Stress Anxiety and Depression In Today’s Society

Stress Anxiety and Depression In Today’s Society

April 11, 2020 0 By Ponrath Sopannarath

Being stress, anxiety or even depression could happen to anyone at any ages and it is normal. There are always ways to reduce these kind of mental illnesses.

In today’s society, there are many things going on around us such as, work, school, relationship, society and social media. All these factions can lead to our mental disorders which can happen to anyone. Some of you might wondering how can social media lead us to those kind of mental illnesses. This is deeper than we actually thought, moreover, it can also lead to mental disorders.

How can social media can harm our mental health?

Due to the fact that social media has provide us a lot of benefits, such as we can easily talk to our friends through via, update news, online shopping or even update our own life for other people to know. In contrast, the drawback of the social media can easily attack us, take bullying as an example, people can easily say things or comment things that can hurt your feeling. Along with seeing other people life, to clarify this state, if you are working so hard and see someone on your social media traveling around the world with a happy life, you might also started to look down on yourself without knowing. If this happens a lot to you it can lead to some of mental illness.

Do not forget that it is fine to not be fine. We do not have to pretend to be happy if we are not. We do not have to hide the feeling if we are sad. What matter here is to find the way to make us happy again.


Stress, most of people might have been experiencing in this situation before, as a result, it is a normal part of our life. First of all, Stress is a typical reaction, feeling and emotion of tension in our body when things or life has change, no matter if it is a negative or a positive ways. Both changes can causes stress in our body with mental health, physical health or even emotion.

There are so many factors that can produce stress, for instance, overworked or even the society that we live in. If we do not try to relief stress, it can lead to distress which can cause the effect in our body such as headache or even pain in the chest or stomach. These effects in our body and emotion come along with the mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, which is more serious than stress.


Anxiety disorders is a feeling of worry, it is also a form of a mental health diagnosis which can lead to over nervous and fear. It is a situation when we become more over thinking about some event that it is not supposed to be thinking that much. Anxiety can change people’s behaviour and emotion. It can be ambiguous but meanwhile it could effect our daily life through out our behave and emotion.


Depression disorder, there is a line between sad or depress. Some of you might wondering if you are now experiencing depression or not. Below this are some of the signs of the depression.

  • You might be sad or cry for no reason.
  • You get angry with things easily.
  • You loose interest of doing something that you used to like.
  • No motivation or energy to do anything.
  • Eating more or less than you use to.
  • You might also do not want to interact with people.
  • You do not see anything in this world that seem to interested you.
  • Sometimes you might hate yourself and stared to want to hurt yourself.
  • you might also blame everything on yourself and telling yourself that you are not good enough.
  • You might want to disappear from this world.

Depression is a serious mental illness which can happen to anyone. It might sound negative to have a depression but it is normal that people could experience once in life . Due to the fact that people have a different experience in life and people go though a lot of stuff such as family problems, school or the society that the person lives in which can causes this illness. Fortunately, it can be prevent in so many ways.

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Type Of Treatment And Way To Prevent And Reduce

Natural Treatment

To prevent those kind of feelings or mental disorder, we can easily start from ourselves by changing some of our behaviour. Some of routine that we do everyday could lead to stress, anxiety or even depression. To change our routine is not easy but for our own benefits it would be worth it.

  • Begin with setting goals. First we could start as a day by day goal, then setting a goal for weeks, month, years and then life. As we all know that if we are in those kind of that situation, it is very hard to keep ourselves motivating. This is one of the way to stimulate ourselves.
  • Go out and do something new by going out to find some news experience and new things to do can clear our mind.
  • Take a deep breath and listen to relaxing music.
  • Exercise, it does not have to be a serious exercise. It could only be just by walking or running to clear our thought and mind. This can help you to get rid of endorphins along with improving sleep.
  • Some of you might take caffeine as a usual daily life. The highly amount of caffein can increase stress and anxiety. It is better to reduce caffeine.
  • Get enough sleep at night.
  • Try not to keep everything with your self. Try to write it down, such as what you have done today or what make you happy even if it is a small thing.
  • Decrease the time on social media. Set an amount of time that you could use the internet and do something else. For example reading books, playing with your pet, cleaning house, or even watering plants.
  • Chewing gum can also help you more relax and reduce stress.
  • Spend more time with family and friends.

Medical Treatment

Apart from those natural treatment, if those steps still do not work, seeing therapist could also be an affective way. A lot of people have been though these kind of situations without knowing and it is getting worse day by day. In contrast some know but might try to avoid to get the treatment. Along with some of our societies still do not really openly accepted to go to therapist treatment. Therapist can provide us the way to prevent these kind of mental illness, along with they can analyse the situation of people. If they are in a very serious state where they should take some medicine, therapist would be able to give them in a reasonably amount. Taking medicine can help the balance the symptom in our body, so we will be able to control our feelings or mood. In other words, medicine could effectively prevent those mental illness.

Just to remind, being stress, anxiety and depression are not something we have to hide and it is not wrong. It is better to find a way to reduce them and to help each other out.