. 

1. Human behavior is driven by human beings.

2. Human behavior is driven by environmental forces.

3. Human behavior arises from both internal and environmental forces.

Albert Bandura (Aibert Bandura), a well-known psychologist today, has emphasized the role of physical and environmental variables in determining the cause of behavior. He explained that human conduct is complicated. The factors within a person and the environment have an impact on each other. Individual aspects must have a harmonic relationship with one another, which means that the environment may have a larger influence in behavior than the person’s internal components at times. At other times, intrinsic human components may have a greater impact on human behavior than the surroundings. These connections can be shown to be interdependent.

Abraham Maslow (Abrahum Maslow) is a psychologist who belongs to the humanist (Humanism) school of thought. believe in yourself Humans are not simply subject to basic instincts like hunger and thirst. Humans, on the other hand, are born with a variety of human potentials, such as curiosity and creativity. as well as the desire to reach one’s full potential Maslow emphasized the importance of each person’s needs. In the process of realizing his potential, he discovered that humans are born with five basic wants, which are listed below in descending order of importance:

1. Physiological needs, or physiological needs, which are the primary needs.

2. Welfare needs or all safety It occurs when the physiological needs are met.

3. The need for love It is a need that arises from the relationship between people in different ways, such as parents and children, husband and wife, friend and friend, etc. Every human action is influenced by the environment and society in which they live. All of these demonstrate the diversity of social distinctions. So-called media can bring individuals from all walks of life together to see each other’s lives. Because owning a cell phone, computer, or other gadget allows you to access media. You do not require a large sum of money or any other variables. These things constantly bring out the differences in us. And there isn’t a way out. Every society has both positive and negative aspects.

4. The importance of self-esteem It’s the stage that everyone wants to be a part of. self-esteem and contentment 

5. The need to maximize one’s abilities It is the most basic human requirement. Because humans are capable of meeting the stomach’s, safety, love, and dignity demands. As a result, they strive to maximize their own potential for growth. Human folks want to study because they genuinely want to learn, or because they love it. 

Physiological needs are also the most basic human wants, according to Maslow’s theories in organizing human needs. There will be a significant demand for more and more once the current need has been addressed.

Aggression is a basic characteristic found in nearly all living organisms. to compete for resources, manage territory, match up with other players, and defend against enemies The more active the self-inhibition mechanisms are, the more effective they are. 

A cat, for example, may scratch something by unintentionally. However, the damage is minor. While a tiger’s paws and fangs can cause a lot of damage, they are used for a specific purpose. and will come to a halt if the opponent gives a surrender signal. (Aside from hunting for food, we rarely see animals battle to the death.) 

In comparison to an automobile, The faster you go, the better your performance is. Only the brake system needs to be improved in terms of efficiency. 

Humans, on the other hand, are unique animals. Humans lack large fangs.

When humans are unarmed, there are no sharp claws, thorns, or poison. Human aggression suppression was not well established, yet humans were capable of inventing extra-corporeal weapons for themselves. Human people have evolved into creatures who have no limitations in their aggression, whether it’s with rocks, spears, swords, weapons, or grenades. when elicited Humans have the ability to be extremely aggressive. and causing life-threatening injury with human-made tools 

Moreover Human hostility can also take the shape of screaming that aren’t audible. or an opponent’s surrender signal (e.g. hire, remote hitting of a grenade), in which case the suppressor/brake isn’t activated. As a result, humans find it easier to damage others.

Let’s take a look at the pros of some insults, Rama. In today’s Thailand, swearing through hashtags on social media almost stimulates the work of every organization. Twitter is perhaps the most obvious example. Trends will always be present. Because people curse each other through the media, the mainstream media pays attention to what society is interested in in order to keep people engaged in their own news. There are numerous advantages to adopting the majority’s views in society. We have to chastise each other almost every week, if not every day, unfortunately.Consider the case of Doctor, who was struck by a car while crossing a street in a crosswalk. People are debating the significance of the maw pattern on the road driving law. If you break the law, you will be punished. Or consider the instance of Tangmo, who has fallen into a boat and has numerous clues that are now inconclusive. because the parties involved in the lawsuit have varying levels of social power These individuals are well-known and in a strong position to take advantage of legal gaps.Even after death, there are still examples of child maltreatment. Many cases have been brought to the attention of the media. Surprisingly, insults can be used to motivate others. Because ‘What is intriguing’ is valued more than anything else in Thailand. This is exploited by some. However, if people curse each other without selecting a source, they are more likely to believe in fake news. It has a devastating impact on the victim, potentially jeopardizing their job and, most seriously, the victim who chooses to commit suicide.

It might be concluded that media scolding shows the truth about human nature. Because in a world where people must interact face to face, you must pretend to see the positive side of yourself, mostly because if you display the negative side, it may have an impact on your social life. No one affects your daily life when you enter the realm of media. You’ll reveal your actual nature. But, if you’re aware of it and don’t want it, you should be able to refrain from insulting others in order to persuade them to share your viewpoint.It’s quite simple. When compared to the difficulties that people face, such as depression treatment, If you consider the tiny effects before doing something, the wounds you will inflict on someone may not be formed. We always have the option of choosing what to do in every action. Before you scold someone, think twice.

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