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Tik Tok is a social network for capturing music-driven short videos of dancing, freestyle dancing or acting. Creators are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and express themselves to the fullest. Tik Tok is designed for young creators; Tik Tok allows users to quickly and easily create unique short videos to share with friends and the world. Besides, Tik Tok is the new cultural benchmark for young creators and strives to empower even more creative people to be part of the content revolution. In the beginning, Tik Tok has been marketing by letting idols or Youtubers come in first, which has generated quite a following. In 2019, Tik Tok became popular among Thai users, especially teenagers, because of the cuteness of various features that are more than normal video recording. Within the Tik Tok application, in addition to sharing within the app, the user can also save it as a video file to share to other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The attractive gimmick and a large number of users is the reason why Tik Tok shouldn’t get banned. Moreover, Tik Tok is useful in many aspects of brand marketing.

It is undeniable that over time, the short video platform TikTok has become part of people’s lifestyles and has created a trend and phenomenon all over the world, including in Thailand. TikTok shouldn’t be banned because Tik Tok is not just a platform that encourages creators to entertain and laugh with their audiences, but TikTok is also a rich source of inspiring and socially beneficial content.


The reason why TikTok should not be banned is that TikTok can add happiness to users through videos with a lot of content, features and music. First of all, TikTok shouldn’t be banned because TikTok has songs that can make users happy. TikTok is the platform for rapid and successful growth; it has attracted a number of high-profile firms and personalities. Several superstars, including Andy Lau, swiftly exceeded the million mark in terms of new and casual followers in a short period of time. When Alibaba founder Jack Ma founded TikTok and began using it to disseminate knowledge on doing business, Alibaba, and Taobao, he began to use the medium to talk about his own entrepreneurial path. Besides, what makes TikTok extremely popular and should not be banned is that it allows users to upload nearly any type of content (with the exception of pornography, violence, and politics), such as humor, hobbies, fitness, travel, music, photography, dance, and so on. It is a significant problem. An individual’s diverse interests might result in a “model” of video content that people can learn about and share.


Music influences people’s emotions in some ways, and when the human brainstem senses the properties of music, the brainstem takes this feature as important or urgent information. This is the result when the brain, combined with the content of the video under the audio sensory stimulation of some uninteresting movie music, could suddenly give us a lot of new knowledge. This makes many contents in Tiktok easier for people to get information and knowledge. Furthermore, Tiktok shouldn’t be banned because Tiktok is an easy-to-use application that can edit videos perfectly. Using the TikTok application, users do not need to have a master editing skill because anyone can become a famous creator. This is because users can edit their own videos on their mobile phones with cute AR effects. This creates a variety of effects that can be fun, cute, interesting, and soundtracks from chart-topping hits without the need for copyright or even adding your own voice for others to use. This makes it easy for users to create content, and anyone can do it with hit songs and effects. It can now have high organic views without having to pay for products in the millions anymore. Apart from creating happiness in terms of video and music in TikTok, Application TikTok should not be banned because the app is smart and has a lot of interesting internal content.

TikTok’s AI system makes it possible to select only the content that people are interested in and display it based on their subscriptions. This is why many TikTok users tend to spend a lot of time on the app because they only have their own interests and would like to know or want to see more. This made them enjoy it unconsciously. And this is also the heart of the app, making each content on TikTok can really reach people who are interested. For these reasons, it can be seen that TikTok is a social media platform capable of creating content more effective than other platforms. In addition, 



The rapid proliferation among teenagers and the continued expansion of adult users has given TikTok an exponential growth rate, interesting, educational, and applicable. Moreover, it is an opportunity to market and communicate online marketing content or campaigns by analyzing the behaviour of the target audience using creative ideas and marketing them through TikTok. Running ads directly through the app or opting for influencers with brand-appropriate characters will help brand owners expand their reach to a wider audience. As a result, TikTok is a hot app and can create more revenue opportunities. And marketers shouldn’t overlook this app either. The TikTok app is designed to stay focused for long periods of time in keeping with today’s consumer behaviour. This allows users to enjoy looking forward to new things that will keep them entertained through interesting content. The fact that video content on TikTok is well engaged compared to other platforms means it has a greater chance of generating brand recognition.

Tiktok is home to Influencers, Celebrities and Celebrities; this brings users closer to celebrities. For example, the Duets feature can combine favourite videos with the user’s own videos. Moreover, influencers have a completely different way of reviewing their products than they do on other platforms that everyone knows they’ve been hired for. This is a 15-second constructive review and unique content or campaign that makes it easier to go viral and be delivered to a more diverse audience. Many brands agree that making short clips is the answer and focus of influencers on TikTok quite a bit. At present, there are many new influencers rate, making TikTok itself open for buying Customer Influencer packages for brands that want to market easily.

TikTok app is social media in the form of a Short Video Platform, which can easily answer the behaviour of smartphone users who want to be celebrity creators. Thus, this gives a lot of people the opportunity to earn money through the application, which is considered useful and should not be banned. In 2021, Tiktok will have over 400 million daily active users, with its average age rating being 13-34 years old, with an average time spent using the app at 52 minutes per day. Interesting growth stats show that TikTok is an opportunity that should be seized. The reason people are attracted to the TikTok app is not only its smartphone-friendliness but also its functions that help attract more and more users every day.


Playing a social media application like Tik means that it can enable users to be aware of daily news and current events. For example, playing the TikTok app can allow users to know the movement of idols or current events such as politics or entertainment news, news, etc. This is another advantage that makes many people download the Tik Tok app. For example, the Tik Tok app can use music for the video’s soundtrack. This makes the news content that consists of music easily accessible to users interested in listening to the news. Some people may live in the same old framework and may not be open to the new things that come into their daily lives. Some people might just eat, sleep and play games that don’t know the new things that come into their lives, but using social media apps like TikTok or Facebook will help them learn more. Users can know the movements of many people who are playing this app and can know new things that are trending at that time. As a result, playing the Tik Tok app will help users to relieve more stress because, within the Tik Tok app, there will be many things and trends for users to choose from and choose to follow.


TikTok app should not be banned because the TikTok app is an application that enhances assertiveness for users. Being assertive is a good thing; therefore, playing this Tik Tok app will help users to be more assertive as they dare to take the camera and post videos for the world to see. One of TikTok’s standouts is that it’s a space that creates the phenomenon of raising creators from ordinary people, not necessarily celebrities or celebrities. Ordinary people are able to create their own identities and expand their creative content on the platform without limitations. Besides, Tik Tok has resulted in many creators being born on the TikTok platform and becoming a big star until they can be developed into a career creator that makes a steady income.


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Salanwalai CharncherngpanichSalanwalai CharncherngpanichMay 16, 2024


  • Natchaya says:

    TikTok is one of the most popular applications having users in many generation, so the contents are also varied and useful to the audience.

  • Laksanawadee says:

    Personally, I think TikTok is a reason many children have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I don’t think TikTok should be banned but it should be under the supervision of parents such as a time limit.

  • Praewa Jabjaitrong says:

    So I things every application have 2 opposite side positive and negative including in this case of tiktik.

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