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We have many entertaining things to do as a hobby but the most famous hobby that many children or adults do is playing a Game. No matter who you are, you must have played the game. It could be a mobile phone game, pc game, or console. But how long do you play one game? 1 year, 1 month, or 1 day? Many games can be very popular and in trend for 1 to 2 years, but if it is an online game, it may last up to 5 years. Many game companies try to make updates and DLC (downloadable content or it means the extended content customers can buy or not which is depends on customers) for the game to extend the game life as long as possible. Investing to create one game is expensive because it has to start with writing new code, making a whole new story, or making a game engine. Therefore, when releasing a game, the companies want that game to stay in the trend for the long run. This means if that game is more in trend, more money income for the companies.

Comparison of different versions of GTA V

For example, GTA V. I think you guys at least would have heard of this game, it is a game that role plays and can do whatever you want. This game is over 9 years old; it has been through 3 generations of consoles (PS3 to PS5) and the game is still being sold. People are playing this game because of updating the content and making the online mode. They have many factors to make the game be in trend for a long time such as most Steamer stream GTA V so that the follower will also play GTA V another factor is the past reputation because GTA V is the main fifth of this series, so they have a fan base. And now! Below, we are going to analyze the factor that makes some games can be in trend for the long run.


The last of us remastered

Remaster games are the thing that keeps old games still surviving. The easiest way to explain what a remaster is; is that the remastered version is a revamped version of the previous original old game. Although adding new content to a video game remaster is not mandatory, the modified version may occasionally receive additional game content if the developer wants to make it stand out from the rest of the remastered games. Additionally, video game remasters usually refer to classic video games with repainted graphics and game mechanics. Additionally, the game mechanics are usually optimized for the current generation of platforms for which the classic remaster is being launched. To give you some examples, remastered games like “The Last of Us Remastered”, “Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves” are great examples of older video games getting better and polished graphics for newer consoles.

The last of us remastered
Uncharted remastered

 A remaster is a digital makeover of an older video game, with improved environment design and improved character design, while allowing players to experience the games on new platforms. Over the past few decades, some amazing games have been released and have stayed with us to this day. And some games like Halo 1/2, Call of Duty 4, Final Fantasy, Gears of War, etc. received a full re-release of the game that improved graphics and sound. Do not get us wrong, these games were awesome, and it must be a real pleasure to play them in a modern full tech style. But we see some of these releases have been abused recently like Halo Wars, South Park, Batman: Back to Arkham. These games were released no less than 8 years ago so we do not fully believe they needed to remaster them but more for earning extra income without having to bring anything new to the table. Sure, those games were good, but they deserve a remaster, not to mention they get much less recognizable improvements to the graphics because they’re not that old. Remastered titles are a convenient way to get hours of playable gameplay. Developers can quickly update old games, sell them for a quick profit, and reinvest in new games. A successful remastered classic could be what will fund the next new hit. Remastering is known to improve poor recording quality. Thus, record companies discovered it was a means by which loyal fans could once again purchase their favorite albums. Most works are remastered to follow the latest audio formats. By releasing remasters, developers can deliver titles to market with limited time and effort on their part, filling the company’s development budget and allowing them to complete the new titles we all want.

Call of duty 4: original vs remaster graphics


In some games, especially sports games, the developers are always trying to develop and figure out what makes the players feel like they are spectators on the pitch such as FIFA, NFL, and NBA. The games that we mentioned are indeed year-to-year games and players need to purchase new games every year to receive game updates, but who would believe that having to buy a new game every year does not reduce the fan base at all but will increase it. So why does having to buy a new game still increase the customer base? The first reason is every year the developers always add new modes and technology to meet the needs of as many players as possible. To illustrate, the NBA has multiple modes to play. If players want to build the ultimate team, they can do so by entering the Ultimate team mode. If they are bored of playing ultimate team mode and want to be a coach or want to be a player on a team, they can also do it by playing in career mode. From the above, you will see that in one game. It is versatile and can cater to the needs of players comprehensively.

NBA 2k22 career mode

Another point is trying to create a realistic feel for the players as much as possible in every chapter. For example, goal-line technology has only made its way into football in recent years but EA (Electronic Arts), the developer of FIFA Games, has adapted this technology into their game. Another example that will show you how game developers are trying to create realism for players is the use of Next-Gen technology like Hypermotion in the game this technology was just introduced into FIFA22 for the first time, and it made people interested in this game again. It is an overhaul of the game’s movement animations to make it look like you are watching football on the pitch. With all of that said, it is always trying to add new features and technologies to keep its games on trend for the long run.

Hypermotion Technology was first introduced in FIFA 22


What is E-sports? E-sports is shortened from electronic sports which used video games as a tool for competition. In E-sports, there are rules to follow just like in any sport to make it fair for competitors. There are both teams and individual competitions according to the genre of the game. E-sports could be used as a tool to advertise their game to people since there are tournaments that could be watched by anyone such as how Counter-strike, Valorant, or Dota2 are used to promote their game. For Counter-strike and Dota2, both games had been made for around 10 years, but the fame and reputation are still great to this day with the help of E-sports of how grand and epic the tournaments were for those games that still caught people’s attention to this day. The tournament has been arranged throughout the year and the grand tournaments that have an exceedingly large sum of money as a reward are arranged annually to gather interest to maintain popularity. For instance, TI Dota 2 tournament has a prize pool of around 40.02 million dollars.

Valorant E-sport Lan tournament

For Valorant, it used E-sport as a tool to promote their game even before the game had been finished and said in the trailer that “VALORANT” is a free-to-play 5v5, character-based tactical shooter. The game operates on an economy-round, objective-based, first-to-13 competitive format where you select a unique agent to play for the entirety of the match.”. This quote gathers people’s attention due to how it would turn out to be a competitive game and it turns out that this game has a large number of players playing since launch and the number keeps getting larger and larger after the first tournament. All of the success that these tournaments gave those game companies is the reason that keeps them arranging tournaments frequently to this day.


The main achievement of a game company these days is to make your game stay in trend for the long run and increase the company income. All of these methods are important factors that can keep the players in the games and make your games on top. Whether it is the remaster that caught the loyal players’ attention, the in-game variety which has many game modes to the player is not bored, adding more realistic technologies to make the players feel like they are inside that situation, or even making it an E-sport game that can make the player keep on practicing and playing the game till the next competition and make it become their job to make money. As we mentioned above, you can test the game, if we are telling the truth. Testing remasters games that are still interesting after the remaster, you can try it out on the Last of us remastered. You can try FIFA 22 to experience the hyper motion technology that can make you feel like you are inside the game on the pitch and try out the other modes that will never make you tired of this game. Moreover, you can try an E-sport game such as Dota 2 or Valorant that may give you a new opportunity to make it become your future occupation and your life goal. It can make you play your favorite game along with earning money and a reputation at the same time.


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