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Hello there, today I’m going to discuss about make-up. And I believe that when men hear about makeup, they lose interest because they may find it boring. So, I believe that this topic will make you more tolerant of women or open-minded about make-up, and that you will feel bold enough to wear make-up in front of any judge. because make-up is a means of self-expression Makeup isn’t just for the ladies. It is intended for everyone. Anything that has altered as a result of global trends lacks a gender. It’s a kind of self-expression. It’s a type of communication. Besides, cosmetics could reduce any blemishes or correct the dark spots or flawless appearances causing of self confidence in front of public and the camera and light on TV program can detect the dark spot easily that why we found people on television program using make up while broadcasting. Moreover, make up can make people look fresh bright so, it can impact to the mood of audience when they watch on TV. 

Let’s begin by understanding what cosmetics may or will do to you. Individuals can use make-up to show their artistic side and create beautiful or flawless appearances. There are many products and different brands that make people fall in love with the beauty of make up. It has become a passion and a work of art.  The most common products include foundation, face powder, concealer, blush, and mascara. These products have there own purpose such foundation, usually in the form of a skin colored liquid that matches your skin tone and cover any imperfections or blemishes. Face powder, is mostly put after any liquid product it also reduces shine and blemishes. Concealer use for correcting the dark under the eyes. Blush has a many formula such as cream blush ,which is water resistant and get more natural look, power blush, which is originally form of blush suitable for the oily skin because it can control the oil and set the skin to be matte, water fresh tint which is a newest and popular in the world because Chanel launch a new formula of blush in a form of water with a little pigment color user have to blend between water and pigment before apply to the skin. Mascara make for the lash longer and have a volume. Cushion and pressed powder the difference between 2 thing is the purpose and the formula the pressed power we usually use when we want to retouching and reduce oiliness from the skin but cushion we use for change or improve skin tone but we have a various formula which is soft matte satin matte dewy glow, etc.lip was separated by formula as well as blush such as lip matte, shine, oil, satin, velvet. There is many different make up major brands that try to improve and create cosmetics such as MAC, Benefit, CHANEL, Urban Decay, Dior, lancome, YSL, lamer, Charlotte Tillbury, Fresh, RMS beauty, Terry, hourglass, anastasia, Becca, Huda beauty, rare beauty, cover fx, giorgio amani, fenty beauty, Kylie, and so on. 

Here’s the example of difference make up look on YouTube and they also used a different kind of product for marching to their skin type. Moreover, they has provided a tutorial for beginners such as Pony syndrome channel which is a Korean YouTube who try to spread a Korean tip of make up and explore a different style of Korean make up moreover, she has also created her own brand called Pony effect. On the contrary style of make up which is American- European style or in Thai we called this looks as สายฝ. There are many YouTube channel which try to create a American-European look such as Hung Vanngo, Charotte Tillbury Beauty which is a channel from the British make up artist who created a angel looks for the Victoria secret and be well known as a global brands which is celebrity from Hollywood trust and using. And it indicate that Make up is use all over the world for different practices and in different cultures such as a channel of MissDarcei who try to combine between African look but using Korean style of make up so, it’s quite interesting . So, Finally Make up should be an equipment to make people confident in front of public and have a space for express themselves 

Let’s find the skin tone for select the foundation that fit to your skin. The undertones was separate to 3 types which is Cool tone, Neutral tone, Warm tone. We can detect by the color of veins on the arms as the first picture below. Then find the shade of foundation by follow the undertones similar to the picture that I provided. The another tip for detecting the skin tone is a white shirt such as if your skin appears yellowish after wearing white shirt you have a warm skin tone or If your skin appears pink, rosy, or blueish-red, in white shirt then you have a cool skin tone or If your skin appears gray, your skin probably has an olive complexion with a neutral undertone. The shades of foundation mosly was separate to 3 shades which is Light shade found in northern European areas that saw regular snow or cloud cover did not require much melanin protection. Paler persons are often more sun sensitive and burn far more easily than those with darker skin. If you discover that this is your skin tone, you need be extra cautious with your UV protection. Medium shade usually found in Northern Asian and Southern European ancestry. This skin tone, sometimes known as “olive,” has a neutral, well-balanced beige look and will make picking the proper foundation shade much easier. If this is your skin tone, you probably tan well in the sun. Dark complexions are most common in areas of the world that get the greatest UV light, such as the Middle East, India, and Africa. As with people with medium skin, you are not immune to sun damage if you have this skin tone, and in fact, you are more prone to hyperpigmentation, so keep that sunscreen handy!

Vogue is the one channel on Youtube and other platforms such as magazine online that provided the make up tutorial by create a space for celebrity, idol, singers, etc to share tip of make up reveals products that they use or product on runway and skincare routine what they use, eat and how they take care themselves during the preparation of new album or the tip of Victoria secret model. Moreover, Vogue have updated trend of fashion in each year such as Pantone to 2022 or the new trend of make up such as a trend of the colorful eyes looks. Vogue has spread all over the world such as Vogue Thailand, Vogue Japan those nation of Vogue show about the differences of culture in different countries so, trend of make up will be different by rely on the influencer in those countries.Therefore, Vogue should respond to the public in each national or religion precisely . In my opinion, make up is the tool for release the culture and indicate the cultures of those countries such as Korean make up style will using a peach cheeks or pinky lip for look cute and soften but American will emphasize the eye and eyebrows.

Skincare is the important way to create a flawless skin so, this blog I will share a little tip for every gender could follow since the Ozone of atmosphere was damaged UV protectors coming to take an important role to protect our skin from UV radiant. Many companies try to create the higher sfp rate for marketing and make people trust that the higher spf products will have higher ability to protecting so, many YouTuber or experts reveals that Spf 50 is enough for protecting UV radiant but users must to apply the sunscreen every 2 hours and apply before meet the UV radiant 30 minutes. The quantity of sunscreen should apply 1/4 tea spoons per one time. Besides , moisturizer is important to the skin because sometime when we live among the snow or dry temperatures the refreshment of skin can be reduce so, moisturizer can be add and boost water to your skin or lip balm can make your lip look healthy. Just two step to make your skin perfect and prompted to wearing make up.

Nowadays, We have a campaign for encourage the cruelty free brand and prevent animals experimenting especially in Rabbits who look nice and innocent because a lot of animals feel suffering from Skin Irritation Test, Photo Toxicity Test, Ocular Irritation Test, Transdermal Permeability Test. Those experiments directly impact to the eye , skin of those animals so, I’m the one that supports this campaign and hopefully to reduce this problem . Eventually, I’m expecting that everyone who read this blog will has sympathy to the innocent and adorable animal and seek for a cruelty free sign as the picture that I provided before consuming or using cosmetic.

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