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Author: Media & Society


Why Hollywood Does Not Represent Us 

Today’s proposal is a resolution on the impact of Hollywood films and Hollywood thought on this anti-American phenomenon abroad. First, the question is not whether Hollywood is responsible for anti-Americanism abroad, but whether Hollywood is contributing to that anti-Americanism. It’s one way Hollywood fuels anti-Americanism…

pop culture icons

how K-Pop Took Over The World 

K-Pop has now become at least a well-known entity in the traditional collective consciousness. In all its kaleidoscopic, dreamy and fantastic all-round glory, K-pop has quickly become one of the greatest forces not only in the music industry, but in pop culture itself. K-pop, more…

media impact society

Media’s Impact on Society 

As an authority, the media has a huge impact on society in shaping popular opinion. The media can manipulate, influence, persuade, and pressure society, sometimes controlling the world in positive and negative ways; mentally, physically, and emotionally. The media has the power to influence the…

movie tropes

Typical Tropes in Western Movies 

Western Showdown Tropes Just because a trope is popular doesn’t mean it’s a cliché. According to Story Grid’s analysis, a western is not just a cowboy story, and cowboys don’t just exist in westerns. Westerns are often set on the American frontier in the second…