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Are the reaction contents good or bad for the original contents?

What is the reaction content?

First of all, we have to know what is the reaction video contents, In the past few years If you are a person who likes to consume contents from YouTube regularly, you will see that Reaction-style video clips, whether MV, song, series, or anything else, have gained a lot of popularity and there has many YouTube channels that do reaction contents which many new ones are emerging as well. A reaction video is a video that shows us the emotional reactions of people watching something, such as a MV, series, movie trailer or even things that were seen for the first time. There are reactions in the video where the person in the video knows it and doesn’t know they’re being filmed, such as the Social Experiment video. but the way the person in the video knows, it is more popular and intended to react according to various contents. 

Why do reaction videos tend to gain a lot of attention?

Reaction video is a content that many audiences pay attention to even though they already watched the original video or it contains spoilers. Why does it still receive a lot of people’s attention? There are many reasons to answer this question, scientifically, In 1990, a study by a group of Italian researchers. It was found that Mirror Neurons or mirror neurons that make us do something according to what we see or as a mirror reflecting what is seen there. This may be why we like to watch other people do certain things, such as people trying to hold back a laugh or playing some game for the first time. Mirror Neurons can thus explain why we have feelings or are able to understand other people’s views, thoughts and feelings?  by thinking that if we were him in that situation. It contributes to social understanding, but other parts of the brain may also be involved. Empathy, or the ability to understand another person’s point of view. As a social animal, humans are social creatures therefore, understanding is needed to create social bonds and when we see someone having a big reaction with anything will allow us to reach and understand that person’s emotions more. Moreover, If we meet someone who expresses their emotions clearly It will make us understand people and automatically feel more connected. Even if that person is a stranger on the internet, we will be even more bonded when the people on the screen have the same reactions as us which makes us happy to watch the video reaction.

In addition, the media nowadays is a platform where people can easily share their opinion and feelings in their own way, most people want to know what other audiences feel about the content that they watch too, do others think the same as they think. And sometimes people use reaction videos to make a decision that they should watch the original or not. It also helps content creators to get the feedback through this kind of content and use it to improve and analyze their contents in the future. 

Now let’s get back to the first question, are the reaction videos good or bad for the original one? It is true that reaction contents help the original content to be more well known and increase their audiences, but in other ways it also reflects the quality of media contents and people’s preference in society. In reaction videos, the audience will frankly share their perspective toward the original content. If it is a good and interesting story or content it will bring a good effect to the original content and be able to gain a lot of profit, but if it is a poor and cliche story or content, it will definitely be an argument in social media society and people will get less attention on those original content. And what’s even worse is that the reaction video gets more attention than the original and people tend to watch and mention the reaction instead of the original video. 

The reaction content sometimes can get people’s attention more than the original content.

Recently, It has a viral video on TikTok and Twitter from Thailand which is about a real doctor who did a reaction to The Intern series that is the series about intern doctor, it went viral because the reaction of doctor is funny and also frankly comment about the series which is represent doctor’s working in hospital in a wrong way, boring and romanticize plot. 

After it went viral people started to follow AERTHA channel which is a channel of a doctor who did the reaction and people tend to be more interested in it. Many audiences prefer to watch the reaction from this channel more than the original because they will get a correct knowledge about a doctor’s life and health along with a funny and frank reaction to this series. People in social media start to compliment a doctor’s reaction and want to share it with other people to watch it as well and now AERTHA Channel receives a lot of sponsors to do a reaction clip and many audiences are waiting for him to do other reactions too. On the other hand, The Intern series gets a lot of complaints from audiences about unrealistic stories and proposes a wrong understanding of a doctor’s life and treatment in hospital, it also contains inappropriate teenage love story which will lead to a wrong understanding of audiences. Some said that they want to watch the reaction video more than the series because it is very terrible. 

The reaction video of AERTHA channel that became viral

Hence, in this case it seems like the reaction content makes a bad impact to the original one even though people know this series more than before, it likely gets negative results from the audiences. 

Can reaction content make money?

Famous reaction channels
in Thailand

There are now many channels that have been launched as reaction channels. In Thailand, there are many channels that became popular and reaction content is another way that can make money through media. Making the reaction content,  there is no need to produce your own media but using other people’s media to make a reaction and let people watch our own reaction along with commenting on it. Moreover, sometimes clients are hired for sponsorship, Including hiring them to do reactions in their own media content to get more attention and recognition. Reactions are like promotions and media advertising in which people seem to engage more than usual.

Reaction is a reflection of the original content, If it is a good quality content the reaction will be in a positive way and it will increase the audiences which content creator will gain more benefit. But if your product is not good enough or does not match with people in society although the reaction content makes you more well known, audiences will resist your content and do not want to recommend your content to others so it has an adverse effect on your content instead. In today’s world, people encourage the freedom of expression so reaction content is one of the ways to convey their opinion and feeling about something, it is important for content creators to always think in every aspect and propose the truth to avoid terrible reactions from the audience. Using some advice to improve your content in the future and make it able to satisfy consumers’ needs. 

The rise of social media and the internet has significantly transformed the way we consume and interact with media. With the advent of various social media platforms, people are now able to share their opinions and feelings about various media content in real-time. This has given rise to a culture of sharing and engagement, where people can easily express their views on a wide range of issues, including news, politics, entertainment, and more.

To ensure that reaction content and original content can support each other, it is essential to establish clear guidelines and ethical standards for creators. This includes obtaining permission from original creators, giving credit where credit is due, and respecting copyright laws and intellectual property rights. By doing so, creators can ensure that the relationship between reaction content and original content is one of mutual support and collaboration, rather than exploitation.

In conclusion, reaction content and original content can rely on each other if they are supported well along together. By establishing clear guidelines and ethical standards, creators can ensure that the relationship between the two types of content is one of mutual support and collaboration, helping to promote and grow both original content and reaction content.

Then, in your perspective do you prefer to watch the reaction content or the original content or both of them?

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