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Nowadays some men are very mean to women and other people which it’s make many problems in society so How do we solve it?

But first we should know and understand all meaning word of Gentleman about what it is and know how being gentleman affect to our society?

Gentleman (noun) a man who is polite and behaves well toward other people: Being a gentleman means being respectful, kind, and considerate towards others, regardless of their gender, race, or social status.

The term “gentleman” historically referred to a man of noble birth or high social standing. However, over time, the definition of a gentleman has evolved and can now refer to any man who exhibits qualities of chivalry, politeness, and respect for others.

How to be a Gentleman?

Being a gentleman is about embodying certain values and behaviors that demonstrate respect, consideration, and kindness towards others. A true gentleman is respectful to everyone in his orbit, from women they’d like to date to elderly people who need help with their groceries. They maintains a spotless appearance, is courteous to those who deserve it, and treats ladies with kindness whether or not he believes he has a chance with them. The qualities of a true gentleman are self-awareness, maturity, and politeness. Even if it might appear like chivalry is extinct, you can still make a difference by trying to make people more respectful and caring which it can be divided to 3 part

PART1.Being Polite

1.Make polite conversation.

Maintaining eye contact and smiling are great ways to be polite during a conversation

Be ready to say things like, “How was your day,” “May I help you,” “Let me get that for you,” or “I’ll take care of it” as well as other polite phrases. Learn to communicate politely with others by speaking slowly and deliberately, regardless of how rushed you may feel. Make an effort to smile, be cordial, and engage in fascinating small chat about how your day is going, whether you’re conversing with your neighbor or the pretty girl in your physics class. A gentleman spends his time getting to know individuals rather than jumping to conclusions. Maintaining eye contact and smiling are great ways to be polite during a conversation

2.Don’t talk about yourself too much.

Instead, focus on asking people questions about their interests, hobbies, and plans. Let them know that you’re more interested in them than yourself.

At first, you can tell people just enough to give them a taste of who you are, but you should hold off on disclosing absolutely everything about yourself. Not sharing too much will also make you seem more enigmatic, which many women find attractive. This will make you a much more desirable conversationalist. Learn the fundamentals of music, sports, and politics so you can sound knowledgeable in conversation. Make an effort to stay current on the topics you say are important to you in order to demonstrate your commitment to them.

3.Help the people around you

Be on the lookout for people who could use some help but who may not want to ask for it. The man carrying a tray of coffee would love it if you opened the door for him, but he may not ask.

Always think about ways you may assist others. Hold the door open for the person behind you for a few extra seconds. Bring people’s food bags to their cars by offering to assist. Respect is essential, but you don’t have to go overboard and put yourself in danger (for instance, don’t open the door for someone if you’ve got a tenuous hold on something heavy). Being a gentleman is an attitude toward the world and all of its inhabitants, not just the ones you’d like to date; true gentlemen don’t just concentrate on the women they like and disregard everyone else.

4.Avoid physical altercations.

Remember: a “gentle-man” literally means not being a person who resorts to physical violence as a solution.

Physical conflict may be justified in some circumstances, but only when it is done to defend oneself or others. But those circumstances ought to be quite uncommon. It is wiser to walk away from a situation, or call the police when appropriate. Self-defense techniques (such as martial arts) always stress using physicality as an absolute last resort.

5.Avoid bringing up controversial or uncomfortable topics.

Always remember to know your audience. What might be funny to your buddies from college might not fly with your mother-in-law. Be sensitive to the needs and interests to others

Learn to stay away from politics until you get to know someone better and how to remain impartial if someone else does. Shrugging will work wonders. A gentleman avoids upsetting other people. Be more concerned with being likable and making people feel at ease than with establishing your own superiority and the insignificance of the opposing viewpoint. You don’t need to show someone up to impress women; what’s far more amazing, in fact, will be your capacity to get along with people.

PART2.Being Presentable

1.Maintain proper hygiene.

Make sure to bathe regularly.

When in public, a man presents well and smells good. Sweating when exercising is one thing, but not when you’re out and about. When you leave the house, make sure your appearance is presentable and that you take care of your body. Using hair products is acceptable, but watch out for hair gel. This product has a tendency to be sticky and eventually turn rock hard, giving your hair a rigid appearance. You might unintentionally come across as “greasy” as well. It doesn’t really matter how charming you are or how your clothing appear if you don’t smell clean and fresh. It’s critical to maintain good hygiene so that no one is deterred by an offensive smell or sight. When you’re done using the restroom, wash your hands. By halting the spread of sickness, a gentleman takes care of both himself and others. If you skip the sinks, other males in the bathroom will notice.

2.Groom yourself well.

Trim any protruding nose hairs to maintain a groomed look.

To be a true gentlemen, you must make sure your hair is combed frequently and maintain either a well-groomed beard or make it a point to regularly shave your face. Prevent having stubble and get a good, clean shave every morning to avoid looking untidy. Keep a comb close at hand so you can comb your hair (in private) if it becomes windswept or flat after a long day.

3.Avoid any offensive actions in public.

Remember that a true gentleman is a person who can go out in public without making a scene or embarrassing himself.

Avoid farting, belching, speaking loudly, being extremely demanding, clutching your crotch, or being too drunk when you’re in public. A gentleman always has control over his body, thoughts, and emotions. Yet if you do lose control, you should apologize rather than pretend nothing occurred. Self-awareness is a key part of being a gentleman. Always consider how others may perceive you, and be aware of how your actions may be considered offensive.

4.Wear flattering clothes.

Choose classic clothing for men. Examples include suits, oxford-style shirts, khaki pants, Jacket, Jeans.

Avoid flashy attire, wear clothes that fit your physique nicely, and fashion faux pas (e.g. baseball hats cocked slightly to the side). Your appearance will change since a less complicated wardrobe will keep the focus on you rather than your clothing. Maintaining simplicity will make you appear dapper and elegant. Stick to subdued blacks, grays, blues and browns. A gentleman can actually wear any color in moderation, ( Can also wear jacket and jeans.) but the classic colors for men are not bright. Choose classic clothing for men. Examples include suits, oxford-style shirts, khaki pants, Jacket, Jeans. The definition of “flashy” varies depending on the context and cultural context. A white linen suit with a pink shirt would be in style on a tropical island, but at an English corporate board meeting, they would be considered extremely flamboyant.
It’s crucial to wear pants that fit properly. To demonstrate that you’ve given your outfit a lot of attention, be sure to hold your pants up with a classy, straightforward belt.

PART3 Being Courteous to Women and other

1.Be respectful in your actions.

Pull out chairs, open doors to the building or car

Pull out chairs, open doors to the building or car. You should check to see whatever gentlemanly gestures she or other feels at ease with because every lady is different. For instance, it might be polite to lend a woman your coat if she’s cold, but don’t persist if they says they are okay.

2.Treat women with respect.

Gentlemen understand that women are to be treated with respect. They don’t talk to them with cheesy pick-up lines and prefer some tasteful, lighthearted flirting instead.

You should never ogle women or treat them as though they exist solely to be a feast for your eyes. Women are human people with their own ideas, dreams, and goals. Ask a new woman her name and get to know her personally rather than just staring at her as if you were mentally undressing her.

3.Walk on the side closer to the traffic when you’re walking down a street with a woman.

walking down a street with a woman.

The goal of this archaic gentlemanly gesture is to “guard” the woman from the street while you walk. Although you are free to ignore it, you should be aware of it. Check the woman’s response when you try it to see if she thinks the gesture is nice or out-of-date.

4.Don’t talk down to women.

Don’t talk down to women

Tease them; but, being nasty to them is not acceptable. But, teasing does not involve using foul language on them. No matter how lighthearted you may be, calling a woman a nasty name by a so-called “gentleman” harms her. Moreover, never, ever assume that just because you’re a man, you can “teach” a woman something because you know more about it than she does. Never engage in “negging,” a flirtatious maneuver. This is an approach that comes from the culture of pick-up artists and entails using snide remarks or unintentional compliments. It works on the principle of inflating women’s egos in order to avoid elevating them, making the man seem less frantic to grovel to women and more blasé. No intelligent, mature, or classy woman will find this kind of thinking acceptable because it is so cynical. You will be perceived as a thug, pimp, hustler, or “player” rather than a gentleman.

5.Treat people with courtesy and politeness.

Remember that common courtesy can help you to show respect and have positive interactions with strangers as well.

Make sure to approach them with requests rather than demands. Saying “thank you” and “please” when making a request of another person demonstrates good manners. Being polite demonstrates that you value their assistance and their time.

6.Treat all people with respect.

If the person feels foreign to you, make an extra effort to get to know them and relate to them on some level.

Whether someone comes from a different race, religion, gender, country of origin, or part of town from you, treat each person in life fairly and equally. If you notice yourself treating someone who is different from you unfairly, make an effort to be fair in your interactions

7.Speak with kind words.

Avoid putting someone down, speaking down to them, insulting them, and calling them names.

Almost usually, there is a gentle way to explain something. This can mean the difference between making an intelligent observation and offending someone. If you frequently say cruel or angry things, especially when you disagree with someone, try practicing saying kind things instead. For example Saying, “You never pay at restaurants when we eat together,” for instance, is preferable to stating, “I got the last meal, would you like to have this one?” When speaking to others, using “I” statements rather than “you” comments is more polite and helps you to convey your viewpoint without inciting defensiveness.

If all men are gentlemen what what’s going to the world?

The world would probably be nicer, more respectful, and more equitable if all men were true gentlemen. Traditionally, a man is referred to as a “gentleman” if he is courteous, considerate, and gallant and acts with honor, integrity, and consideration for others.

We could anticipate a decrease in many of the societal and interpersonal problems that afflict our world, such as gender-based violence, discrimination, and inequality, if all men exhibited these traits. Men would be more inclined to work toward a more just and equitable society and to treat women and other marginalized groups with respect and regard.

Of course, it’s crucial to acknowledge that not all males now behave in accordance with this norm, and there is still more to be done to advance gender equality and put an end to discrimination and violence against women. But aiming for a world where all men are true gentlemen is a worthwhile endeavor.

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