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Social media?

     In today’s society, technology plays quite an important role in a human’s life. One of the significant ones is social media. It is the websites and software programs that let users create, share, and engage in social networking. It also connects people to each other through online platforms in real time. In addition, social media can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, they can communicate with one another, share information, and express themselves. Moreover, people can interact with one another regardless of distance through social media platforms like Line, Instagram, Facebook, and others; all that is needed is an internet connection. Also, it has developed into a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses and organizations reach out to and interact with their target markets. However, using social media has also brought up issues with security, privacy, and the dissemination of false information.

     Despite the fact that social media has many benefits, it also has drawbacks for users and society: physical problems, mental problems, and also fake news. As a result, it would be better if people were cautious and aware of any potential drawbacks when using social media platforms.

The role of social media

     Communication serves as the primary function of social media because the platforms were developed to make it easier for people to connect with one another. Moreover, it is easier for people to converse and have discussions about a variety of issues, which helps ideas spread. In addition, social media platforms provide a range of communication tools, such as group chats, video calls, and messaging, making it simpler for users to communicate with one another no matter where they are physically located. 

The essential role of social media is not just for communication; it also includes interaction with others. They can share and exchange ideas, content, and information in the online community. Also, social media helps friends and family keep in touch and build stronger relationships. Additionally, people can express themselves and share their thoughts with others using social media in a way that reflects their interests and personalities, which may lead to a chance encounter with someone who has the same difficulties. For example, those who might be going through a difficult moment can benefit emotionally from social networking. Furthermore, social networking is a popular way for individuals to relax and have fun. For example, videos, music, games, and memes are just a few of the entertainment options available on social networking sites. Social media can also be a helpful research tool for academics, businesspeople, and even students because it allows users to learn more about their study topics, interact with subject matter experts, and participate in discussions about those topics. Additionally, many people use social media as their main source of news and information. They use this platform to follow their favorite publications, keep up with current affairs, and learn more about subjects that interest them.

     Thus, it is very important to have social media in people’s lives. If one day there is no social media, it may be hard for everyone and can cause problems for the users because now we are used to it.

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The statistics of why are people using social media

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     This bar graph shows the top uses of social media in 2023. The data was presented in percentages. Also, it has separated the purpose of using social media into 10 purposes, as shown. Furthermore, this data was from DataReportal. Overall, the result shows that the key purpose of using social media is to keep in touch with friends and family, as up to 47.1 percent of internet users have stated. On the contrary, people using social media to make new contacts have the lowest percentage at 23 percent.

Other purposes

     Besides the role of social media that is shown in the diagram, there are others that people still use.

  1. Using social media in doing business

     Social media can also help in doing business; it can reach and engage with customers, develop their brand, and advertise their goods or services. Here are some ways that social media can help businesses:

1.1 Social media platforms give businesses the opportunity to connect with a larger audience and raise their profile. By creating engaging content and interacting with their followers, businesses can increase their visibility and build a loyal customer base.

1.2 Social media gives businesses a simple way to interact with their customers and address their questions and issues in real-time. increased client loyalty and satisfaction.

1.3 Social media platforms include smart marketing tools that let companies connect with customers who share certain interests, behaviors, and demographics. By doing this, companies may be able to attract their target clients and boost their return on investment.

These are some examples of how social media plays a role in doing business. It may also be advantageous for businesses to use social media to market their products, connect with customers, and build brands. It provides a targeted, inexpensive way of expanding your audience and increasing brand awareness.

  1. Using social media for education

Social media may be an effective educational tool, providing chances for interaction, communication, and learning. Nonetheless, it’s essential to use social media sensibly and to safeguard students’ safety and privacy. These are some of the roles of social media in education.

2.1 Access to a wide range of educational opportunities and resources, such as online classes, lectures, and educational videos, is made possible through social media.

2.2 Social media can help educators succeed by giving them the chance to connect with colleagues, share knowledge, and keep update on learning content

2.3 Schools can use social media to interact with parents and inform them of crucial information, including school activities, student achievement, and other developments.

The negative impact of using social media

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     Even though people use social media for many purposes, it still has positive and negative impacts that affect both individuals and society. Therefore, these are the negative impacts that people should be aware of.

     The first is that social media can spread false information and fake news, which can cause misunderstandings and confusion regarding crucial problems. Secondly, sometimes using social media has been linked to mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. This frequently results from social comparison and high expectations brought on by well-selected photos and stories published on social media. Thirdly, social media can become addictive, causing users to use it too much and neglect other responsibilities. For example, when they are at school, sometimes they may play on social media—chatting with their friends, posting pictures, or playing an Instagram story game—instead of using social media for learning or searching for useful information.

     Therefore, people should use social media with awareness of these negative impacts because there can be major negative impacts resulting from this behavior.

The consequence of not using social media

These days, people use social media on a regular basis, so it has become a part of people’s lives, which is important and may be indispensable. So, what will happen if people do not use social media? Is there any consequence? Or is it harder for people who do not use social media? And how does the importance of using social media affect its users?

  1. People may be restricted from social connection because previously, they connect with friends and family via social media, regardless of where they are. Maintaining these relationships and staying in touch with individuals could be more challenging if people don’t use social media.
  1. For business purposes, the networking opportunities that are limited by not using social media may make it more difficult to advance professionally.
  1. Not using social media may limit people’s capacity to express their ideas, views, and experiences with others, which may lead to suppression or more severely to depression.
  1. It could be more difficult to stay up to date to receive information on an important topics and trends if you don’t use it. However, even though people use the traditional way instead, it still takes a long time to receive and understand what the news is about. 
  1. Not using social media may be viewed as strange or even suspect in some social circles or professions and it may lead to get less opportunities for networking and establishing connections.

     These are some side effects of not using social media. People can decide whether they want to use it or not. Even though there may be disadvantages to not using social media, there are also advantages. Therefore, it’s crucial to weigh these advantages against any potential disadvantages, take into account special circumstances, and come to a decision.

In your opinion, do you think social media have more positive or negative impact?

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The shift in communication style

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     After people develop an interest in using social media, they see many functions and benefits from using it, so in these days and in the future, social media may slightly replace traditional communication because it is easier to use and has many benefits. Therefore, it may raise the question: why do people these days use social media over traditional communication?

     As time passes, the mode of communication evolves, shifting from traditional to modern. As social media is one of the most modern forms of communication, it uses digital technology to connect with each other: smartphones, email, social platforms, and others. As a result, it has replaced the traditional one by using internet-based platforms that allow people to communicate and share information electronically instead of writing and sending the letter to the recipient. Modern communication is quite popular because it does not take several days to receive and because it provides real-time feedback that allows users to give and receive in just a few seconds. Thus, there are many reasons why people are choosing social media over traditional ones.

  1. Social media platforms are typically free to use, in contrast to more traditional forms of communication like letters or phone calls, which may cost at a high price.
  1. Social media has a wide audience and may link people from all over the world, but traditional communication channels are frequently limited by proximity between individuals.
  1. Social media makes communication more interactive and engaging than traditional methods due to its user-generated content, polls, and quizzes.

     Therefore, after social media played a role in people’s lives, people turned to using this kind of communication because it had many options and had many more benefits over the traditional one.


     Our everyday lives are significantly impacted by social media since it gives us a way to communicate with others, share opinions, and keep up with the most recent events and trends. It also became an essential tool for community building, marketing, activism, entertainment, and others. 

     Using social media has both positive and negative impacts on its users, whether physical or mental ones. So, it would be better if they were using social media responsibly and were aware of its potential drawbacks. Furthermore, social media should be used for its appropriate purposes, as otherwise, the drawbacks may outweigh the benefits. However, using social media should examine and raise concerns about security, privacy, and the spread of false information.

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