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In the modern era, where differences have no boundaries, individuals have a wide range of options when choosing their ideal companion. That is something that many directors have noticed, and that is where many films and series that tell the story of boys’ love began. And let’s go deeper Why do so many people fall in love with Boy Love relationships? And in the real world, is the life of these boys the same as the series has been portrayed?

What is BL series…?

Some of you may know what the Boy Love series is, but for many of you who may not yet know, Boy Love, also known as BL, is a genre of media which is referred to as “YAOI,” that originated in Japan and features romantic relationships between male characters. It often includes themes of love, intimacy, and emotional connection between two male characters. Boy Love can be found in various forms of media, including manga, anime, novels, and TV series.

Boy Love series typically focus on the development of romantic relationships between two male characters, and may explore themes such as societal expectations, coming out, and acceptance. While Boy Love series are primarily aimed at a female audience, they have gained popularity among audiences of all genders and sexual orientations. 

The series’ first entry is titled “JAPAN,” which is about boys

The protagonists of the television series “Y Series” are all men. It comes from the Japanese animation “Manga,” which is different from other four-channel cartoons since it emphasizes lines more so than forms and shadows. The manga, which tells the narrative of two men named YAOI (YA-O-I), first gained popularity among readers who want gender diversity a long time ago and created a large audience by transforming cartoons into popular fiction or dramas.

In Thailand, the Boy love series begins

Thailand’s YAOI culture, particularly in the film sector, is steadily becoming more and more active as the world becomes ready for cultural and technology exchanges. 

As a result of the East Asian region’s prohibition on the production of YAOI series with male protagonists. Thus, the Thailand-produced Y series became immediately well-known. The first popular story in Thailand was “Love of Siam,” which gained popularity in 2007. 

Conveying a love story in many aspects through “Love of Siam

Part of the film depicts the love story of two handsome young men who grew up and bonded since childhood, and the film “Love of Siam” also presents the confusion of the characters’ sexualities.

The Love of Siam film generated 42 million baht in revenue during the course of its fifteen-year run. Unavoidably, the success of the film Love of Siam has given rise to a trend of Thai films featuring attractive actors and a love story between same-sex students, particularly those in high school. The Y trend, also known as YAOI, popularized media portraying male homosexuals as teenagers, and it also contributed to the rise of YAOI, which has continued to this day in the Thai film industry.

Other popular stories in Thailand since then have included Love Sick The Series (Love Sick Teens) in 2014, SOTUS The Series, among others.

Why do so many people fall in love with Boy Love relationships?

The popularity of the Boy Love (BL) series has increased significantly in recent years, and it is not surprising that many people have fallen in love with the characters and their relationships. However, the reasons for this phenomenon are complex and multifaceted.

One possible explanation is that BL series often portray relationships that are not often depicted in mainstream media. In many cultures, same-sex relationships are still considered taboo, and it can be challenging for LGBTQ+ individuals to find media representation that reflects their experiences. Boy Love series offer a space for LGBTQ+ individuals to see themselves represented in a positive light, which can be incredibly affirming and empowering.

Another reason why BL series are so popular is the emotional depth and complexity of the relationships portrayed. They often focus on the emotional connection between two characters, exploring themes of love, trust, and vulnerability. These relationships are often developed slowly over time, allowing viewers to become emotionally invested in the characters and their storylines.

Trailer for the series “Until We Meet Again the Series”

Furthermore, the BL series can also be seen as a form of escapism. Many viewers find comfort in the romanticized world portrayed in BL series, where love is unconditional, and characters overcome obstacles to be together. This is particularly appealing in times of stress or uncertainty when people may be looking for a way to escape from the pressures of daily life.

Ex: My School President series

This series offers engaging plots with a cheerful sense of humor, diverse characters and lively background music together with boyish charm and limitless charisma, both leads personify the ideal teen heartthrob. They overwhelm me in a high school romantic fantasy that perfectly captures the delighted feeling of falling in love.

Feel-good high school romance series “My School President”

Finally, BL series can also be enjoyed simply as a form of entertainment. The characters and storylines are often engaging and well-written, and viewers may find themselves invested in the plot and the outcome of the story.

Although in the eyes of many people, the boy love series does not seem to have much substance. In fact, some BL series these days also convey a lot of other things, such as sexual openness, problems in society and LGBTQ+. There are more stories than teenage love, high school life, college life, but also investigation and family life.

Boy Love Series’ first hidden thriller plot

“Manner of Death”

The “Manner of Death” series is a reversal of the Y-Thai series because it is the story of a forensic doctor who is involved and attached to a man he believes is a murderer. It is the first investigative Boy love series in the industry that has created a buzz for both Thai and international fans.

The series is an adaptation of the mystery novel by Mr. Sammon or Dr. Isree Siriwanakulthorn, which combines murder investigations with medical and love stories. Additionally, filmmakers and writers have the courage to reflect and expose society’s realities, such as corruption, human trafficking, drug use, and prostitution, as well as the authority figures’ influence and power in society.

A 30-year-old forensic physician who transferred to a small town in northern Thailand is the subject of the series. Then, however, his friend mysteriously passed away, and when the body was discovered, there were traces that might be indicative of murder. The primary suspect replaced the boyfriend of his friend. However, the more he looked for information about his friend’s death, the greater the risk to his life became because everything was connected to the politics of the lord in charge and the mysterious relationship between a working-age man and a forensic doctor.

Another series that is very interesting is Moonlight Chicken. In addition to the story of love between the main couple, there is also a secondary couple that conveys an interesting relationship, with Li Ming, the persona that stands in for those who are still searching for themselves. He’s just a normal teenager who doesn’t know what to study or work in the future. Despite the fact that we believe Li Ming has a plan in mind, he simply is afraid that no one will understand it if he shares it.

Another very interesting character is Heart, a boy around Li Ming’s age who could not hear. In other words, he has been deaf for about 3 years and he has not been allowed to go out. Heart is a character who lives a unique lifestyle and doesn’t have any close connections with others. The group of people that Heart represents are often ignored and misunderstood by society, with little chance of living a conventional life. The series’ decision to include Heart as a character sheds more light on this group and could potentially open up more social opportunities for them.

These two characters are considered to represent people who are going through a conflict between generations, family relationship problems, and self-understanding, surrounded by physical problems as well.

The two series that have been used as examples can show how the Boy love series industry has grown and advanced in many different ways. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that the Thai boy love series market is capable of expanding quickly and competing with that of other nations.

Additionally, this kind of series offers the chance to develop “soft power” for Thailand so that the rest of the world can learn more about it in terms of tourism, cuisine, or traditional Thai medicine. For example, the 2020 series called “I Told Sunset About You” (known in Thai as แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ) not only makes couples like “Teh and Oh-aew” well-known but this series is thought of as a soft power medium that brings Phuket alive again. It can be said that tourists’ movement to locations in the series like Ya nui Beach, Promthep Cape, Phuket Thai Hua Museum, Kopitiam shop, Soi Rommanee, and Sang Tham Shrine, among others, helps to boost the local economy and make people in Phuket happy again.

Promthep Cape

Ya nui Beach

Kopitiam shop

I Told Sunset About You OST used Soi Rommanee as a location in MV

Phuket Thai Hua Museum

Soi Rommanee

Sang Tham Shrine

Do these boys’ lives in the real world represent those in the tv series?

It’s significant to note that “Boys love” (BL) is a genre of media that typically depicts romantic or sexual relationships between men. While it is possible for some aspects of BL to be similar to real-life experiences, it’s important to remember that BL is a work of fiction and may not accurately represent the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals in real life.

Additionally, the portrayal of BL in media can vary widely depending on the specific work and the creators behind it. Some BL series may present a more realistic portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships and the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals face in society, while others may rely on harmful stereotypes or overly idealized depictions of queer romance.

In general, it’s important to approach all media with a critical eye and to recognize that it is often influenced by cultural and societal norms, as well as the perspectives and biases of the creators. When it comes to depictions of LGBTQ+ individuals in media, it’s especially important to seek out diverse and authentic representation and to listen to the experiences and perspectives of real-life LGBTQ+ individuals as well.

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