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Have you ever been at the end of the road where you cannot get your stress out? Guess what, an exercise that people consider as only physical development can help you directly. Besides, being healthy is scientifically proven that helps you better your mental health, like killing two birds with one stone!

This might seem not traditional way but I will provide you with the mental advantages first followed by the physical advantages because I believe mental support might persuade you guys more to follow the instruction; physical health improvement is really boring for normals. There will be two parts along the topic in the essay, including personal experience and scientific proof.

I am lucky that my mom is trained so much in exercise, so I can ask her for advice to build a perfect body. This is also the factor that persuades me.


The perfect body might increase your personal confidence. With those muscles, I ensure that you pretty much want to be naked when you go to the beach because it attracts so much attention for people. They really respect and praise the one who looks good. From my experience, every time I go rest at the swimming pool, chill beach, or water park, I am not too shy to be upper naked. Your lover or whoever around you who sees it might like it much more than the fat belly, I guarantee.

Lots of my bad habits changed after I start doing weight.

This is Justin Bieber tho ><

In a direct way, since I was a kid, I always walk humpback, but not quite that much compared to the elders who deal with this problem. After I do weight on my back with more, pullups, my friends say the look of my walk is better and as the first one mentioned, it really increases my confidence and this is not like an instruction from psychology or life books to boost your confidence by your own mind, but this leads you to do, not to think which I believe it is far more effective.

What you need to know is human’s anatomy mostly possesses 6 packs, but still, I can not see my 2 under abs clearly, so I try to figure out why. I finally know that I have to work out too in order to make those clear.


In order to clear your fat belly out, eating less sugar and burning out that fat by working out is essential, so I start by working out every time I do weight

I start with the walk in the fitness. There is no need to rush at first; walking will save your legs and bones then I ask my friends out to play badminton, squash, and ping pong every Friday; it becomes my habit nowadays.

Your stamina to work or do things will increase. You are able to work a more long time.

The video provides you with scientific proof of how exercise affects the brain

The rest will be scientific proof along with personal experience.

Maintain life longer

Good health can block many illnesses and diseases. If you stay healthy, it might be harder for viruses and bacteria to attack you because your immunity is indicated by your health.

better heart health

There is scientific proof that good health also decreases the heart attack rate. This is related because exercise might stimulate your heart rate to work more. This makes it more fit and healthy; works like our body and health when it always works, it develops into a good one.

It also decreases cancer rates.

My grandfather and grandmother work every day even though they are 70 and they do not even once have to deal with illnesses; they have never gone to the hospital, but what seems to be a worry is the bone problem. If you are older, you must less your doing weight because it can impact your bones, especially your back, and legs.


Doing weight and exercise lead you to stop the world for a bit and focus on what is on your face. It is really to clear the brain when you are so stressed, I can say. Moreover, scientists prove that as you focus on those, you might focus on your work when you do more; it is related.

Positive energy

I believe for most people, especially teenagers, it is quite hard to put yourself out of the bed and do good things. The workout makes me feel I want to love myself more and I do feel the success every time I can stand up from the bed and finish working out.

I have seen a lot of my friends continue the walk in the gym into a marathon. Sometimes, success only in fitness is not quite enough for them.

Good Sleep

Since I have started doing weight and working out, I always sleep well and wake up less between nights. After I observe, I find that I am really tired, so it leads me to good sleep. Also, it, kind of, forces me to sleep early due to exhaustion, and as you might know, sleeping early is better because many good hormones stimulate if you sleep early right time.

Should we start?

After all, I believe some of you guys might want to try. Here’s the starter pack and guide. I believe this will help you much or less.

You must aim at the goal first. Do you want to burn your belly fat out? or you want to build good abs then there will be a guide on each section you want to go.

Must do

Before you work out or do weight, you have to drink sufficient water. The logic is pretty easy to understand, when you work out, there will be sweating out, so you have to stack it. Besides, during exercise, you might drink water slightly to maintain the water in your body. The specific amount of water is 3 glasses before and 1-2 glasses during. The lack of water can cause headaches and cramps.

As you begin, you will notice you are more hungry than usual. This concept applies to drinking water. The more you work out, the more you are hungry, and the more you are thirsty. Insufficient food causes you a faint.

Stretching mainly purposes to activate the muscles to be ready for activity. Without stretching, the muscles might get injured, limiting the workout act, like it is quite not good to jump. Scientific proof that stretching will heathen your muscle’s temperature. I suggest normally stretching for 5-10 minutes but actually depends on the sport. Cooldown is also important but might be less. After exercise, you might do less until you stop.

You have to always do it, not just an occasion, event, or depending on your feeling because the continuation allows your body to remember the work, called muscle memories. This will become a good habit for you to wake up to go to work too.

Must not do

Wrong exercise
For doing weight, you have to make sure your work is appropriate for what you want; for example, if you want to create good abs, you must sit up. Wrong action is a waste of time.

Overweight, exercise.
Exercise is a game of patience. Overdo causes the muscles to have no time to rest and no time to build new muscles. Besides, overdo can make exhaustion muscles and bring stress. If your workout is balanced, your body will spread dopamine, leading to energetic and better exercise.

Personal experience to instruct

There are 2 main kinds of stuff, I would like to suggest that you start

Yoga plate
Pull-up assist bands

Yoga plate: This will allow you to exercise indoors instead of in fitness. It is essential for you to not hurt your back.

Pull-up assist bands: These are for the starter to start the pull-up. You will not get despond when you first start pull-up, this is the toughest one. Once you start to get easy, get it out

What seems to be more interesting is that I tend to do good healthy things more than before. Sounds out of the topic right? Let me tell you first.

Big changes

After I start to love myself by exercising, I find that I also start to love others. It sounds a little weird, but sometimes, you just want to share good things with others, like I start this blog. I become a pescetarian- vegetarian but eating seafood is fine because it affects global warming less-

mainly because all life might be matters even if they are animals. The concept is you love yourself and then you have the kindness to please others, you have time to love others. However, this is just a personal experience and I cannot say that you guys might get some new lifestyle like me, but you will discover new interesting things that benefit yourself and others, I can say.

What’s your favorite sport or physical activity?

How it helps you? benefits? and would be glad to share!

exercise is like magic medicine.

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