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Nowadays, people use social media widely. The communication has changed from before there was no social media. It gives people more convenient than before and a lot of information increasing very fast. And the information was delivered quickly by many platform of social media. Social media has made our lives easier and make people lives get closer by using social media through communication tools. On the other hand, the fact that people are getting too much information each day. Will it have any effect in the long term?

About the benefits on social media.

People use social media through various communication tools such as phones, iPads, notebooks, which have become like the 33rd organ of our body because we use social media every day and take us everywhere.For the positivity of social media, it has a lot of positive effect in many reason: first Make people who far away closer to each other.This point can be show in ours daily life because people have Line, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. And people can chat or Facetime call each other no matter how far. Another positive effect is Spreading news, in this era it shows that every person can be a reporter or journalist. This is because they can post any information on their platform. This is to make a mass information which can be outstanding benefits for those who use social media. In terms of Building a business on a social media platform,  people can use social media to build an interested audience as a new business looking to spread the word about its impressive offerings. Share useful content and develop a brand voice that is appealing to their target audience. Another benefit is Educating ourselves. This point is useful to yourself and other people because we can use social media to educate ourselves.We can easily learn through every platform that current event or thing is taking place.And it is a good place to find a teacher through social media platform.It just search and the knowledge will happen.

The good comes with the bad.

After we know the positivity of social media then The good comes with the bad. Despite its many advantages, social media raises a lot of potential concerns.According to the self image problem in social media, most people will compare themselves with other people.About their body, personality, and it makes the society create beauty standards. So, most people try to make themselves a beauty standard and it can harm their mental health. Moreover, social media problems can lead to cyberbullying which is harm to people without physical violence.And most of cyberbullying can harm to teenagers and child with their reputation, emotional well-being etc. 


Everyone can see that social media platforms have a lot of anonymous accounts which we don’t know who they are. And those anonymous people can comment or post everything they want. Sometimes those people use anonymous accounts to harm other people’s reputation and other lifes. Another point to consider in drawbacks of social media is Increasing usage,the more time people spend in social media can lead to physical issues.For example, exposure to blue light from telephone or notebook may result in permanent eye damage.And increasing usage can lead to social anxiety, depression because of information overload.

Case study

 It also shows that people must receive a lot of information. Sometimes it may cause information overload to the people because they perceive a lot of news, messages, sound etc. And it may cause a depressive symptom if some people cannot manage with that mass information. For example, News about Tangmo , a popstar in Thailand, reportedly fell into the Chao Phraya River from a private speedboat with fatal consequences. This news has a lot of news organizations interested in it because of fatal consequences.And it makes society want to know about this news.So, it has a lot of Tangmo news in many applications in Thailand. After that  it has news about one man who jumped out from his dormitory because he was arguing about Tangmo news with his friends.And after he jumped, he died. So, this case shows that one man receives a lot of information but can’t manage it and he is too serious about Tangmo news even though he does not know each other with Tangmo.


From this case before, it can be interpreted that nowadays, it is simple to spend time gaining knowledge and information.And more quickly until people can perceive the need to know in a timely manner Through the search for information via the Internet, which is highly popular today. that information can meet the needs of learning in a timely manner. Just wanting to understand or wanting to know any story can find the answer easily.On the other hand, too much information makes people unable to evaluate it in a timely manner. It’s like swallowing food so quickly that it can’t be digested. What follows is choking, stuck in the throat, or swallowing a large piece of food until it can’t be digested. Make the body work harder until the disease follows.So, this state is called information overload which is when a person has difficulty understanding issues and making decisions due to too much information.

How to deal with yourself when receiving too much information.

    Nowadays, we are overloaded with massive amounts of new information. And that information comes into our lives. If we can’t manage it, it would wind up with information anxiety.So, the first step in overcoming information overload is to determine what information is important to you.We are not able to collect all news or information. So, we have to choose what information is useful to you. Another point is to cut out malicious information.Some content is useless. It also makes us feel tired and feel bad, including violent news and media.And it is not important for people who can not manage those information.And after that people have to control a quantity of information because if it too much information,it would harm to themselves.Therefore, we have to scope for receiving the information that come into our life because if we take it too much It will be tiring on ourselves.Next, make yourself flexible because the huge amount of information we consume every day makes us tired. Therefore, we should take a break from social media. Stay by yourself, find something to do, exercise, or anything that makes you feel more relaxed.Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the information we received. But if we’re flexible, it makes us realize our worth again and realize what really matters to us.Another point to consider is to understand yourself and understand the difference.In this era, it has a lot of beauty standard in social media which make we compare to other people.For example, Diet culture and perfect body that make people think that we are not good enough.And we try to judge yourself from beauty standard.So,we should try to focus on the little things that make us feel good. and understand the difference between people which is normal And don’t compare yourself to others.The last important point to consider is to stop allowing social media to take the place of real life. People have to be careful about news and information that they receive each day. We should think of social media as an extension of our lives. And don’t take it to make us feel too much because life is real life.


Last But Not Least

In this era, we cannot deny that having social media has made us more comfortable than before. It also gives us quick access to various resources. We can easily research various knowledge and see more images by using social media. and the use of social media if we use it properly It has benefited us from the above. whether in the field of education endlessly or even brand building. That makes us find a target audience using only social media platforms. which things show the convenience and advancement of technology in this era.On the other hand,social media has many negative effects that we may not even expect. Whether it is in the matter of cyberbullying in social media This may hurt feelings and lead to various deaths. Or that we get too much information, it has a very bad effect on mental health. In this article, you will know how to deal with the information we receive online.Whether it’s a break on social media or the focus on real life situations including choosing to receive only information that is beneficial to us.And select what contents is useful to ourselves and make yourself more flexible when receive an amount of information.After all Everything has advantages and disadvantages including the social media as well.

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  • Nanyathorn Khiansanthia says:

    As you mentioned, there is no denying that social media makes human life much more comfortable than before but if used improperly, it can have a negative effect on us as well. I like it very much that you write about how to deal with if you get overloaded with information because sometimes I used to be I don’t know how to deal with it. If you collect all the information that you see on social media into your brain. However, thank you for writing a wonderful article, it’s very useful for me and the people who read this!

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