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Pets other than dogs and cats that need attention from you.

Lesser known animals that make great pets?

Nowadays, pets in the home for many people are considered excellent companions, especially after a long day of exhausting work. Upon returning home, there will always be a pet that is raised to welcome you.  Each animal’s cuteness is different; today we have the top 5 cute pets.  Let’s introduce what’s there.

  1. Dogs

Dogs are very popular pets.  Because it is an animal that has a cute, loyal, and very playful character, popular breeds of dogs include Poodle, Chihuahua, Beagle, Pomeranian, Golden, Siberian Husky, etc. Each dog breed has different character traits, such as being kind, having a lot of energy, like going out for a run, playing, etc.

  1. Cats 

It is known as a pet that is as popular as dogs. The main reason seems to be the begging habit.  They like to snuggle and flatter. In addition, the cat’s love of freedom is also pleasing to many people who do not have much time as well.

  1. Fish

Even if it can’t be hugged and played with it on a leash, just like any other four-legged pet.  but the charm and beauty of the fish are not difficult to attract people to fall in love with aquatic animals.  It’s like looking at colorful fish swimming around and enjoying it. Stress is gone.  For popular fish species raised in the house, including goldfish, carp, guppy, etc.

  1. Birds

Nowadays, birds are also one of the popular pets, making it to the top 4 of the most popular pets such as parrots and lovebirds. Raising birds is because of the beauty of their feathers  and the sound of birds there are some birds that can be trained to speak. Trained to do different things, but will not be able to play like other animals, such as leashing, cuddling, etc.

  1. Rabbits and hamsters

Rabbits are other cute and popular pets.  With the care that is easy and less chaotic and can also leave them alone, just prepare water and prepare food to be ready and ask for an open place with good ventilation but there will be some disadvantages in the matter of excretion, which often smell quite disturbing.

Rat. They’re just rats, but they’re not your typical house rats, as hamsters are very active rodents who tend to run around, especially if you have toys for them.  You can tell that almost all day he will run and play in the area that you have prepared.  As long as you have enough space and an open space with fresh air flow.  Because the hamster doesn’t like the hot weather too much.

Why are they so popular?

People nowadays may no longer be attached to having a spouse or having children as a life goal.  If I just had to spend my life raising dogs and cats like a baby, I’d be satisfied.  Because the lifestyle of modern people has changed.  with the social and economic environment, It makes people have different ideas and values ​​about the family from the past. The main reason people are interested in raising animals is that with their cute faces and playful personality, we were happy to be close to them.  If you look at the details more deeply, you still find that  It is like a playmate to relieve loneliness and help heal the mind of the owner.  Playing with dogs and cats in the house  It was an ingrained thought that dogs and cats are pets that are loyal to the caretaker, cute, and can be friends. Dogs and cats are cute pets that are easy to raise.  have the intelligence to interact with people feed them and be happy fish, rabbits, birds ,and hamsters are pets that are easy to eat, have soft and cute fur, and can also be companions when we are lonely. If they are sick, go to the doctor. These pets can cure but if it’s another animal like a snake  chameleon or frog it’ll need to find a specialist

Group of different kind of pets, like cat, dog, rabbit, mouse, chinchilla, guinea pig, bird and fish.

Many people have been through raising dogs and cats for some time and may encounter some problems such as dogs barking loudly, dogs wandering off to other houses, dogs defecating in front of neighbors’ houses, or cats sneaking around to disturb neighbors.  These problems caused great embarrassment to both the owner and the neighbors.  Some even have a fight. Or maybe fur can be dangerous for people who are allergic to fur.  The choice to raise this special animal is another good choice. Few people think of other animals.  like a strange animal or a special animal which this animal is known as Exotic Pet, such as rats, geckos, lizards, snakes, turtles, and monkeys that seem to be unable to raise, but some people do.

Advantages of raising exotic pets

1. Some people may be allergic to dog or cat hair. They can have other types of animals that do not have hair, such as fish, turtles, lizards, and snakes.

2. Fear of having problems with neighbors  If you have a dog, it may have barking noises.  Raising cats may disturb neighbors.  Let’s get other animals that we can take care not to disturb the neighbors.

3. Make extra income because some special species are becoming very popular in the market such as bearded dragon lizards.  The colors are beautiful and are in demand in both domestic and international markets.  We can breed and develop the breed until it has outstanding characteristics that are needed in the market straight away.

4. Get a cool and unique vibe. Imagine that you took Bushbaby, a cute little monkey that looks like a Furby doll, for a walk in the park.  This cuteness will attract people around you.  Guaranteed that you will have something to talk about until you get home late.

Cautions and considerations when choosing exotic animals

1. The first is the price.  Each special animal has a different price, and of course, some of them cost more than dogs and cats.  Even if they are from the same species, but with rare colors and subspecies that are difficult to breed, they can drive up the price.

 2. Epidemics that may be transmitted from animals to humans  Always choose to buy from a reputable source and ask the seller about the disease of that animal.

 3. Relatively high medical expenses and few specialized veterinary hospitals

 4. Some animals need extra care and attention.

 5. Choosing the type of animal to be raised should study the law well.  Because some species are protected animals, a license is required to raise or possess them.

10 Pets That Are Less Popular But Need More Human Attention

1.Sugar Glider

Characteristics of a Sugar Glider are pretty much similar to squirrels for the most part. The difference is that they have big, round eyes that are quite protruding. Eye color is both black and red. There are fascia on both sides of the body from the wrists to the ankles on both sides.

This web is used to help glide or fly from one branch to another in nature. The tail helps to balance with Sugar Glider is an animal that needs a lot of care and attention from the owner. Because they are social animals, they need a little extra care. The more we play, he will become more familiar and will be tame until he is very addicted to the owner. Food is not difficult. There are a variety of ready-made food and desserts to choose from.

2.Bearded dragon

This species of chameleon is similar to other chameleons. Its body is brown and cream colored. At present, there are people who have cultivated a strange color from nature. The whole body is red. Or all yellow, then the origin of this type of lizard is in the desert. northern australia Therefore, setting up a party and environment is very important. Most of them are raised in an aquarium. Use sand or small dry gravel to lay the floor in a flat or wave line. Decorate and use equipment to imitate the nature of the desert as much as possible. to help him not get stressed

3.Miniature Pig

This animal is known to everyone because it is a pig. Just the size of the pig is not as big as the pig that we have seen. The character of this dwarf pig is very friendly to humans and other pets, playful, cheerful, mischievous and very intelligent. By nature, she is like a normal pig. digging into the ground Digging some mud to play Maybe it will make the body dirty. But now he cleans himself anyway. Because of the basic nature of his character, he loves to be clean. Or we can help give him a bath by wiping with a damp cloth. Should keep playing with him and adjust his behavior often because he is intelligent, able to recognize what we convey fairly well, such as feeding with our own hands. Frequent stroking, touching him often, calling his name, hugging him can all help him to be docile and well behaved.

4.Leopard gecko

Many people saw this topic and got goosebumps after imagining it. But don’t panic. The gecko we are going to talk about is not like the house gecko as it is definitely understood. The leopard gecko is a cute gecko. that the face seems to be smiling all the time This gecko is native to the deserts of South Asia. Some are found in the northwestern part of India. This leopard gecko is very tame, not aggressive, rather reclusive, easy to raise, feeding on caterpillars. Can be used as a plastic box with ventilation holes and do not have to be exposed to sunlight like other reptiles. But you should change the water every day and change the cage support often to prevent the younger from becoming infected with the disease until they may get sick and die. The charm of this species of gecko is its color. There are many to choose from, including orange, yellow, yellow with black dots and many other colors. Another thing is the development of colors and patterns on the gecko that can be mixed to get novelties in the future.


A cute pet which is known as having the softest fur in the world Looking at her face, her face is not like a rabbit, not like a mouse, not exactly. It’s like two animals that have mixed species. Chinchillas are true-toothed animals that originate in the Andes Mountains of northern Chile. Because of their cute appearance, they are popular pets. His character is quite a peaceful, curious animal who likes to explore different areas. As the younger brother is a rodent, it would like to accidentally damage things if the owner does not raise the younger brother as a way. During the day, she sleeps, and at night she wakes up, which is the opposite of human time. Chinchilla characteristics have short hind legs. but long front legs with rats mixed with rabbits She can jump up to 5 feet.

6.Bush baby

Bushbaby is very similar to a fairy lady. Bush babies are nocturnal. This animal is native to Africa. It has a distinctive feature in its big round eyes. It is designed for use in night vision better than during the day, with a short face, round head, and thick, soft, fine fur. The large ears are good for listening to enemies. Has very long legs when stretching or jumping The advantage of Bush Baby is that there is no body odor or musty smell at all. The space for raising should have a cage that is large enough for him to be able to jump and move easily. Because it is naturally used to move by jumping. Seeing a face like this, but moving very quickly The type is said to be so fast that it catches moths in the air with two hands.


Not many people are trying to find a spider to raise. Especially species like the tarantula, which is a large, long-legged spider and has a distinctive feature. There are many hairs on its legs and body. Most of which have bright colors or beautiful patterns. Makes it interesting for many people. The advantages of raising tarantulas are that they are easy to feed, once a week can survive, no smell, no noise, very little excretion. One month, change the support only 1-2 times only, the most enduring among pets. No need to coddle and stay with us for up to 30 years


To raise a snake, you need to know what kind of snake it is. How do you like to eat? How much is it in humidity or heat? Because snakes come from all over the world. Some come from the desert. or from cold regions Therefore, the cabinet should be arranged appropriately by controlling the temperature and humidity to be the way he used to live. Because the chances of getting sick of snakes are very small. Some snakes are poisonous. must be studied before raising and some species have Protection Act Must ask permission to raise or propagate properly. Should study thoroughly before raising.


Dwarf hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures, cheerful and don’t like to stay still. During the day, you may see it lying curled up in a ball and still, but when the sun sets. The round thorns will come out to play and play. There are about 15 species of pygmy porcupines in Asia, Europe and Africa. with rat feeding That is, just have a small area. to run and play and have wheels to run and climb is considered ok. Cleaning is only 2-3 times a day, which is another advantage of the dwarf hedgehog. They are easy to eat, including cat food, bird worms, boiled eggs, or small pieces of vegetables.

10.Argentine horned frog

Horned Frog is a beautiful colorful frog. Until sometimes many people wonder if the horn frog is poisonous or not because most colorful frogs tend to be poisonous. but in reality Horned Frogs are colorful but non-venomous and there are many different colors. Has a unique beauty, horn frog is easy to raise, eats little, takes up only a small amount of space to raise. Horned Frogs are extremely clean-loving pets, so owners should pay special attention to them.

If you are an animal lover, read and learn more about these animals. There are many animals that need your love. Not only will the animals be happy, you will too.

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