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What really is “Birth control”

     To the best of our knowledge, according to the current article about pregnancy, it’s clear that the early pregnancy rates among adolescents under 20 years of age is likely to continue to increased. On 2020, there having a premature pregnancy rate of 31.3 : 1,000 people across and most of them are the youths under 20 years old. It turned out that these mistakes are all caused by the irresponsibility and carelessness of both young boy and girl. Therefore, contraceptives play a role in solving and preventing such serious problems in both youth and adults who have already reached the age of majority.  So, at this point you probably want to know a lot more about birth control. Keep reading on, I will explain further to you.

Types of birth control


As the matters of fact, as we usually know that there are two types of birth control processing. So, I would love to describe it one by one topics for you to more easier understand.

  • The first is temporary contraception. Actually, this is the most popular method for teenagers and adults because it is not difficult and mostly can fully help contraception as well. Furthermore, including the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases as well. By the method include using of contraceptive pills, using condoms, and even hormones medical drugs. Unfortunately, this approach is still vulnerable to errors. Because there are still many people who get pregnant despite the use of such methods of contraception. According to sexuality research, temporary contraception can also cause pregnancy and STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) through other secretions such as saliva and etc.
  • The second process is permanent contraception or what we called “sterilization”. By its definition, it is to prevent either party whoever male or female from inducing a pregnancy. However, this process requires surgery which contains a higher risk than temporary contraception. It is vital to note that a through consultation with a medical expert is necessary prior to surgery for the patient’s safety.

     From what I said above, you would have a brief understanding of the types and importance of birth control. So, I convince you to keep on reading because I am going to talk about more important information in the next topic.

Advantages and disadvantages of birth control

     It is important to keep in mind that every single thing has its own drawbacks. Although contraception has many advantages, it is definitely like a double edged sword because within its wonderful effective advantages, there are serious drawbacks hiding in the crack of error.

Advantages of birth control

     As the matters of fact, the advantages of birth control depend on each type of birth control. Each type will have different advantages or less. It is mainly divided into two types. For instance,

  • The advantage of using condom is it can be purchased easily in every continent store. It is comfortable and easy to use and demolished. Also, there are many different designs to choose depending on individual preferences and size. It also helps prevent transmitted diseases for both people or more as well.
  • The second one is the advantage of using birth control pills. According to medical research, birth control pills have a very low percentage of failure. If taking the medication as prescribed and if it’s a combination birth control pills between estrogen and progestin. It can helps reduce abdominal cramping during menstruation as well.  It also helps reduce other symptoms that may occur during menstruation. Additionally, the use of contraceptives is harmless to women with a history of hypertension.

Obviously, contraception has many advantages but do not forget that everything has its own two aspects which are the disadvantages of contraception.

Disadvantages of contraception

     Based on the advantages mentioned above. The disadvantages of contraception can completely change our view of itself forever.

  • The disadvantages of using condom is in terms of preventing pregnancy. For men it could only protect them by 82% and women is only 72% of protection. Some women have also commented that wearing a condom makes them feel weird while having a sexual activity. Depending on the texture of those condoms that the man he chooses.
  • For contraception pills, the chance of failure is as high as 8% with a lack of adherence to medication. It can also cause nausea, vomiting, acne, and even decreased libido.

Birth control in media

     The fact is contraception is one of the top media issues in the country. Due to the early pregnancy is a very important issue and very huge problems in Thailand. In every years children between 15-18 years of age become pregnant as a result of not having use any protecting during sexual activity. Some examples of media coverage include:

Birth control / Contraception: All the essential you should know

     So far as we know, in simple terms, contraception is the protection against accidental or unwanted pregnancy that can occur after sexual event between a man and woman. Moreover, it acts as a protection against sexually transmitted diseases in both men and women including another sex as well as other diseases such as AIDs, Gonorrhea and warts that often occur from secretions during sexual event.

     Furthermore, we will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of contraception in a nutshell by starting with its advantages. It can be easy to use and quickly provided together with a satisfying results such as wearing a condom or using the pills including a hormonal contraceptives injected into the bloodstream. But the disadvantages are far greater than the advantages because either method comes with a highly risks which might effects to your health depending on the method of contraception used. For an example is using condoms does not prevent pregnancy by 100% as it was announced because there are many people still faced those problems even though they used this protection protocol and pills and hormones injections. This method poses the greatest risk to your physical health. This may be the cause of side-effects after the procedure such as vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, loss of energy

 How does the society react to the usage of birth control ?

  This is a smart question that everyone would really want to find out. So, through extensive research and interviews with many peoples. The results are more than 90 % of people are in flavor of contraception. Much more higher rate than in the past at a time when the society and population are still unacceptable. Currently, what they want is a method that can effectively prevent pregnancy with the lowest risks to their health. By the way, the choices is different depends on those countries culture. Therefore, in Thailand, the use of condoms is the most popular among males.

     It turned out that of course, contraception has many satisfied benefits based on what I mentioned above. In addition to helping to reduce the chances of an accidental pregnancy, it also reduces the chances of infection of a contagious disease. Moreover, it makes sex more safety which is a nature of every live being. But do not ignore its advantages, because if you use it too many times, it may cause a negative effects to your physical body especially the use of oral contraceptives.

     Furthermore, there is also another very popular method “Coitus interruptus (also known as withdrawal method) is a method of contraception that is normal when a man has sex in the early stages until he started to feels very close to ejaculation. The man will withdraw his private organ from the vagina before the climax and ejaculate semen outside the woman’s vagina instead. This method prevents sperm from entering the vagina and into the cervix. Another key to remember, it’s a method that has a very high chances of mistakes because during sexual activity, there may be some of the survive sperm coming out of the male’s slime. For those reason it might be because of when the man withdraws his penis in time to reach the climax. Therefore, some part of the sperm can accidentally enter the vagina without any notification.

     In conclusion, I sincerely hope that what I have mentioned before will benefit everyone who read my article and helps many people to find the best process and suitable way to use contraception themselves. The information I have mentioned above may not cover the full spectrum of birth control-related content. But, I assure you that there is definitely important content, especially the process’s advantages and disadvantages of contraception which is extremely important I guarantee. Thank you for reading my article to the last part and I hope you all learned more or less from my article blog. Remember, it is better to be safe than to feel guilty after making a huge mistake. Because if you get pregnant without preparation, remember that it is not just only your couple who are in a serious trouble, but there is another life that is born and that life cannot be assessed.

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