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What would happen if Technology & K-pop culture take over the world ?

Finally Released! The song “PANDORA”, is the debut song of a girl group named “MAVE”, From their first single album “PANDORA’S BOX”. If you all are wondering who is MAVE, where did they come from and what are the names of the members? Now let’s get to know them better with me.

MAVE is the first girl group in South Korea and consists of four members: SIU, ZENA, TYRA, and MARTY. What is interesting is that all members arise from AI or artificial intelligence, in other words, there is no real person in this band, they are all 100% Meta-idol.

Make new wave! Hello, we are MAVE:!

MAVE:’s debut album portrays an intriguing and imaginative worldview, where four girls from a futuristic spacecraft embark on a journey to Earth in search of emotional freedom. The album’s concept is centered around the idea that each of the four girls has brought with her a unique emotional element that has landed separately in four different countries: South Korea, the United States, France, and Indonesia.

This concept reflects the group’s goal of creating music that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, while also showcasing the diverse emotional expressions and experiences that exist across the world. Through their music and creative concept, MAVE: hopes to inspire and connect with fans from all walks of life, and to ultimately bring people together through their shared love of music and storytelling.

MAVE:’s group name is an acronym for the phrase “MAKE NEW WAVE,” which reflects their innovative and forward-thinking approach to music and entertainment. The name also embodies the group’s mission to break new ground in the music industry and to create a new wave of fans and followers through their unique sound and creative concept.

Despite being a relatively new group with only a two-song album released in January, MAVE: has already achieved remarkable success on YouTube, with a massive following of 24.4 million subscribers. This impressive feat is a testament to the group’s rising popularity and growing influence in the music industry, as well as their ability to captivate and engage with fans through their unique approach to music and storytelling.

With their innovative use of technology and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional music, MAVE: is capable to continue making waves in the industry and inspire a new generation of fans and followers around the world.

If you haven’t checked out MAVE: yet, now is the perfect time to see what is all about. So, what are you waiting for? Go check them out now!

PANDORA is a trap-style song with a hidden mystery in its appearance and movement created with colorful graphics, scenes in the MV are designed to be as realistic as possible, such as full glass windows, highways, buildings, and temples, enhancing the viewing pleasure. Sharp choreography catches the eye. The concept of opening Pandora’s box and restoring the hope of the world. which senses MAVE’s bold expression and attitude:

The music video for PANDORA was produced by Maxx Song and Kyler Niko, who have worked with SEVENTEEN, Red Velvet, and Monsta X. In addition, the FREEMIND team is responsible for the choreography of many K-POP girl groups, including the song of IVE’s ELEVEN’ and ‘LOVE DIVE’ and IZ*ONE’s ‘FIESTA’ are also responsible for the choreography in this MV.

Where it all It Begins ?

The news of the upcoming virtual idol group, MAVE:, created by the new agency Metaverse Entertainment, sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry when it was first reported on November 8, 2022. The idea of a fully virtual, AI-powered idol group was something that had never been seen before, and many were intrigued by the potential of this innovative concept.

As further details emerged, it became clear that MAVE: was not just any ordinary project, but rather a joint development between two major players in the entertainment and gaming industries: Kakao Entertainment and Netmarble F&C, a subsidiary of Netmarble Corporation. This partnership brought together the expertise of two leading companies in their respective fields, with Kakao Entertainment being a major player in the K-pop industry and Netmarble Corporation being a global leader in mobile gaming.

The agency recognized the importance of social media in the modern music industry, as it provides a direct and easy way to connect with fans and build a loyal following. By opening social media accounts for the group, the agency was able to increase the visibility of the group and build anticipation for their upcoming debut.

On January 8, 2023, the agency opened the social media accounts for the group and released their official logo motion video.

Two days later, on January 10, they released a group photo revealing the virtual members of the group, consisting of MARTY:, SIU:, TYRA:, and ZENA:.

On January 11, a concept teaser video was released, announcing that MAVE: would make their debut on January 25 with their first single album, “Pandora’s Box”.

What makes MAVE different and become popular all over the world ?

Although the idea of “Futuristic” is not a new one in the South Korean K-pop industry, virtual K-pop girl groups like Aespa or K/DA have emerged in recent times. However, the technology has progressed significantly since then, which that lead to the development of virtual characters. According to viewers, MAVE looks more natural, as a result of the use of advanced tools and artificial intelligence by developers to create realistic facial expressions and details such as hair streaks.

For their debut single “Pandora,” the group’s voices were recorded by human performers and then enhanced with motion capture and real-time 3D rendering technologies. The choreography in the music video was also created by human performers and then similarly processed using the same technologies.

MBC’s Music Core Stage Show!

Recently, Music Core, the popular music program that airs every Saturday afternoon on MBC, has revealed its TOP10 stages in the program with the highest views for January.

No. 1 was MAVE’s stage, which was their debut stage on Music Core. It was highly talked about in terms of presenting a music show that broke the boundaries of the virtual world that no any other virtual band has done it before.

TikTok’s #PANDORA_Challenge with MAVE

The plan of Netmarble, a company that owns MAVE, appears to be successful. Specifically, their strategy involving “follow me” dances on TikTok has reached more than nine million people. Additionally, their Twitter account has seen a similar increase in followers and engagement, with many positive comments being left. It seems that Netmarble’s plan is resulting in increased visibility and positive feedback from social media users.

Pandemic as Fuel

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the way we interact with one another, and it has transformed various aspects of our daily lives. One notable change has been the increased popularity of virtual characters, particularly in the K-pop industry, according to experts.

It’s clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the K-pop industry, as the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors due to lockdowns and social distancing measures, K-pop companies have had to shift their focus to online content to keep their fans engaged and satisfied. As a result, the development of virtual characters has become an effective strategy for companies to create digital content and engage with fans in new and innovative ways.

The immersive and interactive nature of virtual characters provides a sense of connection and entertainment for fans, which has further fueled their growth during the pandemic.

“Fans became more used to consuming non-face-to-face content and communication with their idol groups for nearly three years”

“It seems they have become more accepting of the concept that virtual and actual idol groups can integrate.”

said Lee Jong-im, a pop culture critic at Seoul National University.
Lee Jong-im

Challenges toward MAVE

Virtual groups such as MAVE: have been making headlines for their novelty and innovative approach to music and entertainment. However, despite their increasing popularity, there are still some questions as to whether they can truly match the level of interaction between traditional popular bands and their fans.

While virtual characters offer a unique and immersive experience, the lack of physical presence and personal interaction may limit their ability to fully engage with fans in the same way as traditional bands. Additionally, there may be concerns over the authenticity and genuine nature of virtual characters, as they are ultimately created and controlled by technology rather than actual human beings. These questions and concerns raise important issues surrounding the potential limitations and challenges of virtual characters in the music industry, and their ability to truly connect with fans on a personal and emotional level.

“The METAVERSE Era is Coming”

MAVE can also be linked to the Metaverse through its representation as a virtual girl group.

MAVE consists of digital characters that are designed to resemble real-life idols in terms of appearance, personality, and performance style.

The virtual girl group, MAVE, could potentially be integrated into the Metaverse as a digital asset, allowing users to interact with them in a shared virtual space. For example, users could attend virtual concerts featuring the MAVE girl group within the METAVERSE, or they could participate in other types of virtual events and activities with virtual idols.

In this way, MAVE’s virtual girl group could become a part of the larger ecosystem of digital assets within the METAVERSE, providing users with new and exciting ways to engage with virtual idols and other forms of entertainment. As the METAVERSE continues to evolve, we may see even more innovative uses of MAVE technology and virtual idols in this shared virtual space.

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