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(Personally), I believe that in today’s society, it is driven by many factors. One of the factors that influence our society the most is the media. Talking about the word “media”, media is the definition of action that people created to convey entertainment, news, and reality events to their viewers to enjoy. Actually, there are too many forms of media we might have seen in our ordinary life without being aware of it. To give an illustration, news, documentary, movies, reality shows, game shows, talk shows, comedy and another variety of it is contained in the word “media”. Some are necessary and useful such as news and documentaries which is necessary to an educational programs, but do not forget that there are always a drawbacks. In this point I would like to describe about fake news and online rumors. I believe that everyone would have seen it at least more than 2 times a day. Alright, don’t waste our time. Let’s go straight to our points. I will explain further to you.

 the media that you are consuming and start making informed decisions about what really is fake news and what is the truth. This is why it is matters. So, what I’m going to mention below is how you can get started today. First, as you are already known that media literacy is the ability to process your thinking to be critically about what you are seeing, reading and hearing. It extremely helps us to analyze the data and information that come from a various ways. Together with so many types of sources of information we’re receiving everyday, critical thinking skills can efficiently assist people to identify reliable sources and filter through the noise to reach at the truth. So, let’s begin with imagine as I’m going to say. You are walking on the street where is surrounded with buildings and traffic, this should be your normal boring day. But, when you starting to reduce your own stress by clicking into Facebook you are suddenly see a news about your favorite celebrities then at the mean time you figure out that it’s not true. It means that you have a critical thinking skills to analyze in order to reach to the fact of those events or situations

Importance of media literacy 

     So far as we know, media literacy is essential because it helps people to understand the message that are being communicated to them. Along with a variety sources of information in the present, it created a shortcut for media literacy to help people to identify reliable sources and filters it through all of those annoying noise more easily. Moreover, with its fascinating advantages it also help people to recognize biases in the media and how they  might actually affect in those events or issues. If you’re not fully understand yet I will give you more examples to be more clear. If one of your family members has received some strange message whether from messages or email, and he or she decides to reply or event does everything exactly as mentioned in those messages. Then a few hours later he or she found out that it was a fake propagate that has been sent by a swindler, but it’s too late. Your family have just loose a bunch of cash by the mistake. This is why media literacy is important because it’s not just for analyze news or rumors for use in learning or discussing and exchanging information only, but also to give everyone the knowledge and ability to recognize by themselves. In order to enhance their immunity to protect themselves from the silent threat that lurk in our daily life in the form of media.

Media literacy as an educational tool for everyone 

It is no great surprise that media literacy can also be used to learn something new. Neither not just for analyses, but for education also. To give an illustration on this topic, it can be used to learn about something new, something strange and unpredictable such as new ideas, cultures, and a lot more perspectives that may not have been noticed or considered previously. Moreover, you better realize that to be able to live in this period of time you must have the most important thing which could be compared as your own self protection weapon that is “knowledge”. It turned out that understanding media may actually help you do better at school or work in every kind of situations, whether it is comfortable or stressful.To ad to it, media literacy also helps people to be able to easily decide what they really want and willing to learn more about. To fully fulfill the missing parts of your curiosity.

Advantages and disadvantages of the media literacy 

According to every topics I have already mentioned above, I would like to release some stress out of our blog. So, let’s talk about something simply and easy to understand. We all know that everything always be a double edge sword right? Nothing is always black or white same as media literacy. Now don’t waste our valuable time. 

Let’s begin with….

Advantages: (Personally), I believe that mass media literacy has contained a lot of advantages in itself. For example,

  • It helps to increase people and population’s mindset and knowledge to reach at the satisfying level.
  • It could be used in a variety way such as business or education.
  • It helps to decrease an online criminal and threat.
  • Etc.

Drawbacks: Same as the advantages, this topic also has so many disadvantages as well.

  • It requires a lot of times to begin the process (To teach everyone to learn and use this roles).
  • There’s some people who still blind (the people who don’t accept the new knowledge), and block themselves with the old fashion notion.
  • Some people are ignore what make it hard to run the process.

Small wonder that our society isn’t progress as it should be which is difficult to bring peace and prosperity to the society. If there’s no one cooperates, there is no way for it to become true.

Taking charge

In my point of view, it’s better for us if we will create some changes for our future. For example, we can use the media we consume to prepare and inform ourselves about what is going to happen in our world. 

In conclusion 

Mass media literacy is an ability that is so important and it has been one of a part of the curriculum for decades or even century. Do not underestimate today’s world changing and situations. Everything can suddenly turn out in the worst side of coin without noticing and warning. So that is not only allow every people to analyze media in their lives and social communities, but more importantly it is also prepares them to be able to ready along with a fully potential for their future colleges or careers. Whether it sounds difficult and complicate, but if it can change our becoming future in the way it should be for all of us, it is worth to try. If we are obsessing with a hesitation, our new life wouldn’t become real soon. The strongest and greatest willing always bring the best result, I said.

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