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Zevia has released an album named “We’re All Sad Here”, including 7 songs and two newly added acoustic version of original songs. A rather sad but this album will takes us on a journey through everything she had been to deal with as a person.

Nowadays many people in our society, of all genders and ages, dealing with mental health concerns, in which the number of people suffering from various issues, such as depression, panic attacks, etc., increasing continually. 
Zevia, one of those who had previously confronted with herself. Not everyone can completely understand her emotions through her brain, unless they faced the similar problems. Due to the fact that the way people dealing with mental illness, everyone can not be able to act or think in the same manner. Nonetheless, Zevia has ability to express her emotions in such a profoundly  and glamorous way, which anyone can clearly understand how she feels through her sincere lyrics in her songs.
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Inspiration of Zevia for her album “We’re all sad here”

Zevia got inspiration for her album to create the songs from her own experiences that she has been through since she was a child. The world forced her to see everything change, causing her to deal with all the mental pain that she used to, which all the experiences that Zevia have been through makes her life difference, she keep asking herself wonder just why she is still existing. So, she expressed her goal-setting in each song by posing questions to herself, “why am I still alive?” which clearly showing to us how hard that she used to struggling with her mental health issues.

Album cover

▪️ Firstly, her feelings are displayed on the album cover to bring out the best meaningful of the message that she would like to express to the audience, and also just one image can be explained in many various ways in each track of the album.

▪️ Zevia, sitting in the dark with the spotlight on her, wearing an all-orange jumpsuit and sitting on the ground with her hands clasped beneath her bowed knees, like someone who obviously unhappy and depressed with themselves alone through the darkness. She may be trying to convey to us how much of a prisoner she is to her own mind by wearing an outfit that is typically worn by prisoners.


1. Why do I exist?2.34
2. Till death frees me2.46
3. Life, i’m over you3.23
4. Manipulation 3.51
5. We’re just friends2.59
6. Live to die2.55
7. If depression gets the best of me3.00

Tracks and Features

— Why do I exist?


Moreover, allover both of the lyrics and music video is about the way she discusses with herself inside of her mind, and also how Zevia’s mental state has an affected on her life. However, it does not mean that she does not loving herself, she trying to get better by taking care of herself, whether it be taking pills or eating healthy food, referring to the music video. It just seems to be so hard for her to life in each day, being in a circle of depression and anxiety, it feels like dead inside but she was too numb to cry.

“Why do I exist?”, the album’s opening track was a great start to deep explain about the concept of this album, most of the interesting messages in this song are the question that she asked and discuss with herself, which includes the first verse “What happens when I die”, it shows us that one of the solutions due to her problem in her mind may have lead her to death. And for the second verse, “What happens when I stay?”, which is remind her of the darkness that she needs to continue live with.

— Till death frees me

In “till death frees me”, presenting to the audience even closer as she exposes the way she coping with her life stress by smoking and drinking every day, however the pain of her mental state does not gone anywhere, the feeling of the pain can be just temporarily relieved by alcohol, but when she wakes up in the morning, it just have the same feelings that stuck inside the walls of her head daily.


In addition, the worst part is she had been through some bad times in the awful rumors, which other people would rather choose to believe about her like that instead of listening to the facts that came out of her mouth, no matter how hard to stuck with all the sadness and disappointment inside, she keeps cheering herself up and moving on to stay breathing.

— Life, i’m over you

“Life, I’m Over You”, offering an deeply emotional lyrics that most of the audiences can completely realized the expression from the pain of mental state that came out of her voice, making listeners have more feelings into the songs. In which, this track was written about her existence, admitting that she is no longer enjoys her life due to the way that she has been lost many people that she cares, especially her friends.

Alternatively, true love and good friends might be bound together if you have these things. Zevia, who was chosen to get disappointed most of the time. Therefore, it is impossible to fight against fate, but ‘Self-love’ is the kind of love you should have most.

— Manipulation


Through this track, “Manipulation” starts to tell a story about her love outlines. To begin with her unsuccessful love story, Zevia describes how the boy that she accepted into her life manipulated her, used her and abandoned her for no reason, leaving her worse off in the shadow than she was before, which is extremely heartless and selfish. So, from all the pain she does not deserve, she becoming hopelessly in love.

Additionally, the music video uses simple terms to convey the message to the listener, however, overall it fascinating and fulfilling beautiful scenes.

— we’re just friends

In this song, “we’re just friends” is one of another songs in this album that Zevia would like to share an experience about her love story. In this case, she seems to be happy with the guy she is falling for. Nevertheless, a word ‘friend’ is someone that totally tough to confess their feelings, so for her, attempting to keep her feelings hidden and always hiding its secret to him was torturous. Even though, she is delighted to be able to love someone once again, every time she needs to be a listener for him talking about other girls in front of her, it hurts.


— live to die

Also, “live to die” describes how anxieties and stress during the trouble that she needs to face. Zevia claimed that she always seems to get the reverse of what she wants and should obtain from others, which is not easy for her to always pretend that she is okay. Even the feelings of her mental state are beyond her control; she does not want to harm herself, but she just can not seem to get rid of the sadness and find happiness. Even the antidepressant medications she must take daily are unhelpful.


— If depression gets the best of me

Lastly, “If depression gets the best of me” is the closing track on the album and it is one of my favorites. Due to Zevia’s lyrics are extremely powerful, including every meaningful and important information that she wants to convey to the audience. In addition, music video is elegant, with the director showcasing the beauty of art, as well as the stories that was published is heartfelt and profound through every scene.

Furthermore, the meaning of this song is may have easily written as a suicide note, which is rather grievously and leads to the way too dark for sensitive people. But it is such an incredibly realistic way to finish the depression album. And, the acoustic versions of original songs also found on the album.

In my opinion, overall the “We’re all sad here” album is extremely touching my feelings. Because I am one of the teenagers that were struggling with my mental health issues, and Zevia came to be one of the important parts of my life, causing me to understand the symptoms of the issues and also talking with myself more. Even though, I am a sensitive person, all the songs from Zevia help me get through the darkness in my head, despite that I always lost tears every time I listen like I am crying one’s eye (heart) out, I still love all of her masterpieces and I would like to keep supporting her until she stops composing music.

To all of the people that were faced with these mental health problems same as me or Zevia. I hope you guys will find the way to get out of the shadow inside of your mind. Look out at the window, if you still can see the brightest sky with the warmth atmosphere out there, everyone that cares about you still be by your side like the sky that never faded away, and they will console you when you need them like a warmth feelings that everyone can give it to you, including me.🕊🤍

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