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There are actually many pop songs that many people talk about. Let’s see !

Pop songs are one of the most popular genres and gain a lot of attention around the world. However, it has been criticized about “what are the differences between K-pop J-pop, AND T-pop?” And “how can we describe these three types of pop songs?” You will find out in this presentation.

What is Pop music ?

Pop music originated in mid 20th century England, taking compositions from different genres of popular music of the time. In this sense, it is a mix type from elements of Rock-N-Roll, Dance, Gospel, Soul, Folk, as well as more current genres of African American music such as Rap or Hiphop. However, Pop songs have been influenced to Asian zone especially, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. 


Let’s start with J-pop. J-pop or Japanese Pop is a musical genre that entered Japan’s music industry in mid-twentieth century and hit Japan’s mainstream music in the 1990s and today it has millions of fans around the world. It is a form of popular music influenced by Western jazz and blues.

The things that make J-pop different from the other is that J-pop still sounds closer to Japanese musical tropes and J-Pop is more obscure, with unusual key changes and high-pitched vocals. As a result, Japanese band groups are still trendy in Japan. Moreover, the image of J-Pop idol groups is more cute than K-pop or T-pop. They look sweet and pure, remember the cuteness is the key point! 

The Song of JO1


Let’s talk about K-pop which is from South Korea and is very popular around the world. K-pop originated in the mid-twentieth century, like J-pop, and became trendy K-pop music like we are listening nowadays since 1990. It has been influenced by American pop music culture and put the rap line inside the song to differentiate. 

K-pop Idol groups are very popular and hit mainstream music in several countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and lately, The United States. There are many groups and solo artists such as Blackpink, Seventeen, Bigbang, Treasure and BTS that become WELL-KNOWN artists with their unique type of song and their choreography.

The Song of Seventeen

The K-pop choreography hits differently and makes K-pop go worldwide. They also put some English words in the lyrics or sometimes write the rapping in English and that is the perfect marketing in the music industry. Moreover, the image of K-pop Idols is totally different to J-pop and T-pop since they are edgier and cooler, with a bigger emphasis on sex appeal. 


Lastly, T-POP or Thai Pop is being known as string music before it was known as T-pop as nowadays. T-pop dominated the Thai music industry in 1990, as did K-pop and J-pop, and was trendy among young adults who love modern Western sounds over traditional Thai music. The origins of Thai string music lie in American R&B, surf-rock artists and has been developed to T-pop later.

T-pop is a song that mainly uses Thai language. It is easy-listening, neither too slow nor too fast. The lyrics of T-pop songs are basically written based on people’s feelings and are true-story such  as heartbreak, love, being alone and missing someone. 

The Song of PiXXiE

The Thai Pop era started with popular singers like Bird Thongchai, Mai Chroenpura and Marsha. And today, Thai Artists are gaining more attention from abroad since the T-pop songs are using more English words and kinda absorb a lot of K-pop and J-pop into the Thai music industry. Lately, T-pop idols started to have choreography for their songs to gain more attention around the world such as 4eve, Trinity and BNK48 which is a good start. 

Here’s all Three Pop music in Asia, hope this blog makes you know more about J-pop, K-pop and T-pop. Enjoy!

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