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Welcome to our Healthy Hair Blog! You have come to the right place for the best hair wellness guidance. In this blog, we will focus on healthy hair habits and offer some advices to assist you on your healthy hair journey, the best hair care routines, and share some hair care products.

6 Healthy Hair Habits You Should Adopt ASAP

The sooner you adopt these golden rules, the sooner you get healthy hair

1. Brush your hair first

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Before showering, this is an essential step to do no matter what your hair type is straight, wavy, even or curly. Brushing dry hair distributes the natural oils from your scalp down to the end of your hair. Plus, your hair will be more smoother and ready to style after a shower as well.

2. Get regular haircut

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Hair trimming, not only does it help to keep your hair style, but it also assists to reduce dry and split ends that can cause further damage if left it alone and makes the overall hair look healthier.

3. Go natural as often as you can

Let your hair breathe and chill! If possible, make your hair air dry, avoid using heated styling products, and keep it out from a ponytail or tight headband to prevent unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft.

4. Mind your water temp

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After a long day, taking a hot shower feels super relief and wonderful, but scalding hot water doesn’t benefit your hair. You need to maintain a warm shower temperature (perfect temp is around 100°F or 38°C) and finalize with a fast cold-water rinse to seal the cuticles, increase shine, and preserve healthy hair. It is such a fresh beginning through your day.

5. Don’t skip your scalp

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A healthy scalp contributes healthy hair. If you constantly encounter scratching your head due to dryness, itchiness, or any scalp issues, please DON’T ignore your scalp! because it will subsequently affect your hair.

6. You are what you eat

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Protein serves as the foundation of your hair since hair is keratinized protein. Pumping up enough protein, such as fish, avocado, beans, eggs, and so on is a good choice to archive stunning hair.

The BEST Hair Care Routines

Every basic haircare routines includes cleansing, pre-shampoo, shampoo, treatment, leave on, and leave in. These are considered as important steps to achieve a healthy hair. Your hair type, lifestyle, and preferences will determine how frequently you take the following steps. Let’s cover the basics:


The first step is to cleanse. The same as you cleanse your skin every night, your hair also benefits from a cleanse. Any products, grease, dirt, and dead skin cells that accumulated will be removed. This allows your hair and head to feel clean and fresh.


After cleansing your hair, start with the hair and scalp detox. This procedure will aid in greater depth cleaning of your hair. You can choose either pre-shampoo or pre-serum to utilize depending on the needs of your hair condition. If selecting pre-shampoo, it will concentrate on strengthening the hair to look more weighty and shiny. By contrast, if you want to nourish your scalp to promote your hair growth, we recommend you to choose pre-serum.

#Editor’s TIPS

To ensure that the product you used works effectively, leave it 15 to 20 minutes before washing your hair.


The next step is cleaning with shampoo. Selecting a shampoo that best suits your own hair condition is requisite. You can see what works best for you from the ingredients, for example, Argan oil or Keratin have an ability to strengthen your hair. Furthermore, DON’T FORGET TO AVOID SHAMPOO WITH “SILICONE” because even though it helps to coat your hair and supports your hair to be more smooth, BUT if accumulated it over a long period of the time, it might prevent the nutrients from penetrating your hair. Your hair that used to be soft will become stiff later.


Majority of people might use conditioner to restore and increase moisture to their hair. To obtain profound hydration, we suggest to use TREATMENT which has a mask texture and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes to work efficiently.

#Editor’s TIPS

During marinating your hair, you can use kneading techniques like using your fingertips to massage gently in order to grant the treatment to penetrate in, nourish, and repair your hair to the inside as much as possible!


It’s time to provide nourishment with leave-on. This is also known as a classic conditioner that is applied in the shower then rinses it out. The main purpose of a wash-out conditioner is to close the cuticles of the hair follicle, rehydrating, strengthening, restoring any moisture that possibly gone missing during the washing process, and protecting strands against future damage. Likewise, your hair will be more silky, smooth, and glossy after employing a leave-on conditioner.


Leave-in conditioner is utilized when damp or dry hair and left in to save retain moisture. This step is no need to wash it out as leave-on conditioner does since this conditioner will encourage your hair health by penetrating into the inside of your hair, rehydrate your hair, and good for keeping your hair looking soft, shiny, easy to comb, and make styling more manageable. Furthermore, employing this, it depends on your hair type. If you have dry and damaged hair, use an oil in moderation followed by a serum. But avoid using too much product if your hair is oily.

Best Products for Healthy Hair

“I can’t live without these hair products, thankfully the wide marketplace of hair care.”

As me (an editor) who loves and is obsessed with hair so much, I adore her for always making me stand out and boosting my confidence. Read on to discover must have items I suggest for you which will enhance your hair to be more shiny🌟 …


OUAI thick hair shampoo is a rich, deeply moisturizing shampoo formulated for thick hair to strengthen and calm. Personally, I really enjoyed this shampoo. Immediately after using this product, my hair looks shiny, feels super clean, and soft.

Size / Price: 300 ml. / 1,300 Baht

Rate: 7/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


Such a good combo! when employing OUAI conditioner with OUAI shampoo above. The product is leave-on conditioner for thick hair. This moisture-rich conditioner fights frizz and nourishes dry, thick hair. To be honest, my hair smells so good. It looks so shiny and feel super soft.

Size / Price: 300 ml. / 1,300 Baht

Rate: 7/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️


L’Oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary oil is a leave-in hair oil for all hair types. The ingredient including flower oil extract (Jasmine) is able to promote healthy hair growth and prevent damage from environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution as well as helps to nourish and reduce dryness of the hair and scalp. Besides, this is available for use at any time: pre-shampoo or pre-styling. You can apply 3 to 4 drops in the palm of your hand and massage it evenly from the mid-shaft to the ends of hair. After I utilized this, I could say that this one got all of my heart and more ❤️. I feel very moisturized and my hair feels so soft with odors from Jasmine. Also, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive and oily scalp.

Size / Price: 100 ml. / 399 Baht

Rate: 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It is worth your money!


When you have scalp itching, redness, irritation, and inflammation, think about TOPICORTE DESOXIMETASONE 0.25. It is used for relief, assist, and reduce those skin conditions. My scalp was so dry and a bit flaky in some part. Thanks for having this, just apply the smallest amount needed to cover the affected areas of skin and rub it in gently. Only 1 to 2 day passed, inflammatory area is soon getting better.

WARNING⚠️: Topicort is one of the strongest topical steroids: avoid using Topicort on your face since the side effects are more likely in that area and be sure that you wash your hands well after using the product to prevent it getting in your eyes. And contact doctor immediately if you are experienced with allergic reaction and weakened immune.

Size / Price: 15 g. / ~125-150 Baht

Rate: 10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


You might raise the question: why do we need to buy such an expensive hairbrush? But TRUST me on this! This professional Aveda paddle brush features extended bristles for easy detangling and reduces stress to hair and scalp during and styling. Ideal for smoothing hair during blow-drying to create smooth, straight styles. It is gentle on wet hair and even perfect for dry hair. And the bristles make you feel like a mini-massage on your scalp.

Size / Price: Full size / 1,300 Baht

Rate: 9/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have deducted 1 point for the price, but it is actually worth it.


I’m so impressed with this incredible innovation, Dyson Airwrap. The attachment kits include: 30 mm. Airwrap barrel, 40 mm. Airwrap barrel, volume brush, soft smoothing brush, firm smoothing brush, and hairdryer respectively. The much-lower heat exposure from the Airwrap makes it less damaging your hair than other hot tools. You don’t have to worry about your dry ends since using Airwrap can result in healthier hair with less breakage and more shine and strength. Besides, be employing this my hair dries faster and this makes life easier and more convenient for real when it can dry and style your hair at the same time.

Price: 17,900 Baht

Rate: 8/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I have deducted 2 points for the price, but it is 100 percent worth investing in.

This brings us to the end of the article. Let’s share your own hair care product. If you have any recommendations or concerns about your hair, do not hesitate to comment below! I’m here to help.

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