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       So today, I would like to recommend an easy and healthy menu to all you guys, and you can do it easily by yourself at home. Let’s do it, then your health will become heartier than Captain America. 

The first menu that I would like to recommend is Thai western food called “Laab Moo”



Laab Moo ingredients 

o   300 g minced pork

o   ½ cup water

o   2 spring onions, sliced

o   2 mint leaves

o   2 stalks of parsley

o   Shallots, sliced 3 cloves

o   2 tbsp chili powder

o   2 tbsp fish sauce

o   2 tablespoons of lemon juice

o   2 tablespoons roasted rice

o   ½ teaspoon sugar

How to make Laab Moo

STEP 1: Roast Pork

TIP: Adding water to the pork will help the pork to be juicy and not stiff and should use a ladle to crush the pork apart


STEP 2: Seasoned the roasted pork

Scoop the cooked pork and put it in a mixing bowl.

Add seasonings, chili powder, fish sauce, roasted rice and sugar and mix well.

Then add lemon, parsley, sliced shallots, boiled onions, parsley, and mint leaves. Then mix to combine.


STEP 3: Serve

Scoop “Laab Moo” onto the plate you want to serve. Seasoning with garnished with fried dried chili and mint leaves. You can eat with vegetables. That’s all!


     See! super easy “Laab Moo” menu that you can do it by your own, just a few steps. Not much preparation just so we can enjoy it like eating at Somtum restaurant. Whoever wants to secretly take this recipe of Larb Moo to sell, let’s try it. 


     Let take a grant the benefits of this menu. There are a lot of benefits of the Laab Moo because the vegetable that put into the menu like spring onion, mint leave, parsley, and shallots. A lot of people may Aww of it because of strong scent, but they need to know of the wonderful properties of them and be open mind because when I try those with Laab Moo it is very great combination. 



Spring onion

o   Spring onion has ‘Flavonoid’ substance which can prevent the cancer

o   It prevented constipation and reduced cholesterol in the bloodstream

o   It created antioxidant and immune system 

o   It contained with calcium phosphorus to protect the osteoporosis

o   It can prevent Anemia

o   It contained quercetin which is effective in preventing inflammation, bacteria and viruses, and allergic reactions. And it can slow down aging

o   It can cure colds, stuffy nose, runny nose, reduce fever

o   It can apply to skin to heal insect bite and stings

o   It can stimulate the secretion of milk

o   It can reduce fat in the bloodstream

o   It is the natural helminthic because it can excrete parasite in body 

Mint leave

o   Mint leave help to moisturize the skin

o   Peppermint can remove free radical from the body

o   It is used as a cold medicine, quenching heat, and sweating in the body

o   It helped to maintain eyesight

o   It helps maintain and maintain eyesight and reduce dark circles under the eyes

o   It can relieve stress and dizzy, heal headache and migraine and clear the brain and throat

o   It can treat asthma

o   It can helps treat bronchitis

o   It can help keep the heart healthy

o   It can help to heal the exhaustion of the body 

o   It helps stop bad breath as well.

o   It helps expel the wind in the intestines and aid in digestion

o   It helps treat diarrhea, abdominal pain, and dysentery

o   It can be made an antibiotic

o   It can help inhibit various pathogens and the bacteria growth

o   It can help to relieve toothache, sore mouth, sore tongue, and throat pain

o   It can heal mouth sores

o   It can heal and relieve ear pain 


o   Parsley has high antioxidants which can help to slow down the deterioration of cell body.

o   It is useful to maintain bones and teeth

o   It can help to inhibit and slow down the growth of cancer and prevent the cancer 

o   It can well maintain balance in body and stimulate body



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     The second menu I would like to recommend the “Omelet soup with minded pork” This menu is easy and prefer for children so munch and adult who don’t know what you want to eat. Let’s try this menu. It might take you to be a child for a while because this menu most of mom love to do for her children before they went to school.


Minced Pork Ingredients

o   Minced pork 150 g.

o   1/4 teaspoon ground pepper

o   Mushroom soy sauce 1 tsp.

o   1/2 teaspoon soy sauce

o   1/4 teaspoon fish sauce

Eggs raw material

o   3 eggs

o   Fish sauce 1½ tsp.

o   Vegetable oil for frying

Soup Ingredients

o   Coriander root, crushed 1 root

o   White cabbage, cut into pieces 50 g.

o   3 cloves of smashed garlic

o   Pepper ½ tsp.

o   Mushroom soy sauce 2 teaspoons

o   Fish sauce 2 tsp.

o   Coarse salt ⅛ teaspoon

o   3 cups of water

o   Spring onion sliced 2 tbsp.

o   Coriander, chopped 2 tbsp.

o   Fried garlic for garnish


How to make “Omelet soup with minded pork”

STEP 1: Marinate minced pork

– Mix minced pork, ground pepper, mushroom soy sauce, fish sauce and mix well. Marinate for 15-20 minutes.


STEP 2: Make Water Eggs

– Beat enough eggs and season with fish sauce and mix well. Fry the beat eggs in vegetable oil while hot. When cooked, scoop up and cut into pieces and set aside.

– Add water to the same pan, add coriander roots, garlic, peppercorns. When boiling, mold the marinated pork into round balls and boil until cooked, add salt and keep the bubbles removed.

– Season soup with soy sauce, fish sauce, stir well, add lettuce until cooked. Add the prepared omelets.


STEP 3: Serve

– Stir well enough to scoop into a container, sprinkle with spring onions, coriander, fried garlic and serve.

     For the second menu even, the vegetable is not as verity as the first menu, but the white cabbage composed a lot of benefits than you think! When you eat the hot fresh.


1.    White cabbage  

o   White cabbage increased immune system 

o   It contains with calcium to be strengthen teeth and bones

o   It can help quench thirst 

o   It can make muscles work normally

o   It can be strengthening the blood vessels wall

o   Calcium in white cabbage can reduce high blood pressure

o   It contains ‘Organ sulfide’ and ‘Flavonoid’ which can protect the cancer and coronary artery disease

o   It can protect the colorectal cancer

o   It can heal the high blood pressure disease

o   It contributes to prevent the night blindness

o   It can prevent and heal treat scurvy 

o   It helps to eliminate toxins, waste, and heavy metals from the body

o   White cabbage contains ‘Folate’ an essential nutrient for the growth of the fetus during the first three months

o   It is strengthening the red blood cells

o   It helps to cure nosebleeds

o   It helps to cure bloody vomiting

o   It helps relieve sore throat (leaves)

o   It aids in digestion (turnip, leaves)

o   It can relieve flatulence

o   It helps to cure diarrhea (turnip, seeds, leaves)

o   It helps to cure and relieve constipation

     See! These two menus contain a lot of benefits than you think. Don’t forget to try it and let share for us. I hope all you guys enjoy of these menus and be careful of eating. Don’t forget to wash your hand before eating.  Be love yourself and the good health and immune system will protect you from disease.     


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