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Statistics shows that there are more than millions of cats waiting for adoption worldwide. A female cat can usually have 1-6 kittens during their pregnancy and after they gave birth, they can instantly mate again. The population began doubling, tripling and continue to multiply. Most of them became strays, as previous owners can’t take anymore baby kittens, they ended up in a box on the street. Can you see these fluffy creatures staying in a pen without love or staying in the rain with no forever home?

Cats are one of the most popular types of pets people would be pleased to have nowadays. As dogs are alert, loud and super dependent on owners. Like me, Gen Z people with limited budget and space, tends to own cats as they are good as equally as dogs.

Nowadays, adopting a pet is really easy as there are many shelters all around the world. Today, I will recommend some of the cat shelters I know in Thailand before you could make a decision in getting one.

For starters, before telling you where can you find and adopt one, let me tell you the pros of owning a cat. With experiencing and with research, I had came into these conclusions and list it out for you.

1 : Cats are quiet

Cats tend to meow when they are hungry or needed something. Most of the time they will sleep and stay quiet and mind their own business. They won’t call for much attention.

2 : Cats are independent

Most of the time, cats spends their time alone by itself. As cats are creatures that sleeps in most of their time, they don’t bother their owners. They are perfectly okay with entertaining themselves, playing with toys on its own.

3 : Cats keep your house insect-free

These animals before are predators, as they evolve overtime to become this tamed. But their inner self is still not going away. In the past, people had cats to chase off mouses. Cats will also catch other insects and small lizards such as geckos. Cats have very good eyesight so they can spot all those small creatures. Your house will now be insect-free if you own these killing machines.

4 : Cats are clean

Unlike dogs that loves the rain, loves playing outside in the mud. Cats loved staying inside. They mostly spend their time sleeping or cleaning themselves. Most cats have no smell and no need for them to shower because they would lick their fur to keep themself clean. Also, they do their business in places owner gave them, the litter box. When they are finished with their business, they will burry it so it covers the smell of their feces.

5 : Cats cost less to care for

According from research from ASPCA, it stated that owning a cat cost way less than a dog. With dog, there are payments that are required. Such as leaches for walking, constant grooming courses, medical care bills, training assets, food that they eat way more than cats and toys for them to play and chew on. A cat does not care much for all those expenses, they could live on whatever you give them without complaining.

6 : Cats are good for your health (Mentally)

Research shows that a cats purr and petting a cat have a calming effect towards their owners. They can even lower their owners blood pressure and lowing the risk of a heart attack. Also, they can help with depression and anxiety, the feeling of loneliness too. A research stated that owning a cat can lower these symptoms by 30%.

** Fun Fact ** : Did you know, a US prison uses cat to rehabilitate their prisoners. To help them reduce anxiety and overcome their depression and to improve with their mood. These are called “Cat Therapy”.

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7 : Cats have a very long life-span

A lifespan of a cat is approximately 18-20 years. Though, they can’t outlive you, but it means that you have a longer time with them. The oldest cat in the world in the world record is 38 years old.

8 : Cats makes great apartment pet

Living in an apartment with limited space and wanting a pet that you can cuddle, a cat is the best recommendation for you. Cats don’t take much space to care for, also they are quiet that it won’t bother your neighbors. Also, since they use litter boxes, you have no need to take them outside.

These are some reasons why cats are very good pets. But before making any decisions, you need to research more on how to take care of one.

So, if you read to this now, I guess you have decided you want a fluffy companion of your own. Let’s move on to where and how you can adopt these cuties.

Catster by Kingdomoftigers

Catster is an adoption house for stray cats. This shelter is created by K’Nut, owner of the facebook page “Kingdomoftigers.” Her visions and her thoughts to stray cats is very heartwarming and sweet. Catster is located in a townhouse at Suksawat road. Not only Catster is an adoption shelter, it is also a cat cafe. You can come and play with the cats at the shelter, which there are more than 30 cats to play with. Their staffs are very welcoming and you can really feel that all the cats here are eating well, playful and loved. You can also read some of the stray cats story of where they were found, how was their life on the board at the shelter. To assure you, all cats here are all vaccinated and bathe, ready to go home with you. When you found the right cat, sign on to some papers and the cat is now yours.

Or if you are just looking and wanting to support this shelter, there are 200 baht entry fee which would be given to support many other strays waiting for home finding. In this amount you pay, you could stay there as long as you want, also there are free snacks and drinks for all you can eat. They also provide you with a working zone, if you want to just come and work, with cats walking around you.

For those who are interested in adopting from this shelter, these are some of the questions you are required to write in the shelter’s form. Basics from where do you live and what is your name and age. Your location is asked check your environment wether is it good for the cat, or if you live in a condominium they will ask for the juristic person’s phone number to check if the condo can have pets or not. For the age, people under 18 cannot adopt on their own, you need to bring your parents or have proof of your parent’s consent in having a cat to prevent you from leaving the cat in the future.

PAWS Bangkok

PAWS is a cat shelter foundation which also find home for cats. It is also a cafe located in Ekkamai. They take really good care for the cats and have them tested for diseases they might have and have them vaccinated before they put them into the cafe for people to play or to adopt.

The cafe has no entry fee, but they sell foods and drinks starts from only 100 baht. You can stay as long as you want from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Their staffs also have experience handling a cat and also you can consult them before adopting one.

Adopting here has no payment, but they will be asking for a minimum donation at 1,000 baht for a cat. Due to PAWS, it costs around 3,000 baht max to prepare a kitten for vaccinations and tests before people can adopt.

Since PAWS is a foundation, their incomes are mostly from donation and opening a cafe, their staffs are also volunteers that came to help taking care of the cats. So I think there are not asking for much.

Catsanova – Adoptable Cat Cafe

Another cat cafe located in Sathupradit road. There are fancy breed cats to play with and stray cats waiting to be adopt. Catsanova itself is a cafe that sell foods and drinks but their are zones to play with cats.

The entry fee of Catsanova cafe is at 150 baht per person, which you can exchange it later on inside for your own drink or for cat treats to give to cats. There are varieties of food and drinks in a very reasonable price. You can stay here as long as you want.

Adopting here had no payments at all, but you are also require to fill in some forms before adopting. This requires you to have the cat 100% inside your home (some may have a pet cat but feed them and let them sleep outside) to prevent it from becoming lost and be a stray again.

So now that you see the pros of owning a cat and where you can adopt one. Please put on hashtag “Adopt don’t shop” to have people adopt more than to buy pets. A fancy pet could cost you more than five thousand baht, but adopting one rarely has any payments. Stray cats also need your love and attention, they also need their forever home. They are as cute and playful as fancy breed cats or maybe more since some had struggled all their live, when they feel loved, they will love you more.

Feel free to write some reviews if you have ever gone to the cafe I had recommend above and cat owners please drop your favorite cat picture 🙂

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