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According to the official information from the World Health Organization, approximately 280 million people in the world have depression.

In the present, a hugely increasing number of people are facing depression, particularly women. This mental illness results from living in a mentally terrible and toxic environment continuously, which causes humans to put pressure on themselves and build up sadness and distress until it becomes a depressive disorder. Additionally, it is dangerously impactful to the decreasing number of humans since it can literally cause people’s deaths by suicide. Many people already know the definition and the cause of depression, but, in fact, some of them do not genuinely perceive some of the conditions and details of it. When people who have depression do things that are hard to understand, the majority of people around them will have questions about them, like what the reason for their behavior is. Some people around them also reckon them as just seeking attention from others, which is not always true. They do not truly comprehend the experiences that those people used to encounter in the past or their thoughts and reasons for acting like that. Consequently, this blog has a purpose in order to inform about behaviors coming out of depressed individuals that society is mostly curious about.

What are their certain feelings and thoughts when hurting themselves due to distress?

Self-harm is such a general and well-known topic that most people wonder what the process of thinking is behind depressed people’s notions. There are a lot of people who face depression uncontrollably or intentionally hurt themselves, and their enclosed people like family, workmates, and friends may be questioning, scared, and shocked by the behavior and also cannot find the way to assist them.

People with depressive disorder mostly tend to harm themselves because of their unruly feelings and actions more than individuals who periodically face grief. To deeply explore more information and details on this topic, I asked and was informed by one of my friends, who is also confronting this issue and suffering from it. He said that he does self-harm when he is at a really low, down, confused and stress point and does not know how to get rid of those feelings or how to calm himself, so he hurts oneself by instinct and discovers that it can actually help to release pain, distress, and sadness. In the circumstances that people feel tortured, awful or overwhelmed inside and cannot find the way out, they may choose to injure themselves to express their inner feelings. Most of them claim that it is indeed working and efficient in that situation, and some individuals say that they are actually obsessed with and addicted to this behavior as well which is definitely not good for their health. Nevertheless, when they notice and look at the scar or wound, it leads them to feel vulnerable and disappointed in themselves. However, there are some depressed people who are addicted to hurting themselves in order to make it a sign for searching for assistance which can often be imagined from others that it is only for nonessential attention-seeking.

That friend of mine says that he does not truly desire to hurt himself, but in the circumstances of over grief and stress, it is out of his control. He does not even want other people to see those injuries because he is scared that others will be disappointed by his mistake and worried about him. However, he chooses to talk about this issue with someone who always knows and comprehends his mental health condition and will certainly not reckon him. In this case, he has remedied the symptoms by meeting a therapist, and it does help him. He receives effective medicines and plenty of suggestions for his personal problems and traumas to heal his mental health. Moreover, people around him always support and encourage him to go through this terrible and tough time and do not judge him merely due to some of his behaviors, so now he is gradually getting better. Thus, this example indicates that depressed people who are encountering self-harm should not be overlooked and judged as just asking for nonsensical attention. The actions that they truly need is to be treated in a gentle way with an understanding method and, most importantly, with love as well.

What do they feel and think when isolating themselves from others in public?

Distancing oneself from other people is one of well discussed topics in people who have depressive disorder. Most regular people may not understand why people who have depressive conditions have to isolate themselves during the conversation, mealtime or other events. Furthermore, it sometimes makes other people feel upset, annoyed and confused with this behavior. So, why do depressed people usually act like that? Is it really important to isolate oneself while being in public? The explanation of the symptom will be shown below.

People with depression have a propensity to withdraw themselves from others in public, especially in crowded situations. For normal people, it is simple that they will separate themselves in the event that it makes them feel uncomfortable and different. Hence, it is neither surprising nor strange that those who are depressed will detach themselves from strained circumstances. Individuals who are confronting depression feel uneasy and apprehensive when they encounter a crowded atmosphere, a circumstance where they must meet multiple people, or persons with whom they are not close to. Some of them claim that those crowded places are initially not their place, making them feel alien to them. Therefore, it causes them to decide to leave or take a break for minutes or hours to compose themselves. This is also another action that is unavoidable when behaving.

In order to find more data, I interrogated my friend again if he was facing this problem as well. He said that there are several reasons that make him detach himself while being in public. For the first reason, he usually separates himself from those situations since he needs to relax and have time alone to think about other issues in his life. He has a lot of problems to think about and fix in his head. Sometimes, many traumas pop up in his mind at the same time which makes him excessively worried, so he cannot stand and interact with others at that time. In addition, he is also afraid to spread negative energy to surrounding people and does not want others to see the depressed and distressed side of him. Another reason is that he often notices that those places are not his at the beginning, and it makes him feel stressed, anxious, and not like himself. He does not enjoy and feel attached to others, so he thinks that being alone is more comfortable, calmer, and happier, and he also wants to flee from people’s interaction and judgment. After, when he feels ready, calm, and relieved, he will return for the conversation. His explanation made me understand more about the depressed people’s aspect. In contrast, some general people may have an unfavorable perspective on this behavior, thinking that people who often distance themselves are irresponsible and impolite, but, for real, people should consider and observe that they are also doing their best. Thus, people should not judge them only by their outer expression because all people in the world have pain and backgrounds that you will never understand or know, and they are now fighting with those suffering problems. As a result, the thing that surrounding people should do most is give those people as much love and care as possible to assist and be a sign to tell them that they are not alone in this world and that they always have others who really want to deeply perceive their issues and bad experiences.

Apart from that, there are more varied behaviors of people confronting depressive disorder that are suspected and doubted. Both of the two topics that I decided to select as subtopics are the most common actions that people already knew and saw before but do not thoroughly understand and still wonder about.

Lastly, I hope that my blog can truly help the readers to more profoundly understand and comprehend depressed people’s thinking process, have more consideration and not judge them as just an attention-seeker. The reason is that some of them indeed try their best to live their lives in a peaceful and delightful way as others and may truly need assistance from their closed people. For this reason, please take care of people who face these hard times such as taking them to the therapist, observing their behavior, checking their pills in order to make sure that they do not forget to take them and not overdose and always giving them sincerity and love.

If there is any feedback, question, or other experiences and information that you desire to support and share, you can leave the comment below. Your data and suggestion would certainly be beneficial and useful for our society.

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