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Why Hollywood Does Not Represent Us 

Today’s proposal is a resolution on the impact of Hollywood films and Hollywood thought on this anti-American phenomenon abroad. First, the question is not whether Hollywood is responsible for anti-Americanism abroad, but whether Hollywood is contributing to that anti-Americanism. It’s one way Hollywood fuels anti-Americanism…

pop culture icons

how K-Pop Took Over The World 

K-Pop has now become at least a well-known entity in the traditional collective consciousness. In all its kaleidoscopic, dreamy and fantastic all-round glory, K-pop has quickly become one of the greatest forces not only in the music industry, but in pop culture itself. K-pop, more…

media impact society

Media’s Impact on Society 

As an authority, the media has a huge impact on society in shaping popular opinion. The media can manipulate, influence, persuade, and pressure society, sometimes controlling the world in positive and negative ways; mentally, physically, and emotionally. The media has the power to influence the…

media and political correctness
culture, Society

Media & Political Correctness 

The article deals with issues related to the apparent crisis of the ideology of political correctness in relation to the media landscape of Western countries (including the media, the public sphere and the Internet). Nesrin Malik, a Guardian columnist, has covered many of the cultural…

movie tropes

Typical Tropes in Western Movies 

Western Showdown Tropes Just because a trope is popular doesn’t mean it’s a cliché. According to Story Grid’s analysis, a western is not just a cowboy story, and cowboys don’t just exist in westerns. Westerns are often set on the American frontier in the second…