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Several people might have the question  “What is value” , each person might have different definitions of this word that sometimes it is neither wrong nor right. However, most of the research on the internet alway mentions or claims that the values in this term mean a set of moral principles shaped by social institutions, education, traditions, culture, and mass determination. These things have become the norm for the proper conduct of the masses of people in each society which can be considered as a stereotype or the social framework in which caregivers want people in that society to be.  

In the modern day, there are a variety of factors, especially media that cause or damage the old values in some societies and lead to the rebirth of values in that society. So, the first thing that every reader should or needs to know and understand is “What is media” , in the term of the word called “media” mean the word refers to various communication channels that allow people to inquire, publish or receive news through a media platform for marketing or general social and personal benefits. The media itself can be divided into various forms or various types such as social media, print media or broadcast media, and many more.

For this reason, the media has become an important factor which influence the change in their traditional values or create the new values in those societies in present. Even so, on occasion, the media may not change or create new thought stereotypes for people inside the society, but it will emphasize the strength of those values to become more intense. Still, it cannot be clearly defined in the social sphere as to whether it is good for majority in those society or not, as it depends on personal and individual option. To exemplify, in a country like Thailand, most parents or acquaintances want their children to work as doctors mainly because they believe that if their children or acquaintances can become a doctor, they will be successful and able to hold the showpiece of their family. From the belief that a person who can be a doctor must be a clever person and have high patience, this profession was the top demand that people would choose for their descendants in Thailand. Anywise, in fact, not the only medical profession that can be successful or honored but other professions such as architects, teachers, financiers, and many more can be successful in life and earn the same honors as well. Moreover, most media in Thailand also support this stereotype in many ways especially in thai drama which show the admiration or success of the doctor or the protagonist in most dramas will be a doctor because that role can receive a good or higher profile in society.

The influence occurs by media and society

Most of the media formats that create social values come from series, drama, or beauty standards. The media like series and drama have high impact to create or change the norm in society because a number of citizens in most countries especially in Chinese, Korea, United States of America, Thailand and many more love to watch drama or series because it consist of a several of advantage such as reducing stress, motivating, or entertaining. Because of that, drama and series have a perfect influence on creating values for the people in each society. In addition, it is not very different from the beauty standard which is another medium that can be formed by other media on a diversity of platforms, whether it is social media, print media or broadcast media.

How does it create value?

A key principle that best illustrates how powerful the media creates new values is Blaxploitation. Many people might wonder “what is Blaxploitation” , this is a type of film that occurs by black people to express their own culture to others and it is created from black people for black people. This type of film has gained immense popularity with the majority of people all over the world, thus creating new values for Hollywood’s filmmaking organization that has begun to bring black people to play in an important or main role that are not just prisoners or people under control of white people like a servant. Moreover, this phenomenon also weakens the racial values of each country, especially the United States.

There are also other examples of how the values in each society are influenced by the media such as beauty standards or the image of a celebrity that the media has set their supposed values in South Korea. In a country like South Korea, it set the norm for celebrities like K-pop idols to have a pure and innocent image or have an external appearance that along with the “Korean beauty standard” which are small face, pale skin, larger eyes, and slim figure. For that reason, if people do not fit in that standard they are called below standard and will make it difficult for a lot of chance, especially the ones that are very competitive, which can lose the opportunity at some point as most people choose to recruit and hire people who are up to the standard in society better. Then, it can be said that the influence from society causes the value and becomes the measuring for standard in many opportunities. 

It is good that social values are influenced by the media?

However, many people might have a discussion about whether good or not social values ​​are influenced by the media. In fact, it should be answered that it depends on the values in each value. Some values make each society develop, but some values make society become toxic.

For example, the values that can be seen as toxic to society are the image values that most of the idols in South Korea or which are called K-pop idols should have. What happens if they act differently than those values? In this case, let us take an example of a former K-pop idol from f(x) named Choi Jin ri or her stage name “Sulli” . These women recieve the damage from those values because most people want her to have the appearance like the value that they already set for her which are pure and innocent. Still, at the point where she misbehaves from what her fans and society have set for her, that is, her admitting that her relationship with her boyfriend is destroying the values society has set for idols. Then it was the beginning of her anti-fan which can be called a nightmare for Sulli because she had to receive a number of hate speech and bad comments in her own social media such as instagram’s post on instagram live and many more. As a result, on October 14, 2019 around 3:20 pm. her manager found her dead body at her home in Seongnam, the cause of death is presumed to be sucide and the police also have found a diary that describes her feeling and her own death has been linked by the media to the tragic state that was caused by cyber harassment. So, this case can be said that she did not kill herself, but she was killed by society for which most of the reasons come from the values that are already set by the society. In addition, there are also many more victims who have lost their lives because those values occur by the media and society.

However, there are still good values that develop society to become more open in this nowadays. For instance, many people in Thailand right now are more accepting for LGBTQ+, although it is not yet legal to allow for same-sex marriage, but it is much more open compared to previous generations. This can be seen with the media producing more LEBTQ+ romance series such as I Told Sunset About You, Theory of Love, 2gether The series or A tale of thousand stars and many more can receive large number of viewers in those series, it is clear that media has been one of the main influences for people to start better acceptance of gender diversity and highly respect for gender diversity as human beings. Although some parts of society, such as the older generation, may not be 100% accepting of this gender diversity, they are more accepting and open compared to the past in the country like Thailand.

As a result, most values receive the influence from media and society to create the new values or support those traditional values to become stronger. However, most of the media-influenced social values ​​consist of values ​​that have both good and bad consequences. All of the value depends on how people in society receive and deal with their own society. The value can be the standard for society but people can judge for themselves whether it is a valid value or not. Media might be a main factor in creating values to lead the social movement but if people are unable to differentiate between values and what they should do to create the harmony or peace in society. It is not the fault of the media that influences these values, but rather it is the discretion of the people in each society.

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