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First of all, what is Instagram and how does it make?

Instagram is an application that use to share picture and video as a post owned by American company that is called Meta Platforms at first the application is mainly focus on uploading a post it is also a filter to edited and used some unique hashtags. Users of this application can be post publicly or it can be private to only the users that followed can be seen. To make others user to see their post the Instagram also include tagged places and trending content so the other can see and interact with their post such as, like and comment their post it is also added the follower and following to show how many accounts you follow or following. Instagram’s first unique selling point was that content could only be framed in squares. (1: 1) and 640 pixels that is match the iPhone screen at that time (October 6, 2010). In 2015, Instagram are able to share a post with a higher quality (1080p) to improve their application more flexibility. It is also added new features such as messaging and the multiple images and videos in one post to make it easier to post and also added the most popular features nowadays that is stories. As of the peak in January 2019 stories are used by 500 million people around the world and increasing nowadays. 

The history of the Instagram.

Instagram release in October 6, 2010 by two developers in city of San Francisco and it was first called as Burbn that is a mobile check-in app. But the developer Kevin Systrom and his fellow Mike Krieger realize that Burbn are very similar to the other app that been create before them called Foursquare so Mike and Kevin are changing their app to focus on posting pictures and videos which is become more popular than the Burbn. Then they renamed their application to Instagram by portmanteau (multiple words are combined into a new word) the word of “instant camera” and “Telegram”. The first posted photo is the post his dog and his girlfriend’s foot by the co-founder of the Instagram Mike Krieger on July 16, 2010. Instagram first officially released on October 6, 2010 in IOS (iPhoneOS) through App Store and the Android later and the rest is history. 

The tools and features in Instagram.

First feature that Instagram have in their application is the Hashtag. This hashtags feature is uses to help other user find the same interest by clicking the #hashtag. For example, hashtag that is first famous in Instagram is #SelfieSunday. In December 2017, Instagram allows the user to follow the hashtag that they interested in. 

The second one is explored to search the thing that you interested in for example, finding an account of your friend and finding tagged places even a Hashtag. The explore also include a post that you might like to show you in explore feed.

The photographic filters are third features that Instagram are added to their application. This feature is had nothing much to explain they just added a filter that you can pick to change the mood of your photo to make the photo more unique.

Forth and fifth features of the Instagram that is Video is that you can be post a video to your account. The fifth feature that is IGTV, the IGTV is usually like the Facebook one that can see a viral videos in the vertical and the maximum of the IGTV is 10 minutes.

The last feature that been added in the Instagram is called Reels it is it is definitely the same as Tiktok one and they are working the same ways as Tiktok does.

The two most popular feature since it was added is Instagram stories and Instagram Direct. The stories feature is very similarity to the application called Snapchat the main competitor of the Instagram. Instagram stories was added in August 2016. The stories feature is working very easy and it is a fast media that is very adapted to our nowadays society. Each story will stay only for 24 hours since you tapping the “post to stories” as I have mentioned before it is the same as the Snapchat one but the Instagram are way more effective than the Snapchat one because the Instagram also include more filter and let other creator even if they are not famous, they also can create a new filter or create a game in its filter to make it more interesting so people will interact to their filter more. And the Instagram stories can be pause and skipped the stories and can be rewind the stories which is Snapchat did not have in their application. Instagram also include the live video is a real time live and it will be shown first in another Instagram users. 

The second most popular feature that is the Instagram Direct it is usually work the same way as the Facebook messaging app but at that time the Instagram are way more effective than the messaging application by Facebook. It can be use without download another app to talk to other people in private. It is including sending a photo without leaving the app or the conversation and after the person that talk with have seen it, they will automatically delete to support the privacy of the owner of that account but it can be select to choose in which way they can be sent and leave the photo in its place without disappear. 

The Instagram also include the Fact checking features that is very necessary in our society because nowadays the easier access to the news the easier to edit the more fake news in our nowadays society. The fact checking is third-party fact-checkers organization false information. If they see any false information the fact checking will removed the content instantly. 

And the most important thing that are very important in any application nowadays is the Algorithm. The Algorithm is the system that are very smart and have been used widely in any application nowadays. They using an AI (artificial intelligence) to see which content that user have liked or share even the comment. So, with this AI it makes the impact for the society because they are always seeing the content that they have liked and continue to scroll their phone to see another post about it. This cause people to addicted to the social media and the application will get a negatively comment by the user. Adam Mosseri is the person that develop the feed of the Instagram are more chronological order to make the user dee variety of the content to not get too addicted to the Instagram.

Why Instagram are popular among youth?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among teenagers, and its popularity continues to grow with each passing year. While the reasons why teens are drawn to Instagram are numerous and complex, there are a few key factors that have contributed to its widespread appeal. Firstly, Instagram is a visually-oriented platform, making it a perfect fit for teens who are interested in sharing images and videos with their peers. This can range from selfies and group photos to artistic shots and memes. Instagram’s filters, editing tools, and other features make it easy for users to customize their content and make it stand out in a crowded social media landscape. Secondly, Instagram is relatively easy to use, even for those who are new to social media. The app’s simple interface and intuitive design make it easy to navigate, allowing teens to quickly find the content they’re looking for or create their own posts. Furthermore, Instagram’s Explore page and other discovery features make it easy to discover new accounts and content that aligns with their interests. Thirdly, Instagram offers a variety of opportunities for social interaction, from liking and commenting on posts to direct messaging and even live video chats. This makes it easy for teens to connect with their friends and peers, even if they can’t see each other in person. Instagram also offers the ability to tag friends in posts and share content to their Stories, which can help strengthen bonds between users and create a sense of community. Fourthly, Instagram has become a platform for self-expression and creativity, allowing teens to share their passions and interests with the world. From fashion and beauty to art and music, Instagram has a wide range of communities that teens can join and participate in. This can be especially valuable for those who feel isolated or misunderstood in their offline lives, as Instagram can offer a supportive and welcoming space for self-discovery and exploration. Lastly, Instagram’s popularity is also fueled by its status as a cultural phenomenon. With so many celebrities, influencers, and other public figures active on the platform, Instagram has become a central hub for pop culture and trends. This can be both a positive and negative influence on teens, as they are exposed to a wide range of perspectives and ideas, but also vulnerable to the pressures of social comparison and the “Instagram perfect” image that is often portrayed on the platform.

In conclusion, Instagram’s popularity among teens can be attributed to a range of factors, including its visual appeal, ease of use, social interaction opportunities, opportunities for self-expression and creativity, and cultural influence. As social media continues to evolve and change, it’s likely that Instagram will remain a dominant platform among teenagers for the foreseeable future.

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