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Have you remembered your childhood memories related to Disney films and animations? I’m quite sure that everyone grew up with Disney as I did either. At least, all of you might have toys or items from some Disney cartoon. I suppose that many Favorite Disney movies are still in remembrance of many individuals. On the other hand, although we are Thai people, how many Thai animations impressed you and are still remembered. In the 19 years of my life, I have never had a product or toy from Thai film and animation, even one piece. According to this blog, I would like to point out the dissimilarity between Disney movie marketing and Thai film marketing. I will explain why Disney marketing is more successful than Thai film marketing. 

A film’s marketing is an important aspect of its production. Without advertisements, no one will be aware that a film exists. In order to entice audiences to watch a film while it is in production, it must be sold in the same way that any other product is. 

Financial between Disney and Thai film.

As far as we know, Disney is a large corporation that was set up in 1923 and continues to develop itself to be viral and gain popularity from people all over the world. Nowadays, Walt Disney Company originates a total revenue of 67.4 billion U.S. dollars in the previous year. The company gathers profit that increases each year, then converts this money to a fund for expansion in different components of the film to be more efficient, such as developing the production of film and employing newcomers animators, etc. Due to the income of Disney, it is sufficient to continually create a quality film or animation. For the Disney company, finances are not a big deal for them because Disney has ample profit and support funds to produce many other films and animations that always impress the audience. Furthermore, Disney also owns some animation studios and film companies, such as Pixar, 21st Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, and ABC. The companies owned by Disney are renowned in their specialty of making films and animations, so no wonder that Disney will be stronger and have a broader reach in this field. 

Realistically, no matter Thai film companies try to create memorable movies which make a fortune in a certain time, however; it is not enough to reach world-class. The primary cause that Thai film companies are not successful is inadequate capital funds. According to Sarinya Manamuti, she said “Thai film needs capital more than the reward”, fund distribution is essential for supporting and allowing talented people who are initiated to create new projects which can develop the Thai film coterie to reach shore dreams. Nevertheless, permission for handing out support investment funds also depends on the government sector. Pantham Thongsang said Thailand has a clear policy “Strong Thai”, by backing the capital for making a film of around 250-300 million baht. After replacing the new policy, the government reduced funding to only 10-15 million baht per year. Nobody gives priority to film and animation fields as it should be because the government considers that farmers and agriculture are the backbones of monetization for the country. It would be nice if Thai films received funding, there is the possibility that the Thai film industry will move forward than it was wont. 

Variety of animations comparing Disney and Thai film 

Disney Studios 

The key factor is Disney going in the right direction because they choose to study audiences from several viewpoints, nationalities, and cultures so they can completely understand the target audience. In addition, Disney comes up with countless animations with different details and presents them with unique styles, thus they gain popularity and trust from the audience effortlessly. Disney hides the uniqueness and nationality of each character for presenting the main ideas of the story. Essentially, Disney blends tradition and nationality into the storyline, character, and scene to offer an exoticism of culture that people in another hemisphere might never have touched before. It is spectacular that Disney makes audiences access the wider world without traveling to those countries. Likewise, in each tale, Disney animation reflects the society which plays about the emotions of characters and the facts of life, such as family ties, relationships between friends, and culture of citizenship. The animation inserts the idea that audiences will be rethought and emotional after watching. 

Example: Raya and The Last Dragon (2021)

This animation is a combination of many countries in Southeast Asia. According to, the filmmakers were inspired by the cultures of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Raya and The Last Dragon make audiences see the beautiful cultures and worshipful religions. Firstly, the animation intervenes though it reflects the society which comes with the format of “drune” which refers to the turpitude of individuals. They also present matters of “mistrust people” and “discord” between tribes of krumandra which means countries in Southeast Asia. Moreover, the relationship between father-daughter, friends, and friends who have broken up as Namari causes audiences to feel appreciative and comfortable at the same time. Secondly, the scenery, palaces, places, and food demonstrate the culture of the countries of Southeast Asia. 

Thai animations 

What matters here is that Thai animation companies focus merely on targeting an audience of children, but the storyline is complicated so that children can’t understand the main ideas. Thai animation should make animation accessible to everyone, of all ages, and all nationalities. The story of Thai animation is redundant, changing only the name of the animations but the plot and endings are still the same. Thai animations endeavors to sell Thainess via character and scene, nevertheless, the plot of the story does not have enough creativity to gain popularity from audiences. The Thai animation market is diminutive compared to foreign animation. Rarely do companies that invest in animation, the majority of Thai film companies dump money on film and lakorn Thai. As I know, the capital support is also inadequate for developing high-quality animation. Many components of Thai animation are not visible, such as some people who fine workmanship don’t get an opportunity to prove one’s ability. If Thai animation tries to step out of the frame, it might be more interesting. 

Example: Nak (2008)

Nak is a real historical figure who is also known for being creepy and having a long enough arm to pick a lemon from under the Thai house. This animation creates Nak in a new version that leans toward adorable characters, so audiences are surprised and prefer the original version of Nak. The plot is the adventure of Nak and her friends working together to defeat the villain. The story appears to have been written for children, particularly because people of other ages did not understand the point that the animation was attempting to convey. Despite the fact that the scenes and characters are Thai, the storylines, as expected, make audiences grateful in leather.

Introduction of Storytelling 

Disney storytelling 

Disney is a giant movie studio that gains a variety of audiences around the world. On the account of credibility and popularity of Disney’s films. After the end of Disney’s animation and film, some audiences are still impressed and continue to keep in touch with those characters. Disney uses storytelling strategies to fulfill the needs of audiences, causing people to interact with their favorite characters and buy products from those animations or films in various methods. 

Firstly, Disney companies build Disneyland and resorts in many countries, such as Hongkong, Japan, America, etc. Disneyland is a platform for all ages and nationalities which allows all Disney fans to enjoy playthings related to storylines of films and animations. The restaurants in Disneyland are unique, where they cook the food with the faces of Disney characters. Besides, Disney also has a shop for selling souvenirs and cute items for fans who want to buy products related to their favorite characters back to their country as memories.

Secondly, for as long as I can remember, Disney has been collaborating with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle firms. As a Disney fan, it’s fantastic to see the most powerful company whose talents are to create quality film and animation as Disney comes to life in a variety of items. With the different collaborations of brands, Mickey and his friends may be found in various forms of fashion and lifestyle, such as Pandora, Kate Spade, UNIQLO, Adidas, etc. 

Thai film storytelling 

The storytelling of Thai films is a strategy that hasn’t been developed because the target audience is not enough to sell or promote the products of films. As mentioned above, Thai movies have not developed far enough to become famous all over the world, there are many people worldwide who have never seen Thai films before. By the largest, Thai films have not yet been resolved. Whether the matter of movie content, insufficient funds, production, or others. If Thai film companies develop more, using a storytelling strategy will work, causing them to gain more fans who want to keep in touch with Thai films. 

Thai movies also create products that are related to films; nevertheless, the products are not attractive enough to cause audiences to pay attention. Moreover, the products are not varied, so not everyone is able to use those types of items. 

To summarize, Disney will always be my favorite movie company and many others. Disney movies and animations have done it with a deep meaning, which makes it enjoyable to watch Disney movies. In the event of a failure, Thai films can develop themselves to be more successful in the future. I still want to see a Thai film that might be better than ever. Finally, this is the end of my blog. I appreciate all of you guys reading my point of view and I expect my blog will be useful for everyone. Thank you. 


  • Grace says:

    Thai movies should develop their story plot and should have more budgets in making films.

  • Kongkidakorn Maithong says:

    I think Disney is successful because they are always developing movies which is different from Thailand. Thailand is still revolving around the same old dramas/movies that have not changed, causing it to not be successful.

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