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   First of all, talking about virtual influencers. We know exactly that our world has changed and developed since the 1600s when everything was judged by a gun that we called “cowboy edged”. Until the 1760s when mankind discovered and created an amazing steam engine in England which has changed whole human history until the present. For example, we have turned to using a sky train rather than using steam locomotives, and we have created various types of medical treatment to replace herbal treatment. Moreover, some more changes are happening to our life including technology also. Nowadays, we are not living in savage land anymore as in the 1600s when we were all allowed to do just a few jobs, for instance, for those people who didn’t have too much money, most of them were farmers, servants, or even a formal lawman. Furthermore, their transportation wasn’t too convenient as on this day. They were usually riding horses as their vehicles in order to travel to other places whether it is distant or not. Also, medical treatment wasn’t really as safe and effective as the present days because too many people died because of terrible diseases which are caused by awful bacteria such as tuberculosis, plague, and malaria (definitely caused by mosquitoes what’s the host of bacteria). Lucky for us because on this day, everything is different. The fact is now we are mostly working online, it means that we are not able to go to the office every day. So, after I have already mentioned about the history of humanity I would like to tell you guys about one of the most famous and popular careers in this decade “Influencer”. The influencers are a group of people who influence the thoughts and decisions of the target group of people. They also have been accepted and widely known because of their knowledge, and specialization. Besides, they also publish stories on social media in order to gain more followers and receive their client’s participation. It can be called communication through the concept of a third party. An influencer is categorized in the group of careers that attracts people from every corner of the world to work as an influencer. In addition to all of the above, an influencer can also serve to create and inspire people who are desperate in their lives for a variety of reasons. It tells us how important the influencer is, and what we are going to be to our society and life without them. At this point, I believe that there might be a lot of people who think that only human beings are accepted and trusted to work in this position. Unfortunately, if we think that what you think is true, we are definitely wrong. In our present civilization society, in addition to humans, there is also a magnificent artificial intelligence that is capable enough to perform this task on behalf of humans. We normally call it in short: “AI” to easily remember. AI is an artificial intelligence created by taking a complex code or command code to compile and activate, especially it is popular to use with machinery including electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, navigators, and satellites. Actually, the reason why AI can play a role in this occupation instead of human beings, the reason for this question is the precision and decisiveness of management including being able to handle every under pressure situation very well with all of its full potentials. We are finally called it by referring to its potential and talents, virtual influencers. This is only the beginning of what I am going to tell you about the influencer whether it is run by human beings or the fascinating artificial intelligence program. So, it is a proper time to stop wasting our valuable time and follow me straight to the point. You will not be too surprised if you have already read all of the information I have packed hard for you to easily understand this topic.

   As a matter of fact, you might already notice that there are two types of influencers, the first one is the influencer who is a person, and the second is the influencer who is AI. So, in this part, I would like to express the influencers that are running by AI. These identities are all AI, virtual technology, they have no life, but in the opposite ways, their followers are soaring. Furthermore, developers are constantly creating virtual influencers on social media which are also created by intelligence technologies, it is no great surprise that their face is becoming more and more like a human until almost indistinguishable. It turned out that many well-known virtual influencers can definitely get a job from world-class brands, and fashion shows including working with some of the national human rights commission organizations. And definitely, they got a million followers. After most of the virtual influencers became more famous, VOX began a process to analyze the influencer’s reputations and popularities as if these identities have eternal beauty. At the same time, each influencer has a great characteristic. Although, now you might be a little bit confused, trust me and let’s imagine as I’m telling you. Let’s imagine that it has its own account, and mysteriously opened up for those people to find out who it was. (All of them are created by computer). After that, although their followers actually know who they are, the important thing is they are not really human. For those reasons, they never get old, they have no emotions, and they don’t really care about online bullying. There is a protocol to prevent system errors, so there’s absolutely no way to break the heart of the fans. Especially, during epidemics that restricted the outward movement of every human. Allowing AI to do most of the marketing activities seems to be another reason that sounds interesting and is a great opportunity. So let’s see who’s quite attractive, worthy of watching. Join me and have a look at them.

• For the first famous virtual influencer, we will start with the California girl: “Lil Miquela”. She has been created and developed and then released to the public since 2016. She became the most popular idol in the virtual world with her lifestyle as a country girl, funny and easygoing. She was created by Brud Marketing Agency. She finally gained 1.2 million followers on Facebook and more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

• For the second one, we will start with “Bermuda”. A sexy the girl who was the formal ex-supporter of Donald Trump. She became the scariest competitor of Lil Miquela, but unfortunately, she still isn’t able to reach the goal that her creator hopes her to reach. She got 28 hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

• The next one is “Lu Do Magalu”. The magnificent masterpiece from Brazil. There are some rumors that she might actually be one of the first groups of virtual influencers in the world. The product reviewing and unboxing content made her super famous. There is no surprise that she could earn a huge amount of income for her creator. She was created by Magazine Luisa in 2009. She got 14 million followers on Facebook and another 5.5 million followers on Instagram.

• There are also a number of virtual influencers in Thailand: “Bangkok” is an excellent illustration of them. Bangkok is Thailand’s first virtual influencer, identifying as a seventeen-year-old non-binary adolescent with a confident and unique fashion style.  Furthermore, they are also a new generation’s representation. Lately, they gained up to 5 thousand followers on Instagram.

These are only some of the virtual influencers that I have mentioned above because there are more of them that are still waiting for you to study more about their identities.

   To sum up everything that previously has been stated so far, since the 1600s when we still judged everything and everyone by guns past the industrial revolution era when we have discovered a steam engine for the first time in England, until this present civilization era. Our ancestors have gone through too many times changing whether it would be hard, but finally, they made it. Their sacrifices gave us the cognitive legacy that became today’s technology that made our history changed forever. To make a long story short, today’s virtual influencer is created by their knowledge legacy. So, it appears that our society, including our lives, is now convenient because of AI or virtual influencers. Although, there are still some people who are thinking that AI came to steal their jobs and make them unemployed. We can not change their perspective of thinking about AI, because they already hated it. But, if they just open their minds and accept the truth that every single one of these helps to increase our quality of life more or less. I believe that they will be happier to spend their lives with these amazing virtual influencers, what we normally call “an artificial intelligence”.

Lastly, Thank you for your valuable time reading my article until the end. I hope my writing would help everyone to understand more or less about the virtual influencer.

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