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Different species, Different Needs

People have numerous media platforms which allow them to consume independently. There are differences in the needs of humans, and all those media platforms are responding to different kinds of conditions. However, some media platform attempt to increase their consumer by producing more media, which also benefits the original forum, such as “Line.” The Line is a famous application that allows people to communicate privately by texting or calling. This application is known in many countries worldwide, especially in Asia, because it is not costly to use. Thus, LINE has 178 million active monthly users. After LINE had a solid customer base, it developed more paths to expand their customer, such as LINE GAME, LINE MAN, and LINE SHOPPING. Those applications are under the leading platform, which is LINE. Creating the network’s Line not only meets new customers but also increases the LINE’s users simultaneously because everyone must have a LINE account to join other products from Line. Therefore, LINE has become a top application with an enormous number of users and earning huge profits. This blog post will demonstrate how LINE comes to be an influential media platform currently. Even though this application is already a reliable platform, it does not tread water that has not made any progress. It still develops to make people desire to use it and expand its customer base.

How to LINE company transfer its authority to respond customers’ needs?

What is the LINE application?

The social media platform Line was created in South Korea but is most well-known in Japan. It was started in June 2011 in response to the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan three months earlier. The app was created to provide users with a reliable method of communication during emergencies, but it quickly became a regular messaging service. On LINE, users can create profiles, connect with friends in private or public channels, and switch between customized chat channels to respond to new messages, just like on other social media sites. Like on Instagram and other websites, users can create stories and publish posts and videos. LINE incorporates tools for shopping, banking, and other services in addition to mobile messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

Why LINE has an enormous number of users nowadays?

After delving into LINE’s mechanism, it can be realized that LINE tried to expand its consumers by developing more applications to meet people’s needs. The system administrators of LINE, the original forum, not only allow people to communicate, but they can track every single message sent via the application, so they would have data of information to find what people need and want. After they found the people’s interest, LINE developed many applications to respond to many kinds of people’s needs. LINE TV, LINE Manga, LINE MAN, LINE Camera, LINE Games, LINE WEBTOON,  LINE SHOPPING, Rabbit LINE Play, LINE Antivirus, and much more are all products from LINE. 

All those applications have several people who install overwhelmingly because the apps facilitated people in many aspects and were developed by LINE. Hence, people are pretty trustworthy in the performance of the apps. Therefore, depending on their desire,  Some consume them for fun, work, living, or relaxing. The applications are growing up just themselves and making the original platform, LINE, simultaneously grow because before people join, they must have a LINE account first. Thus, the number of people who want to use the applications from LINE would also become a user of LINE as well, which is why LINE completely devoured this chain and got many benefits from it.

Tracking information became massive data

Tracking the information from the LINE system in other apps continues, and it has the ability to collect and accumulate the body of information from its apps. Hence, the LINE system has vast data because the data they are getting are from the different groups of consumers by separating from the functions of those apps: each app caters to the needs of different people. LINE uses this data to develop and improve its existing applications and to identify new product opportunities to attract more customers; they can, based on the data, which has more than 178 million users. 

The new applications for new income

Even though the new applications increase the number of customers a lot, in the same way, they also make more income for LINE at the same time. To illustrate the mechanism of making money, “LINE MAN”  this application is about a delivery such as food or belongings. LINE MAN deals with many restaurants and makes money by percentage deduction, so the app earns a share of delivery for every order; many people use it because it is easy to use and has a promotion that reduces food prices. 

Never stop developing and always up to date

LINE jumps to join this era by creating features that facilitate people such as LINE Pay, LINE Shopping, Rabbit LINE Pay, and also LINE MAN, as said above. Indeed, all people want to live comfortably, and LINE company came to help people, and it also reversed to make the company grow, in a way. Let’s talk about LINE Pay, a mobile payment service developed that allows users to make payments, transfer money, and make purchases within the LINE app. However, the LINE company didn’t stop there; they also built LINE Shopping to work with LINE Pay. LINE Shopping is an e-commerce platform that allows users to browse and purchase various products, ranging from electronics and home appliances to fashion and beauty products, from participating merchants within the LINE app. In this era, many people have changed the way they live, just like shopping from a shop into online. The E-commerce platform, as people know as online shopping, is very beneficial to people because they can buy something more accessible and cheaper simultaneously. Therefore, two features of LINE: LINE PAY, and LINE Shopping, respond to people’s needs as much.          

Partnership and Integration

Among companies worldwide, partnerships are essential and indispensable for them and LINE. The prominent role of collaboration is for mutual benefit, and LINE absolutely took advantage of this. Using strategic partnerships and investment in other companies to demonstrate, LINE has partnered with various sports teams and celebrities to create custom stickers and emojis that users can use in their chats. These collaborations help build LINE awareness and attract new users to the app who are fans of sports teams and celebrities. LINE has also integrated its services with other platforms to give users a more seamless experience. For instance, LINE and Google Assistant have a partnership that enables users to access their LINE messages and make calls using voice commands. To allow users to book rides directly from the LINE app, LINE has also integrated its services with well-known ride-sharing apps like Uber and Didi Chuxing. Consequently, Those two strategies respond to many customers in other countries and make more new customers who want to use it for their purpose in different groups and also meet the changing needs of its users.

Influencers Marketing of LINE

We already know that many influencers or well-known people are becoming brand ambassadors nowadays to promote a brand. As a matter of fact that the voice of public figures can influence people effectively, so LINE also uses influencers to persuade people. Influencer marketing is a crucial component of LINE’s marketing plan; it enables the company to reach more people using reliable or enhancement sources. For example, LINE collaborated with K-Pop star BTS to produce a series of ads promoting the app. The messaging and social features of the app were highlighted in these commercials, which showed BTS members using LINE to talk to one another and engage with their fans. Thus, LINE has collaborated with a wide range of influencers and celebrities to advertise its app and services and attract new customers. 

LINE provides several well-liked applications:

  • LINE Messaging App: used for group chats, social networking features, text, voice, and video messaging. 
  • LIVE TV: a video streaming service that allows users to watch TV shows, movies, and other video content on their mobile devices
  • LINE Manga: the digital manga service LINE Manga can read manga in a variety of languages, including English, Japanese, and Korean.
  • LINE WEBTOON: a digital comic service with a massive selection of webtoons in different categories, like romance, comedy, and action.
  • LINE PAY: a mobile payment platform that enables users to send money to other LINE users and make purchases inside the LINE app.
  • LINE Camera: an application for editing photos that enables users to add stickers, filters, and other effects.
  • LINE Games: numerous games for mobile devices that can be played alone or with other LINE users.
    • LINE Rangers, LINE Let’s Get Rich, LINE CHEF, and  LINE BROWN FIRM.
  • LINE Antivirus: a mobile security application that protects against viruses, malware, and other security risks.


Nowadays, People can consume media independently. There are some media that try to expand the capacity of consumers and authority by using many methods and strategies to make them bigger, such as LINE. Therefore, the LINE company choose to develop new applications that meet many people’s needs by using their big data from tracking information and adapting to find what people need. Because of the vast data the LINE company has, all of the new applications LINE has launched are meeting and facilitating people and becoming famous. Whether people want to buy, pay, book a taxi and hotel, or relax, LINE has all those features to respond to people already. Moreover, LINE became the partner of many well-known people worldwide to aim influencer marketing to persuade and expand the customer group. Consequently, the LINE company, including LINE’s network, has become influential and has 178 million active monthly users, which is an enormous amount.

Do you are one of LINE’s customers, and which app do you like the most?

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