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First of all, I am a big fan of beauty pageants and I am also a media student. I believe that these two things have something in common. It is undeniable that people use media, especially new media, and it is very necessary in our daily life. And of course, beauty pageants are one of contents in new media and it is a very famous contestant which people around the world can take action to. New media can help every beauty pageant to be a channel for promoting, informing ,and entertaining their audiences. Thus, having new media in the beauty pageant industry will be an effective element for beauty pageant entrepreneurs, news agencies, and audiences.

Get to know more beauty pageants!

Everyone can guess and know that the beauty pageant is a display of young married women in ritual competition and the winner will be crowned as a queen. Before crowning, contestants have to be judged on their physical beauty, poise, personality, and talent. The contestants typically compete in various categories, including swimsuit, evening gown, national costume, talent ,and answering questions. The beauty contest reflects the interests, purposes, values, and goals of organizers and their perceived audiences. The majority of these values concern gender roles. In the social process of defining the ideal woman, queen contests often become the site of debates, particularly those concerning femininity and masculinity and the roles assigned to women and men. Consequently, the contests respond to pressure by incorporating changes. In some instances, however, differences may develop into major controversies and lead to unanticipated outcomes. It is able to illustrate that beauty pageants can be both a positive and negative activity to society. In a positive point, it will be an area in which contestants can show their qualities, mindset, culture ,and beauty. Moreover, they can be a role model for the younger generation and other girls or they can empower in any aspect to audiences. In a negative point, beauty pageants can also be a standard of beauty to this world. Some people will believe that only beautiful women will have the power to do a big thing for the world or audiences will recognize the traditional definition of beauty by watching contests.

The difference between old and new beauty pageants

Beauty pageant has changed its platform all the time because it is one kind of business that has to learn about its target audience and adapt its element to improve its content. Nowadays, new media has already come and it makes other things have some movement to adapt with new media. Beauty pageants have to do it too! and this table show some example of difference of old and new beauty pageants.

Old beauty pageantTopicsNew beauty pageant
In the past,beauty pageants placed a greater emphasis on physical appearance and conformity to a narrow standard of beauty.Emphasis



Today, pageants are increasingly focused on individuality and diversity, with contestants of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds being welcomed.
Older beauty pageants tended to be limited to a specific demographic, such as young, unmarried women.Inclusivity
Today’s pageants are more inclusive,
welcoming contestants of all ages,
genders, and marital statuses.
All contestants have to show their talent but it cannot show much
about their real skills or can show a little of them.


Many modern beauty pageants now
include a talent component, which was not always the case in the past. This has helped to showcase the diverse skills and abilities of contestants beyond just their physical appearance.
It does not have many choices for informing audiences about their contest. For example,beauty pageant organizations can publish information in newspapers but it cannot spread increasingly and widely as new beauty pageants.
Modern pageants often require contestants to have a platform or social cause that they advocate for, which was not as common in the past. This has allowed pageants to become more socially and politically engaged, and has given contestants a platform to promote important causes.
In the past, people had difficulty accessing technology and they had little experience and knowledge about technology. So, it is not popular among people and it is not necessary to use it.Technology
New media and technology have had a significant impact on beauty pageants, allowing them to reach a wider audience and engage with fans in new ways. Live streaming, social media, and other digital platforms have transformed the way pageants are marketed, broadcast, and experienced by viewers.

Overall, the differences between old and new beauty pageants reflect changing cultural norms and societal expectations around beauty, inclusivity, and social engagement.

The duties of media in beauty pageants

In recent days, technological advancement has been invented in people’s normal life and it has become an important part of human beings, business, and people’s mindset, in particular new media. Beauty pageant is one of human activities which obtain an effect from new media and it affects in several ways.

Increased Exposure:

Beauty pageants are now able to reach a much larger audience thanks to the widespread availability of new media platforms like social media, video-sharing websites, and live streaming services. This has allowed pageants to expand their reach beyond just live audiences and TV broadcasts, and engage with a much broader and younger demographic.

Changing Standards of Beauty:

With the rise of social media and online influencers, beauty standards have evolved to become more inclusive and diverse. This has led to a shift in the way pageants judge contestants, with more emphasis being placed on individuality, self-expression, and body positivity.

Greater Transparency:

New media has also helped increase transparency in pageants by allowing fans and critics alike to follow the competition more closely and get a better understanding of the judging process. This has led to more accountability and fewer controversies over the fairness and objectivity of the results.

More Interactive Experience:

New media has also allowed fans to engage with pageants in a more interactive way, through live chats, voting systems, and behind-the-scenes content. This has helped pageants to build a more loyal and engaged fan base, and to generate more buzz and excitement around the event.

All of these illustrate that the media makes a variety of benefits to owners of contests in which they can gain more engagement and to audiences who can access and have more participation in the contest. Moreover, beauty pageants can change people’s view point in many aspects through new media.

How can beauty pageant contestants use new media individually?

Contestants in beauty pageants can use new media to enhance their personal brand and engage with their audience in various ways. Here are some examples :

1.Social media: Beauty pageant contestants can use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to showcase their personality, style, and interests. They can share photos and videos of their daily routines, their preparations for the pageant, and their experiences during the pageant. They can also use social media to interact with their fans and followers, respond to questions and comments, and share their views on relevant topics.

2.Blogs and Vlogs: Another way for beauty pageant contestants to showcase their personality is by creating blogs or vlogs. They can share their experiences and insights on various topics, such as beauty and fashion, health and wellness, and current events. They can also use their blogs or vlogs to share their pageant journey, their preparations, and their aspirations.

3.Podcasts: Beauty pageant contestants can also use podcasts to share their thoughts and ideas. They can discuss various topics related to the pageant, such as the importance of confidence and self-esteem, the role of beauty in society, and the challenges and opportunities of participating in a pageant.

4.Personal Websites:

Beauty pageant contestants can create their personal websites to showcase their achievements, experiences, and interests. They can include their biography, photos, videos, and testimonials from their fans and supporters. They can also use their websites to promote their personal brand and connect with potential sponsors, partners, and collaborators.

In summary, beauty pageant contestants can use new media to showcase their personality, enhance their personal brand, engage with their audience, and promote their aspirations and achievements. They can leverage social media, blogs and vlogs, podcasts, and personal websites to create a strong online presence and connect with their fans and supporters.

Positive and negative point of new media in beauty pageants.

New media is another way for contestants to spread their inspiration to other people and it can help the majority of people who want some passion, support, and spirit because it can make their quote or empowering sentences go viral and worldwide.

Moreover, the impact of beauty pageant contestants’ quotes on audiences through new media can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the content of the quote, the context in which it is presented, and the demographics and values of the audience.

In general, quotes from beauty pageant contestants that promote positive messages, such as self-confidence, empowerment, and diversity, are likely to have a positive impact on audiences, especially those who share these values. For example, Miss Universe Thailand2021 named ‘Anchilee Scott-Kemmis’ ran her ‘Real-Size Beauty’ project to celebrate your individuality, the aspects of your diversity and the unique qualities you have within you. 

New media, such as social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, have significantly expanded the reach and impact of beauty pageant contestants’ quotes. Audiences can easily share, comment on, and react to these quotes in real-time, creating a wider and more diverse conversation around them. This can help to amplify the impact of positive messages and increase awareness and support for important causes and issues.

At the same time, the speed and accessibility of new media can also increase the potential for negative impacts. Quotes that are taken out of context or intentionally misrepresented can quickly go viral and lead to misinformation and misunderstanding. In addition, the anonymity and distance of online interactions can facilitate the spread of hate speech and cyberbullying. For instance, Cheslie Kryst or Miss USA 2019  had jumped to her death from the Manhattan apartment building where she lived because she had been receiving cyberbullying and it affected her mental health for a long time. So, she think that suicide is last way which she should do. 

In summary, the impact of beauty pageant contestants’ quotes on audiences through new media can be significant, both positive and negative. It is important for contestants, pageant organizers, and audiences to be mindful of the content and context of these quotes and to engage in responsible and respectful online interactions.

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