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November 29, 2018 0

New Media and Mental Health

By Pakjira Kerdpool

  During the past decade,We are living in a digital age. Social media has caused profound changes in the way people communicate and interact such as Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. The users on social media has increased to over three billion...

November 11, 2018 2

How People With Bipolar Disorder React On Social Media And Guides For Detection

By Siripreeya

Since there have been hundreds of studies about the new media and technology such as: how televisions work, how smartphones...

November 9, 2018 0

Cyberspace and Race

By Sanisa Chirasavinuprapand

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin” - Nelson Mandela, a South African...

Media Theory

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November 18, 2018 2

Convergence Culture & Media Convergence

By Sascha Funk

Convergence. A word that is been used a lot when talking about media development as it, quite well, explains a paradigm shift that has been taken place ever since new media has been developed and emerged, and seems to be...

November 7, 2018 2

The Medium Is The Message (Marshall McLuhan)

By Sascha Funk

When studying media theories, the one catchphrase that gets mentioned the most is, quite likely, Marshall McLuhan's 'the medium is...


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November 13, 2018 0

Joe Rogan – The Impact of clickbait journalism

By Sascha Funk

Joe Rogan - The Impact of clickbait Journalism

November 12, 2018 0

John Oliver on Social Media influencers

By Sascha Funk

John Oliver on Social Media and influencers in the modern day media landscape.

October 26, 2018 0

Joe Rogan & Kyle Kulinski on New Media

By Sascha Funk

Joe Rogan & Kyle Kulinski discuss the importance of New Media and new media people in politics. Taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

November 5, 2018 0

Colorblind Society

By Priyanut W.

Within the past fifteen years, whilst social media platforms have become an increasingly pervasive habitancy in people’s lives across the…