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Before we start, I am going to tell you what is A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

How does AI function?
Vendors have been rushing to showcase how their goods and services use AI as the hoopla surrounding AI has grown. Frequently, what they mean by AI is just one element of AI, like machine learning. For the creation and training of machine learning algorithms, AI requires a foundation of specialized hardware and software. There is no one programming language that is exclusively associated with AI, but a handful is, including Python, R, and Java.

Processes for learning. This area of AI programming is concerned with gathering data and formulating the rules that will enable the data to be transformed into valuable knowledge. The guidelines, also known as algorithms, give computing equipment detailed instructions on how to carry out a certain activity.

Lil Miquela (an A.I. Influencer from theU.S.A)

What about A.I. Influencers? What are they?

  It may seem strange to use robots for influencer marketing right away. But, the reality is that just a select fraction of the biggest brands in the world are utilizing AI influencers to their full potential. 

The fashion and lifestyle sectors are responsible for most of that focus. For instance, AI influencers on Facebook or Twitter haven’t fully achieved the success or reputation they merit. But, in any event, Instagram requires genuine human cooperation. We may provide compelling photographs of influencers sporting branded attire together with creative remarks.

The most well-known digital models have started to proliferate on YouTube, demonstrating that AI influencers are capable of doing more than just Instagram promotion. The AI is that they have a large following. Several AI influencers have large followings. And it’s clear that these sizable audiences are aware that AI influencers serve only marketing purposes. Generally, there has been a movement away from the majority of people seeking to use ad blockers and other methods to avoid advertisements on TV and online, such as when consumers successfully search for channels online. hence enabling brands to reach a larger audience of consumers growing influencer marketing opportunities concurrently.

Examples of A.I. Influencers


Here, ‘MAVE’ is a new virtual girl group from Metaverse Entertainment (A subsidiary of Netmarble). The four members are MARTY:, TYRA:, ZENA:, and SIU:.

Picture from MAVE’s Official Instagram.

Moreover, Netmarble said that “They came from the future to find the freedom to express their emotions of what. The name of the group is derived from Make New Wave, as the girl group aims to create a new wave in the K-pop industry.”

Before the debut of MAVE: received attention before the debut. Since this girl group was co-designed by Metaverse Entertainment and Kakao Entertainment, which is the entertainment, media, and publishing subsidiary of internet company Kakao.

This is the first performance of MAVE with their debut song name ‘PANDORA’ at MBC.

CR: MBC Entertainment.


Rozy is a South Korean “virtual influencer,” a digitally created person who is so lifelike that people frequently think she is flesh and blood.

instagram: rozy.gram

Her personal motto is “Rosie, who loves fashion, running, yoga, and traveling around the world. I am the only one. I could be everyone.”

Instagram: rozy.gram

Older people would find it unusual for artificial individuals to communicate with actual people, according to Baik Seung Yeop, but Sidus Studio X claims that virtual influencers can speak to a younger generation of Koreans. The majority of the new generation’s habits are those of online-dominant digital citizens. And the interest in the digital world is growing. Cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, and Virtual Reality Virtual influencers will also remain on a novel path.

Rosie also has an impact on the “Non-violence” movement. Celebrities occasionally pull away from currently filming dramas. due to the issue of violence On the internet, there are a lot of rumors and bullying, but there are no scandals to worry about for virtual people. Includes the freedom from concerns over insignificant things like exhaustion or even the ups and downs of human emotions.

Sidus Studio X also said that “What we do is not take jobs away from people. But we do it to take the place of things people can’t do, like working around the clock or producing original stuff like flying. shooting in challenging environments, which is what we attempted to do for Rosie.

AI Ailynn

I-Irene is an SIA Bangkok agency metaverse human virtual influencer. Irene (Ailynn) was formed as a lady, age 21, and was born on Sunday, October 1, 2000. Her nickname is Ai (Ai).

AI Ailynn as virtual brand ambassador

Ai-Ailyn became AIS’s first Virtual Brand Ambassador.

The Metaverse Human is one component of the Metaverse movement that is becoming tangible and will offer digital experiences to our Thai users, according to Pratthana Leelapanang, Chief Consumer Business Officer at AIS. As a new member of the AIS Family, AIS has acquired Ai-Ailynn, the first virtual influencer in Thailand.

Instagram: ai_ailynn

For every lifestyle, she will bring the virtual world closer to the real one. Its new brand ambassador, Ai-Ailynn, is also AIS’s first virtual brand ambassador. In promoting the image of this new world, she will speak for AIS. Most importantly, she will be a trailblazer in creating various Virtual Communities.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku starts in Vocaloid(The software enables users to synthesize “singing” by typing in lyrics and melody and also “speech” by typing in the script of the required words.) Most people see how beautiful her voice is, so they decide to make songs with Hatsune Miku software. After that, when a bunch of songs were produced.

SEGA(Sega Corporation is a Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo.) has a brilliant idea to make a 3D music rhythm game in the Project Diva series.

Project Diva X Game play “Strangers”

Moreover, we can say that Hatsune Miku is an anime-style virtual influencer Hatsune Miku performs in virtual concerts and advertises products for the Japanese music industry. According to some estimates, there are now hundreds of well-known virtual influencers, and each one of them is made possible by a deft fusion of cutting-edge technology and human intelligence.

This is one of Hatsune Miku’s concerts which is very popular.

Senbonzakura – 千本桜 – Magical Mirai 2017

アイマリンプロジェクト (iMarine Project)

iMarine Project is a series of stories or creations focusing on and inspired by characters from the Umi Monogatari pachinko/slot machines, and the video below is just the first part of the newest “chapter” (the second song being part of a previous “chapter”). The main character, Marin, is quite popular and well-known when it comes to pachinko parlors, so it’s a way of branching out, giving another way to “enjoy” the character.

iMarine project vol.4
iMarine Project vol.3
アイマリンプロジェクト~iMarine Project~」キービジュアル - 八王子P×マーティ・フリードマンのコラボ曲、本日より配信  [画像・動画ギャラリー 3/6] - 音楽ナタリー

It also can be seen that iMarine Project is trying to beat the new era of the animation industry. For example, it said that this is the new way to illustrate the character in each chapter but not many companies do this project become successful.

iMarine Project also was hired to promote concerts as well. Producer said that “they did not expect that someday iMarine Project can hold a concert”.

This is why iMarine can show that A.I. Influencers can be more than just models and singers.


aespa is a four-member group consisting of vocalist Karina (Yu Jimin), the leader, and main dancer Winter (Kim Minjeong), the visual of Giselle (Uchinaga Eri). (Uchinaga Eri), the main rapper, and Ningning or Ning Yìzhuō (Níng Yìzhuō), the main vocalist and youngest member of the group (Maknae).

All 4 have replicas of ‘æs’ living in a parallel dimension. Computer graphic characters were designed from the faces of four artists. and graphic design and music videos with CGI, presented in the style of Cyber Sigilism, a Y2K style design that crosses retro and futuristic.

Speaking of aespa, another thing that can’t be mentioned is SM Cultural Universe or SMCU, a project that connects the storytelling of all bands in SM Entertainment together. this project The newness of SMCU may come with the numbness that fans have to go through deciphering what is in the world that SM is creating.

Next Level – photoshoot

Although it’s a group concept that seems a bit difficult to approach. But the popularity of the song and the group is a sign that SM fans are truly embracing aespa. Looking at the awards they’ve received since their debut, it’s undeniable that aespa is another group that has grown and achieved success. Done really quickly.

Black Mamba‘ is their first debut song which tells the story of their group concept.

ep.1 Black Mamba’ – SM Culture Universe‘ is a short series that expands their group story. Especially, this video shows audiences how AE was created.

What is the FUTURE of A.I. Influencers?

Considering how the market for AI influencers is developing and how much of an impact they have on Instagram and YouTube. They will, we can be certain, last for a very long time. One may anticipate a lot of activity because several influential brands aim to collaborate with these influencers in the upcoming years. We must remember that these are dummies, though.

The reason influencer marketing has become an especially gigantic industry is that “average” people see it as raising the brand for other “average” people. Relationships were and still are like a human By relying on trust and respect. Until now, this was something AI could do instead.

Despite the fact that AI influencers continue to expand, a complete company takeover seems quite implausible. Furthermore, more scrutiny is being directed at AI influencers than at any other aspect of the business.

What about you guys? Do you think that A.I. Influencer can cope users’ attention in the future? Please feel free to leave your comment under my blog post!

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