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Do you know that dancing can impact your life in many ways?

As everyone knows, dancing is an activity that consumes a lot of energy and is a fun activity to participate in with your friends but dancing also contains various advantages for your physical and mental health! With social media nowadays, you can use that to express your dancing skill or begin the famous trend on the internet by yourself as well.

In this blog, we will talk about how dancing impacts your life and how it changes the media!

Let’s start with the physical and mental benefits of dancing.

Increase stamina and durability.

As we all know, when you dance you have to move your stamina along with your whole body. Dancing is like an exercise but with music and friends so when you dance for an hour your heart and lungs start to improve and it also increases muscular strength and endurance.

Understand every part of your body.

Before you start dancing, you have to isolate your body first. So, what is isolation? isolation in dancing is the technique that allows a dancer to move to the part of her body and keep the rest of the body completely still. Doing the isolation will make you understand the part of your body in each particular part and it will make you dance more efficiently.

Boosting up your self-esteem and expressing yourself!

The wonderful thing about dancing is you can increase your self-esteem by dancing. During the dance lesson, you can discover your dancing style and you can make it your own. Making your own style of dancing will make you feel more confident since you already have your own style and uniqueness in your style that only you can do.

Reduce depression

Sometimes being outside and dancing with strangers in the dance lesson may be hard for somebody but wait until you overcome that fear. You will find out that dancing with someone that has the passion to dance and express yourself through dance is one of the happiest and most fun experiences you will have in a while.

Reduce Stress

After a long day at work, stress but you still want to work out and normal exercise might be boring for you now. Why don’t you try dancing? from a study conducted by the Journal of Applied Gerontology and also from my own experience. Found that partner dance accompanied by music can relieve stress. Taking your time off the problems, dancing for an hour first, and then getting back to work can really make your work more efficient since you already get rid of the bad thing inside your mind. So, trust me. Get up and dance when you feel stressed or angry. It’s work!

Weight Loss

When you dance, you use your whole body part and increase the sharpness of the move by your strength. Using your stamina and muscle strength for a long amount of time and movement usually means increased weight loss. But if you want to control your weight, you have to focus on your meal too. From my own experience, if you dance for a long time with a lack of sleep hour and not having three meals in a day. You will lose weight tremendously which is really bad for your health and weight control. I danced for 3 months with 4 hours of sleep and only one or two meals a day. This is a very bad example for you who want to lose weight by dancing. Don’t forget to take a proper rest!

Build Core Strength

In dancing, many choreographies or some styles of dance require balance and core strength especially ballet. Core strength helps promote good movement, and posture and prevent muscle injuries for example back pain. Most of the dance in ballet is about standing still on one leg which requires balance and core strength, the essential part of core strength is the abs, it is where the core strength came from. Dancing alone can build core strength but not as much as doing the proper exercise that focuses on the abs because dancing uses the whole body, not just only one specific part. So, don’t forget to do the exercise too if you want to have very strong core strength!

Discover your own style!

Dancing is like a movie because it has its own genre or style. Dancers have to use their time to discover their own style by taking dance lessons in each style. The famous styles of dancing that people already know are Hip-hop, B-boy, ballet, contemporary, etc. From my own experience, it took about 3 years until I discovered the style that is most suitable for my body and energy which is hip-hop. So, don’t be so rash. Take your time and try a different style that is beyond your interest. Each style requires strength in different parts and some styles require all of your strength in every part but be careful if some styles don’t fit with your body, dancing can turn into an activity that can hurt your body instead of giving you benefits.

Besides these reasons, dancing is an activity that everyone can try. You can try it just for fun and don’t have to be very good at it the first time you dance. Everything has the process also the skill development and benefit that will gain from dancing. After you fall in love with dancing and dancing for a while, you will see the difference in your body from the day you start dancing until now.

Moreover, dancing can give you benefits for your mental and physical health more than I stated in this blog but dancing not only affects your body but also the media nowadays.

Next we will talk about how dancing impact the media!

Today, social media has become part of everyone’s daily life. Most people use the media to find entertainment and seek information. So entertainment is always one of the important things that we should have every day.

In recent years, we have so many social media platforms that aim to give entertainment to audiences such as TikTok. Inside the application, most of the content is about people making videos of themselves dancing to famous songs. TikTok is starting to get recognized by everyone year by year. Until today, most content that was created on the TikTok platform is still dancing.

At first, people start to create new dance moves to upload on TikTok just for fun and then people dance to the same song and with the same move so this shows that anyone can set a new trend by creating a new dance move to any famous song.

Since its start, TikTok has become famous all over the world. Other media platforms are starting to do the same thing, which is the short video feature where everyone can post a short 30-second to one-minute video on their account. Not only the media platform that changes to adapt to the famous feature but also the music industry. Many K-pop idols decide to make dance challenges on TikTok because they know that TikTok is the platform for posting dancing videos so they make another version of choreography for TikTok dancers.

Some of the events nowadays, recruit and invite people to be part of the event from social media, for example, a dancer in a concert that involves the TikTok challenge. Recently, at Kcon 2023 held in Thailand, famous K-pop groups such as GOT7 and G-IDLE make the competition on social media. Not only on TikTok but also Instagram, the dancers who participate in this competition will get the chance to perform with the artist on the live stage in front of thousands of people.

People tend to use the media to find entertainment or information for them and because it is very convenient to find any answer on an online platform in a short amount of time, people start to learn something new through the media platform and it includes dancing as well. Many dancers who want to teach other people how to dance but don’t have their own studio, upload their teaching videos through their social media accounts such as YouTubeTikTokInstagram, and maybe Facebook too. But some dancers want to make money from their teaching videos so they upload their videos on other platforms to focus on learning new skills but they also need to pay money in order to watch the video.

With the help of the media, people can use the media to set new dance trends, promote their dance class, express themselves by dancing, share knowledge about dancing, or teach people how to dance and it can be the gate to an unforgettable chance in the future.

Before the end of my blog, I will show you a TikTok clip of me (in the black shirt) dancing just for fun. Remember, don’t be shy about being yourself.

So, get up, dress up in the most confident cloth, open your favorite music, and start dancing!


อารมณ์แบบเจอหน้าแล้วเต้นเลย #fyp #2baddieschallenge #nct127

♬ 2 Baddies – NCT 127

Don’t forget to share your dance video on your TikTok or Instagram and use #GetupandDance as well. Let’s show everyone and let them know what you got!

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